It seems that the FCO is now deleting tweets that indicated that the Novichok was produced in Russia. But stuff on the net never really goes away, does it?

Especially when you have appeared on camera to reinforce it. That never goes away either.

What a bunch of incompetent third-raters.

I still haven’t a clue who did it, but I’m pretty certain that despite all the advantages that they have over me in this matter… neither have they.


59 thoughts on “SHREDDERS BUSY…”

  1. Winston Smith working away in the background correcting past copies of the BBC N UKGOV websites
    Eastasia has never been at War with Eurasia, no Sir, never.

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  2. Are we finished with the all out attack on Corbyn , for the moment.
    Now looking like a 1984 attack on boris is just about to confirm he’s not in the running to be the next PM.
    Winston is about to rewrite the history for today, always tomorrow to rewrite it again.
    As you say Tris, don’t know who , why or when but can be sure there’s going to be another squirrel along anytime soon to cover it up.
    Still thinking the adults are on holiday and the children are at the levers of power, just trying them out to see what happens when you push the big Red button , marked Panic.
    Of course boris will say that the answer to him by Porton Down is correct, are you sure, shure josie, it’s a nerve agent. That’s great Francie, all the way from Russia.

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    1. LOL.

      They are desperate to deflect our attention from the mess that they are making everywhere, with everything… hungry kids, terrible roads, disastrous trains, and heath service in permanent crisis mode. That’s before you move on to the fact that with Brexit, not only can we not have our cake and eat it… there isn’t any bloody cake in the tin.

      Here. Have have a mouldy dog biscuit. The dog didn’t like it.


  3. It beggars belief that there are still people who fall for their shit. It beggars belief that they still think the rest of us might fall for their shit. I suppose if enough still do then they get away with it once again and the rest can go and take a running jump.

    The whole rotten system, the government, their lackeys the media and those really in charge are like a neglected cow shed. In serious need of mucking out.

    Why are there still people who are either too scared or just cannot see Scotland’s need to extricate itself from these guisers.

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    1. Well, if your information comes from the BBC, the Daily Mail, The Express and The Sun… and if you never ask yourself why everything is in a mess…

      Well, it’s easy to see where it comes from.


  4. Once we are gone……..I would suggest a new National Anthem for England.

    ‘Old England is dying’ written and performed by Mike Scott of ‘The Waterboys’

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    1. Man looks up on a yellow sky, And the rain turns to rust in his eye, Rumours of his health are lies, Old England is dying
      His clothes are a dirty shade of blue, And his ancient shoes are worn, through, He steals from me and he lies to you, Old England is dying
      Still he sings an Empire song, Still he keeps his navy strong, And he sticks his flag where it ill belongs, Old England is dying
      Your asking me what makes me sigh now, And what it is makes me shudder so, Well I just freeze in the wind, And Im numb from the pummelling of the snow, That falls from high in English skies, Where the time stained flag of England flies, Where the homes are warm and mothers sigh Where comedians laugh and babys cry, Where the trains run on time and the crow flys, where Kenneth bumbles and Thatcher lies, Where criminals are televised, Politicians fraternize, Journalists are dignified and everyone is civilised, And children stare with heroin eyes, herion eyes, heroin eyes, Old England, Old England is dying,
      Evening has fallen, The swans are singing, The last of Sundays bells is ringing, The wind in the trees is done, Tear it down, Through up tthe new one, oh Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha


      1. Thanks for posting the video and lyrics…….maybe needs updating, ‘where May bumbles and Boris lies’.
        I reckon we should make this the official song of the Yes campaign when it gets started

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  5. 2,361 sane people?

    I have, naturally, excluded myself.

    Quite astonishing for a web site that only grows through recommendation.

    I do not hand out ‘likes’ willy nilly. That this web site is indeed spattered with my likes says positive things about you as readers and writers. You, dear reader, have engaged me in ‘stuff’. Things I had never before thought about. People that I, probably erroneously, see as friends, which, if you think about it a bit, is ridiculous. You don’t ‘know’ me and I don’t ‘know’ you, but, your ideas affect me. Which is ‘interesting’.


    And probably more about trispw ability to keep us engaged. I tried, once upon a time, to do what trispw appears to do effortlessly, and failed miserably. Run a current affairs blog.

    This is not an easy thing to do.

    So, you, 2361 sane folk out there?

    I salute you, and frankly trispw.

    You are all good.

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    1. Hear Hear. Brilliant mix of articles backed up by knowledgeable replies.

      So glad I gave up on the gutter press in 2014, it is so refreshing to have your mind broadened instead of narrowed.

      More power to Munguin and his faithful retainer!

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  6. Well, it looks good!


    Can I ask a question of some of your legal folk?

    I’d really like to believe that no-one in the UK could be forced, or be charmed, into surrendering their legal rights to free speech. It seems that an American can be so coerced. The idea that you could be payed for silence seems to me to be corrupt, no defender should have that sort of ability, power even, and especially it should be contrary and viewed as utterly unacceptable. Y’know, from a human rights point of view.

    What I am unsure about is whether we have similar laws in the UK.

    That would I think, be equally disgusting.

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    1. dc…..As I understand it, non-disclosure agreements are legal and constitutional as long as they are fully voluntary and there is no illegal coercion on either party. Here are a couple of articles. The article about NDA’s in the UK is mostly about proprietary information in business and in technical matters. Apparently they are used a lot in an employment context where the disclosure of proprietary commercial information related to the business is an issue.

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    2. I’m not a “legal folk”.

      But surely we are all paid, from time to time, to lose our freedom of speech. Working for an employer and not letting out secrets about policy, future plans, employees, etc.

      And of course, some people have to sign the Official Secrets Act, undertaking to let nothing out about their work.

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      1. I encourage people to look up the definition/test of a sociopath because my (English) wife thought I was just being silly. She doesn’t now.

        As you go through each test/symptom think of the blonde buffoon and his unfamiliarity with the truth, his lack of regard for consequences of his actions etc etc.

        If the hat fits etc πŸ™‚

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  7. I have no idea who did it,neither does BJ,he just opens his fat mouth and shoves his big foot right down his throat!!!He is like a wee boy trying to make himself appear bigger and it never works!!😈

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    1. He seems never to have learned how to be an adult. He’s still that privileged public schoolboy who went shop lifting in Fortnums…


      1. Is this the photo that Mcvey puts up in phone boxes throughout London??I’m pretty certain I saw it the last time I ventured down to that den of iniquity!!!😈

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  8. It’s interesting that it was Sky News (Murdoch) that put the dagger in.

    Murdoch is much closer to the people who actually run things than the likes of May and Boris.

    Is it possible they’ve been led up the Garden Path?

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      1. Meanwhile the Skripals are up and eating a hearty breakfast!

        Well Julia is – papa Skripal is just having a nice nap apparently.

        It was probably all down to a dodgy curry they had the night before.

        “……a lamb rogan josh of a type developed by India….”

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        1. LOL. Yes. If it were the Russians behind it, they aren’t very good at all this murdering stuff, even with the world’s most deadly nerve agent at hand.

          Mind the Brits aren’t any better. It took them three weeks to find that it was on the door of the Skripals’ house, and they’d had a series of policemen standing there right next to it, probably even leaning on it at times…


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          1. Oh, and you’d have thought if the place was packed with people who were contaminated with nerve gas, someone might have mentioned it to the senior medical staff?

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        2. Has this been confirmed by Portion Down ??I mean we don’t want to accuse India without being sure of our facts,after all it would make the Government look like a shower of idiots if it wasn’t correct!!I won’t be able to order my favourite Tarka Dhal again with confidence!!!😈

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  9. I signed the Official Sectrets Act, think 1912 the date it was written, maybe wrong.
    Anyway There I was working on the Reactor top of a secret power station.
    In walks a delegation of military Men, in uniforms.
    Asks my buddy, “Who are they”?
    He says “Didn’t you read the memo”?, “They’re the Russian delegation”.
    I’m sure they didn’t need cameras to get enough information about what was happening.
    Official secrets act, they only use it to suppress. The training course included the talc tin that the spy Klaus Fuchs used to pass information to Goose, his Russian contact.
    Great stuff for my new book, includes Scottish independance.

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  10. Maybe unravelling for the westminster crowd. The poisoning story is starting to wobble, not so strong and stable any more and right at this moment the Russian Ambassador holds forth and fields questions from the press. I’ve been listening, he’s doing a very good job. When I visualise this whole poisoning episode, what I see is Bojo, Gove, May, ReesMogg etal in the blue corner and chess masters in the other. Whilst we normally feel for the underdog, in this instance I will supply the chess players with the fava beans.

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      1. True, but then how odd that most of the EU plus the USA all jumped on the bandwaggon as if they’d been forewarned, and began expelling Ruskies like it was a new fashion. Something here smells … and not of roses either …

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        1. So, maybe it was Russians, but for a bloke who used to be the head of the KGB Putin hasn’t half got sloppy in his old age.

          Dispatching a couple of people should have been simples!


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