There the UK is. Punching above their weight all over the world. Being important. Being respected by some and feared (LOL) by others (quotes from David Cameron when he made a brief visit to Scotland to tell us we were Better Together). Actually, could anyone hazard a guess at who exactly fears the UK?

Today I read on the BBC website that kids in England and Wales are going hungry. They have, and I quote: “grey skin, poor teeth, poor hair; they are thinner”. They are stealing food from the school dinners and putting in their pockets to take home. They are noticeably hungrier after the weekends, and some schools reported that they stayed open during the snow because it was the only way the kids would get something to eat.

The report was about England and Wales. It came from a teacher’s union meeting in Brighton. I imagine, though, that there must be kids in that situation here in Scotland too. We all live under the same social security and tax systems.

And again, in England, doctors are reporting that even after the winter period they expect still to be operating at emergency levels, failing to reach waiting time targets. In short, the winter crisis is a year-round crisis now. Our health service is better organised and better funded, but it too is straining at the seams as the amount spent on health across the UK is considerably less than in comparable countries.

And that’s before we start on the state of the police services, the roads, the railways, the infrastructure, etc, etc, etc.

Fortunately, none of this is interfering with the expenses of doing up Buckingham Palace, the Palace of Westminster and finding millions for the security at Harry’s wedding. (Note: this came from the Express and comes with a dubious accuracy warning.)

How long can Britain continue to pretend that it is a leading rich nation when it isn’t providing the very most basic of services?

And once again, I have to ask: the people at the top in London, the queen, the prime minister, the top cabinet people, swear that they are devout Christians and that Britain is a Christian country.

What part of Christianity did I miss at school which says we should buy nuclear weapons and decorate palaces at the expense of children having enough to eat and old folk getting some decent health care?

Was it before or after walking on water and passing through the eye of a needle?

52 thoughts on “HOW GREAT THOU ART, UK”

  1. Look anyone who think the UK is anything other than an elitist hellhole where the rich get richer and the poor take the blame really hasn’t been paying attention. Yeah there was that short period post war till the Milk Snatcher where some social democracy happened. But it is being dismantled and it’s back to serfdom and workhouse mentality. If you don’t like the sound of that then maybe the UK isn’t for you.

    Maybe you need to be in a small Nordic country of c5 million who don’t have any pretences of global clout. It’s that or read Dickens for a preview of what’s coming.

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  2. on the same subject as the Dickens books.
    At he start of the Great War, the generals were concerned about the general health of the volunteers for the army. They were considered underdeveloped and hence unsuitable to be in the army etc.
    Of course the volunteers were looking for 3 square meals a day to make up for deprivation.
    As we stand now it may just be better for us all to take up civil indicipline, all go to prison to get the same, 3 meals a day in a warm if somewhat unfriendly atmosphere.
    Maybe our parliamentarians will donate from their subsidised meal facilities.
    Thought not

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    1. Maybe we could all become MPs instead. Gotta be better than prison, and the food is infinitely better. Not to mention the wide selection of drink at subsidised prices.

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      1. agree Tris
        Just looked up the commons recesses for the rest of this year until they start again in January 2019.
        They are in recess for Ninety One Days, out of 270 days left in the year.
        Even better they don’t work 7 day weeks.
        They travel on Monday and Friday, only Three day weeks, hence the reason why PMQs,but not answers, are on a Wednesday.
        Maybe we are overworking the poor wee things.
        Ill send you a house of commons menu, the prices are mouth watering.
        But you realise you have to pay well to get the best.
        See Richard , the Iranian girls husband is going to TM for help.
        Oh hell , she’s off to the hills for a bit of walking before the GE in May

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        1. Lord, not another vision?

          Burning bush maybe?

          Anyway, I hope she enjoys her walk. They weather is hardly conducive to it (it’s just been snowing here) but what the hell.

          Aye, the poor wee scones certainly have to work for their money!


    2. Dave-Ive heard old cynics say that getting healthy soldiers to fight their wars was a big motivator for the formation of the welfare state.

      It was obviously more complex than that but I’d bet good money it was in there.

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    3. Dave, the Army during WW1 set up Bantam battalions because there were so many volunteers who didn’t meet the minimum height requirement of 5 feet 3 inches. You’ll be surprised, naturally, to learn that most of those volunteers came from industrial and mining areas. Stunted and underfed but good enough as cannon fodder for the Empire. Oh, by the way, Bantam battalion officers were not little fellows like the squaddies – they were all “normal” height.

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  3. I read somewhere the homeless of Windsor will be removed from the town around the time of the wedding as they may upset the expected tourists. I live in hope that that is false news.

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    1. No it’s not. I read that too.

      They want the beggars off the street in case the world’s press sends home pictures of people in rags begging for food… you know, the real Britain.

      They don’t like that idea. Clearly they want everyone to think that the streets are still paved with god, rather like the corridors in Buckingham Palace or the House of Lords.

      I’m really not sure that the Establishment knows about the internet!

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      1. I agree. I also got told by someone who was reading from the Daily Fascist – don’t ask how I know them, I’m already hanging my head in shame – that a big spread about Prince Charles mentioned the time he had to ask his wife what a roll of cling film was. I wonder if she answered that it was for suffocating beggars?

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  4. here are the wages and expenses that are for a basic mp, additional stamps and envelopes are provided monthly to them to a fixed amount.
    Basic salary £76,011/yr
    start up grant £6000 one off
    London rent allowance £22,760/yr
    Office costs £26,850/yr
    Staffing costs £161,550/yr
    London area living aalowance £3820/yr
    Dependant allowance £5435/depend/year
    Winding up allowance £57,150 one off
    So you can see we really do have to pay for the best.

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  5. Take a close look at the map, enlarged so as to show the figures. Brought up back in those (legendary?) days of “British and Best” etc. I was actually shocked to see not only that those snooty Frogs are better off than us Brits, but even them lazy Fascist inclined snoozing in the sun Spaniards are living the Life of Riley too. Sorry, this is just intolerable. Isn’t it time we had a jolly good war to sort the beggars out, both literally and figuratively, in fact! How was this state of things ever allowed to come about? Jonny Foreigner better off than us, Christ on a bike! even the bog Irish are raking it in! Un-effin-believable!! No, just not possible, my mind rejects the data. Must be more Fake News from the EU.

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      1. But surely you see the problem? Without having an alternative nationality/identity/future to look to, where do you turn? If you’re simply English, I mean? They have nowhere to turn. Maybe I’m finally beginning to see what motivates those most rabid of BritNats — nothing less than Sheer Despair!

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          1. Indeed, but for many that would be really really difficult. Could we afford them the help they’d need? Just look at what’s been going down in NI just now. When Ireland is eventually unified, probably sooner rather than later, where will all the Orange nutjobs go?

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            1. That is a scary question. Let’s just hope it’s not here.

              They’d be better off in England nearer their queen and their union jack. They’d never really be happy here with our more republican less respectful more open society.

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  6. Slightly off topic, maybe.

    Advertising on t’internet. Reveal: I am quite interested in 3D printing as a technology. I bought some nuts and bolts – literally nuts and bolts off an internet company. (For clarity I was pleased with their nuts and bolts, delighted even – how sad is that?) Subsequent to that purchase about 0ne in five adverts I see is for that company. Not really complaining, if I am ever going to buy some of their other stuff, stepper motors, screw threads, etc, having their name in front of me is OK with me.

    What is more concerning is that some outfit called the ‘Scottish Family Party’ now mail me their stuff.

    To the best of my knowledge I have never asked for their stuff, I have never subscribed – bought their nuts and bolts if you will – yet I could see how they could have profiled me:

    Scottish – check

    Family – check

    Party – not so much.

    But, as Meat Loaf once said, ‘two out of three ain’t bad’.

    In the ‘nuts and bolts’ case I can see how and why a company would want to stay in contact with me. In the case of the ‘Scottish Family Party’ I would quite like to know how they know anything about me whatsoever.

    I have been so bad as to suggest on ‘Herald’ (btl) comments that some of the interlocutors were members of ‘Scotland in Union’. Perhaps they think that I’d be more amenable to a different targeting, y’know, two out of three.

    So, in the interests of transparency, has anyone else been targeted by the ‘Scottish Family Party’?

    Sorry if this is off topic, but I am very interested in the use of data as a means to change minds.



  7. dc….In the states, if you shop for an item on the internet, ads for that product will follow you everywhere on the internet; as soon as the original website installs their cookie on your computer. Exactly how some connections are made from cookies seems to often involve ingenious computer-generated personal profiling involving your internet browsing pattern. I once tried to minimize this by clearing and/or not accepting cookies. But then I realized that websites that I WANT to recognize my established account and personal ID don’t know me anymore after their cookie is deleted. (I’m in the states. I wonder if these are called “biscuits” in the UK.)

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    1. No, Danny, they’re called cookies here too. I don’t understand how they work – you’d think all the crumbs would eventually clog up the computer. I mean there must be crumbs as all computers are full of bytes, aren’t they?

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      1. Tris……glad I’m not the only one who made that mistake. It seemed like a good idea to delete and no longer accept cookies……..and suddenly nobody recognized me anymore. Not even my bank who posts my account balance for me. Bummer!

        Too bad the Brits can’t get this biscuit/cookie thing sorted out and brought into compliance with American standards about what is and is not a cookie. 😉

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        1. When I was wee, a not inconsiderable amount of time ago, there used to be many bakers vans delivering all sorts of goodies direct to your door. My favourite was quite simple – a sweet bun filled with whipped cream rather confusingly called a cream cookie.

          1. I remember my granny sending me to the shops for cookies, which, as you say, were buns, like sweet rolls really.

            Then there were actual sweet rolls which were called “butter biscuits”.

            Then we went to England to live and everything was called something different… rolls were “baps”; cookies were “cakes” or “buns” and crumpets were “pankcakes”.

            Then I went to France and had to learn all over again…

            I grew up confused.

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  8. I have a friend who is fond of her cookies/biscuits with her elevenses as she plays pacman or something.
    She called me up one day ” my computer has gone all funny” she says. I went round had a look, turned keyboard upside down and gave it a dunt or two, computer now OK . As I was collecting the the crumbs , she says ” It must be that mouse”.

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  9. Polls show only 22% of the public want Charles to be King following the Queen’s death. (Opinium)
    Only 2% said Prince Charles is their favourite member of the royal family. (Opinium)
    Polls show 52% of us weren’t interested at all in Harry and Meghan’s engagement. (YouGov)
    Fewer than half of 18-34 year olds believe the monarchy should continue. (Opinium)

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  10. The idea of a monarchy is beyond its sell by date. Don’t know if and what you replace it with, an elected something of a leader but short term.
    Funny old world we live on.
    See Corbyn is getting it hard for speaking to left wing Jewish party by right wing jewish party but that isn’t anti semitic as it is jewish folk talking about their politics.
    EBC article on Bowel cancer, ex minister of health in Cameron’s saying we need a better screening scheme for the country. He means Englandland.
    I’VE just had my result from Dundee, my Third, that means we in Scotland have had a national bowel screening system for over SIX years.
    By the way the ex minister is now being treated for , Bowel cancer. Strange that when he had the responsibility he didn’t instigate one.
    The EBC are at it though, they misquote George Aligiah, who actually said his cancer might have been picked up early IF english health trusts HAD set up the screening system that Scotland Has. They just quote him as saying early testing would have helped him.
    Never trust The EBC.
    Funny to end on, Mr Murdoch is thinking of selling his empire to Disney, I thought it was Disney that were producing the scripts for the media.
    Freedom must come

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    1. Yes screening starts in Scotland at 50. I don’t know how many lives it saves.
      I’d like to know how much it costs. And how much it saves in later treatments.

      I’ve little time for Corbyn, but the BBC and the papers are out to get him so it doesn’t much matter what he does, he will get negative cover. The wrong sort of Jews!

      I saw that about Murdoch and thought Donald Duck!


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