I’m told that May came to Scotland yesterday for a very brief visit during which she studiously avoided any members of the public.

This Scottish bloke here was clearly explaining the manufacture of tartan to her.

She, clearly, couldn’t have been less interested if she’d made a Herculean effort.

I’d have thought that she might have been able to learn how to smile, and at least look towards whatever was being explained to her even if she’s not taking in a word of it.

I’m wondering what particular “real opportunities” Brexit will provide for “Britain”. (Given that she was on a whistle-stop tour of four nations of the UK, I’d have thought she might have mentioned Scotland by name. But that would have taken a bit of empathy, not one of May’s strong points.)

b r e

Anyway, what ARE “real opportunities” …as opposed, say, to “imaginary opportunities” like, for example, £350 million a week for the NHS?

Oh well, they say that trying times bring forth the best in some people…

So maybe we’ll reinvent powdered eggs, ration books and gas lighting and sing songs around the piano. Now there’s an opportunity for second-hand piano salesmen.


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50 thoughts on “BRITISH TARTAN?”

  1. One really doesn’t have time to be bothered how tartan stuff is made when one has the responsibility of discharging the role of ‘Deputy Leader of the Free World’.

    “Yes, my Liege Lady”, and bows accordingly.

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      1. This ‘Leader of the Free World’ nonsense with reference to the US President really bugs me. I have no vote in the USA, so he/she would never be MY leader, thankfully. Whit arrogance. But you know, since the West seems to jump and obey all the time, I just thought TM probably fancies herself being No 2 now that we’re ‘shedding the EU chains’ and Britain can ‘re-assert’ itself on the world stage ……. or something. Maybe I’m just an auld cynic.

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        1. I think the Brits have for some time seen themselves as being number two, after many years of having seen themselves as number one.

          They were prepared to concede pole position, but only to America. Even Mrs Thatcher didn’t see Americans as foreigners.

          I think Britain is tolerated by the US as useful idiots, because they can pretty much be guaranteed to take whatever America throws at them and continue to vote with them in the Security Council (or at least NEVER against them). I think France is tolerated because if they threw France off the Security Council, then they would have to throw Britain off too. And bang goes America’s two votes.

          Up to now, presidents would have wanted the UK to be in the EU because they knew that Britain was their voice in the EU councils of ministers.

          Trump, of course, doesn’t really understand any of that!

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    1. With what?it normally comes out of her mouth!!!Secondhand piano salesman??Boris and David ,at last,a job that will do justice to their massive intellects, at last their talents will be recognized for what they are!!!😈

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    2. You do realise why she has just done that Doc right?

      She’s just realised she is in a foreign country where the vast majority of people hate her with a venom and she has somehow got to get back to the safety of good old Engerland in one piece.

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  2. Prestwick runway was closed yesterday to training flights in the circuit during Her Eminences flying visit, in case we should be deprived of her supreme intelligence and leadership should an accident occur.
    Maybe it was just that her flying visit might just have been delayed departure as she had an appointment in Belfast and Newcastle before returning to Englandland for her walking holiday.
    The picture at the nursery could be titled, Take the horrible little thing away.

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    1. Pity she didn’t take one of the trains that we subsidise to such an extent.

      You know, travelling cattle class, like the rest of us have to.

      Maybe she’d find out that the world isn’t all jet liners, limos, £1000 trousers and fine foods and wines.


  3. What was the point of the visit? If it was to demonstrate an interest in Scotland then it has achieved the opposite. Who knew she was coming? And Ayr! I’m surprised it wasn’t Dumfries where they could maybe have mustered a few folk to wave the union flag and she could scuttle back over the border at the first hint of ‘rebellion and sedition’.

    I know we shouldn’t comment on her personal appearance, but, but, but …

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    1. There was no point as far as I can see. I doubt she achieved anything, but it did give our first minister the opportunity to point out that so far we aren’t a tiny bit wiser about how it’s going to pan out than when Mother Maybot came to the throne. (Video of Nicola added to post).

      I always try to avoid criticism of people’s clothes (not always successfully), mindful of Mrs Thatcher’s fair comment that… when they attack you personally, it means they have run out of more intelligent criticism,

      In a way it comes over a sexist, but that’s because men always wear a dark suit and light shirt and tie and sensible shoes.

      “The queen was dressed in a powder blue coat by designer XYZ, with matching hat, handbag and shoes. Prince Philip wore a grey suit suit.”

      I’m reminded of the time, however, when President Obama wore a beige suit instead of blue and the world went crazy! So I take from that that it’s NOT sexist.

      May always looks as if she fell out of a rag bag. She wears the most unflattering clothes totally unsuitable for her and inappropriate to her job. (My mum says that about her.)

      If men are expected to wear a very strict blue/grey suit, shirt, tie and leather shoes, I see no reason why a woman in a similar position should dress like she was on her way to do a spot of gardening. Business wear for both… or casual for both.

      It’s simply equality.


    2. Aye there’s a thought Dave.

      I’d have been there waving something at her … rest assured though it certainly would NOT have been a Butcher’s Apron.

      p.s. I’d also have been shouting a few … *ahem* … niceties at her as well. None of said niceties would have included the words Welcome, Pleased to see you, Hope you have a nice day … they WOULD have included phrases like G.T.F., Shove yer Brexit up yer Earse and other such nice welcoming Scottish phrases.

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  4. As a fashion guru and trend-setter myself I make no apology for being critical of her dress sense – she looks like a bag of spanners with string round the middle. Bring back Besssie Braddock and Cutie Cathy I say!

    A blast from the past there for you, Tris! Love to your Mum! XXX

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    1. I was hoping that, given your status as trend setter, you might add your voice to this thread, John.

      We’ve not heard you say much about Cathy for a while. I can remember a time when she was a kinda fixation with you. Less so Bessie, for obvious reasons, I suspect. Now there WAS a well dressed woman.

      Mum sends her love back, John. We often talk of you. (She says you owe her a half bottle!)


    2. Is my memory correct? Bessie Braddock was the minder for Jeremy Thorpe, carried a half brick in her bag, in case any one tried to get up on stage or too close (to Jeremy). She may or may not be the origin of the term “hand bagging.”
      Who was Cutie Cathy?


  5. I need to know , just where did the mind bleach come from ?
    As for her little jaunt to Ayr , since Prestwick is close by and the flights to Ireland are cheap and quick , Ayr was always going to be the obvious choice for the PM , for whom strong and stable means the cheese board at Chequers .

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      1. Just found out , she went from Ayr to Newcastle , the two things they have in common are race courses and pubs . Make of that what you will

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      1. Hydrogen is the way forward for us . If we use the excess electricity generated from wind , wave and tidal , that can’t be stored and turn it into hydrogen that can be , this little country just gets a whole lot richer and cleaner than we already are .

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    1. Erm… what do you think?


      Although Munguin says, in a spirit of friendship, that she’s welcome to have a cup of tea out of his third best tea service in his forth best sitting room in Munguin Towers if she does come.

      He will send one of his minions to entertain her as he will be busy doing his Pilates!


    2. Quite astonishing that her retinue had even heard of Prestwick Airport. Perhaps they were “Heartbreak Hotel” fans?

      Did you notice that she missed Wales completely (according to the inventory)?

      I cannot imagine how pissed off the Welsh will be.

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