Warning: Bad language and sectarian bigotry. 


James Dornan, MSP for Cathcart got this in his email.

He’s reported it to the police.

I hope anyone else who gets one does the same.

It’s being done in the name of Protestantism.

I’m not a religious believer of any sort but I’m pretty certain that there’s not a word in the Bible about doing this…

Not to Catholics. Not to Irish. Not to Muslims. Not even to SNP supporters.

The person or people who came up with this are sick. They’re an insult to the church they purport to represent. We all know that. But this is exactly the kind of thing that will excite some low life… you know, the kind that goes to the football for the drinking and the fighting, and knows sod all about the game.

They really need to be stopped. This is not the kind of Scotland I want to live in.




    1. Douglas: I’m guessing that James wanted to let it be known. I think that all public figures are wary since Jo Cox’s murder by a hate-filled extremist. This person seems to hate almost everyone.


  1. Sickening.

    It really is bad… but also laughable in a sick sort of way. My subconscious took over briefly as I read it, and I had a sudden visual, Monty Pythonesque flash of the Queen’s Murdo Fraser Orange Lodge 11 (sashes, bowler hats) playing at home to the Torquemada Inquisitors (away strip: red cardinals’ robes, birettas), with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing sectarian songs in the stands to the accompaniment of fifes and drums now that the OBFA has been repealed…


    However, I’m totally not sure what to make of the “plastic Irish in our Country” bit, because all the Irish people I have ever met – anywhere – have been at least as authentic, original and biodegradable as I am myself.

    Good that the appalling Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding were sent down just recently – I’m hazy about the details there, but I’m sure it had something to do with them spreading their usual brand of sweetness and light in Norniron too. Anyway, I really can’t be bothered trying to work out who is who between the Ludgers and Britain First and all those other fragrant BritNat types: they’re all thugs with flegs, and toxic attitudes in need of serious readjustment.

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      1. I’m sure I read somewhere that they’d been off being inflammatory in Norniron too – you know, “It’s are country” as a slogan wrapped round a tattoo of a growling cartoon mastiff against a fleg background (sometimes upside-down).

        Truly horrible people, but you’re right, I’m pretty sure it was the abusing of Muslims in Kent that got them sent down, finally.

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    1. Inspired by the likes of Murdo, who, for some unknown reason, lends some sort of respectability to this kind of sectarianism because of his tweets.

      Incidentally, did you see that Murdo is off to Spain for his holidays? Whilst he may feel at home with their politics and all, I wonder that he isn’t slightly uncomfortable with all the popery!

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      1. I am shocked, I say shocked! Will he be expelled, rusticated, excommunicated and defrocked by the Ludge, deaproned and have his trowel seized by the Masons, and be stripped of his pass to the Director’s Box of “Rangers” FC? I Think We Should be Told!

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        1. Frankly I’m not over bothered.

          He tweeted, somewhat provocatively and immaturely, that he was off to Spain on his holidays, presumably because he supports Filipe the Fascist, which is his right in a democratic country like Scotland.

          I wondered if there were many people on Twitter who gave a fig where he was going on his holidays, except possibly to avoid being there at the same time as him.

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  2. Would be quite interested in a comment from, say, the OO on that.

    This, below, is not as off topic as it might appear.

    I have played a lot of RPG’s over the years and open RPG’s allow you to ally with any faction. You then play the role and some more senior member of the faction gives you missions and you go out and kill pixels. Eventually, ’cause it’s a game and you have essentially infinite lives, you get to be top dog of the faction. Whereas in the P v P (Player – versus – Player) situation you are only as good as your last fight. You can, rather obviously ally with others in your same faction and that leads to battles. I’m not going to lie, that can be quite fun. On fora, people get quite racist about elves and orcs and stuff. Perhaps it is momentary but, in the moment it seems real.


    Profiling the author of the piece above, he – I am pretty sure it is a he – is using games points totals as a measure. I think he is under twenty five and has taken his gaming experience out of context and attempted to apply it to the real world. He is in pretty obviously in desperate need of help.

    On the other hand Cambridge Analytica are amongst us now. They are trying to turn reality into a game. That, you incredibly nice 2,350 people that read Munguin’s Republic and the one or two that get this far down in a thread have to reject this cross-over from fantasy to reality.

    In the words of someone:

    “Don’t believe half of what you hear and none of what you read”

    Except this, obviously 🙂

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    1. I think that starts to make sense … hmm … so if I were an Irish SNPer, would it be worth 50k points to convert to Islam? I mean do “points mean prizes”? Would I have to self-immolate on the pitch to score … talk about Python, this is more surreal than the Goons even. Some one should call in an expert, but in what exactly? Was that the final whistle, or maybe the Last Trump (Help!)

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    1. Jim, that would be acceptable on planet Arlene of the far distant constellation of Boynia #1690 from which only a very faint orange light reaches us through the vast spaces of interstellar ignorance. Interestingly, there is also believed to be a quasar in that part of the universe as loud rhythmic banging and whistling sounds can be heard. These unusual signals reach a crescendo on the 12th July each year.

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    2. Perhaps none in reality. But folk play games, and in games 80 could be the first birthday of an incredibly long life. Obviously it would be unacceptable but not for the reason you implied.

      Sorry, splitting out fantasy and reality is a major concern for me. The mixing of the two is where we are falling down as a species.

      There is a construct where what you might do in a game is what you might do in reality. There are people out there who would have you act as if you were in a game.

      I, quite frankly, enjoy the game environment. But I do not confuse it with the day to day tasks of keeping body and soul together.

      Some folks will and that spill-over is a worry.

      Most folk that play games are far less of a concern than folk that are members of the NRA, in my opinion, but.

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  3. Tris, I believe this foul document is not what was originally intended. The original was much more temperate in tone, like most members of the OO themselves. It was intercepted by an extreme splinter group called the Bitter Oranges who altered the original text with the help of a rare literate sympathiser. The original draft, recovered from the premises of Govan printers, William Boyne Royal Aughrim & Sons, is shown below.


    1st April 2018

    On 1st April 2018 we urge all Prodisants to stand up (if the Buckfast has worn off enough) and put on their cuffs and sashes as it is time to march once more on that most appropriate day to our Orange heritij hairytaje tradition.

    Them Fenians has infiltrated our Society, our Pubs, our Betting Shops
    and even some Masonic ludges.

    100 points if you can tie your own shoelaces

    200 points if you can reed and rite

    300 points if you know the date of the Battle of the Boyne

    500 points if you know ALL the words of “The Sash”

    1000 points if you have a dug called King or Billy

    5000 points if you have never been charged with molesting it

    50000 points if you can hang by your sash round your neck from a lampost for 25 minutes





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  4. There was a thing targeting Muslims a few weeks ago and it contained the same childish inflammatory stuff although I see they’ve added Scottish Nationalists now. The idea is obviously ‘under development’, its trolling pure and simple and needs to be treated accordingly. ie. distasteful tosh, a tabloid email if you like. Delete and ignore.

    Yes it could be the brainchild of some fascist group. We all know there are more than a few psycho evil types out there and the internet provides a means for them to sew their particular seeds of hatred. It is of course, just as likely to be some sad lonely, spotty oik, sitting in his room at his mums, blinking like a pit pony as the morning sun peaks through the gaps in the curtains. There’s just no way to tell.

    The problem for me is that any steps taken will be against internet freedom because the governments desire to control the flow of information is a constant threat. Internet freedom is a double edged sword and the reactions these things provoke, provide ammunition for those who would curb our online liberties.

    Of course there are acceptable limits but we need to be careful not to inadvertently aid the process to our detriment, inevitable as the outcome may actually be.

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    1. I don’t agree with censoring the internet. I mean that’s what May wants to do. But this in incitement to violence, and if it were spoken or written in a newspaper it would be illegal.

      I’m all for freedoms, and internet freedoms too.

      I realise it’s a thin line, but I think this falls way to one side of it. The side that says this could lead someone to kill and has to be stopped.

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  5. Just in case you missed the article in the National today, here is the URL for the “indy pledge”: http://indypledge.online/.

    The Pledge lacks a commitment to avoid consuming British whisky, haggis, salmon and Petticoat Tails, and to boycott Union Jackified bags of tatties from Perthshire, but you can’t have everything, I suppose. Anyway, we here at Schloß Freeman have lent our not inconsiderable weight to the campaign, and encourage others to sign up to it, even if you can’t stand us Schloß Freemanites. In the spirit of tolerance and diversity, you understand. The URL again: http:// indypledge.online/.

    It makes no mention whatsoever of any particular brand of spray polish for wood furniture, and is silent on the subject of temperance. This is probably a good thing, on balance.

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  6. Kinda to be expected when Holyrood rubber stamps sectarianism by the repeal (done yet?) of the fitba’ thing. Want to cure it? Ban fitba’.

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    1. I’ve heard there’s a law against firmly grasping the heads of bigots and attempting to unscrew them. Nevertheless, if a suitable alibi can be arranged, prospective bigot eliminators are reminded that the correct direction for unscrewing is anticlockwise.

      There, I don’t think anyone is going to construe that as a serious death threat, though God knows I feel like it sometimes. I suppose I can tolerate just about anything except intolerance.

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  7. eddjasfreeman,

    “Widdershins”. Just to add to your armoury.


    Off topic, but just for information. I am quite impressed with this apparently random list of folk:

    Katy Tur,

    Chris Riley,

    Yolanda Renee King,

    Michel Avenatti,

    In no particular order, btw. These are the news stories I have been following. We live, in that old Chinese curse, in ‘interesting times’.

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    1. I always associate “widdershins” with black sabbaths and stuff like that – you know, walk seven times round the kirk widdershins and you’ll cause the devil to appear. The antonym of “widdershins” is “deasil”, and is a word that I have never had any occasion whatsoever to use except in mentioning that it exists.

      To your list I add, in no particular order, Joy Ann Reid, and Naomi Wadler and Emma González. Joy Ann for her sympathetic reporting and obviously genuine emotion, and the two young women I mentioned – beyond words amazing and impressive.

      I say without hyperbole that I have never in my 62 years of life heard anything so powerful as Emma González’ 6 minutes and 20 seconds.

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      1. Favourite obscure words is a hobby of mine.

        I have no excuse for missing Emma González.

        That is some impressive young lady.

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  8. Vile doesn’t even come close to my feelings on this . But I do have some thoughts running through my head , 1 what are they afraid of ? 2 . Could this be the British government and their under handed tactics to cause trouble in Scotland ? 3 Will the person or persons responsible for e-mailing this be caught and convicted of a hate crime ?

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    1. 1.They are afraid of change? They have narrower minds than any one ever imagined possible?

      2. I’d put absolutely NOTHING past the British government at any stage, and a cack-handed second rate job like this could easily be the work of a cack-handed second rate government, (It probably isn’t though. It’s probably just a bunch of bigots…that aren’t the government.)

      3. Probably not. Although that would be nice.


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