Not, in any case, that there is anything wrong with simply advertising on Facebook. Parties USED to advertise in the newspapers when they had a readership. NO one suggested that was wrong as long as they didn’t overspend.

!dont grow up poor or i'll starve you
When you grow up a bit and go to school, just don’t be poor, otherwise, I’ll starve you. Hush now…
It seems the Royal Mail is being paid to deliver stuff straight to the skip.  Censorship by the postie?
a nigel4
I’m not sure the government’s plan is quite that good.
DWP: Heartless Bastards. I don’t swear on the blog (I do in real life) but this is sickening. If you thought IDS was bad. McVile takes evil to whole new level.
Erm, y’what? I see you weren’t in the loop then!
ahands lords
Of course, the House of Lords is a travesty of democracy in any case, but this is for sure. When MPs lose their seats they should NOT be given a meal ticket for life in the “upper” chamber. The public expressly said they didn’t want them. They threw them out. The will of the people and all that. Why are they still there, as Michelle Moan said, FOR LIFE?
Judgement? You have to be joking!
Well, I don’t know if it’s true, but if it is, you certainly wouldn’t see it on the BBC.
LOL, posh boy. Do you seriously think that they aren’t already laughing like drains at the Brits? You need to get out more.
military salaries
So, just how many ranks in Scotland are going to be paying a few pence more in tax as of April, in return for better services?

46 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. I was wondering about the circumstances of the SNP mailings in the dumpster. In the USA, dumping commercial mail (or of course any other kind of mail) without delivering it is a very big criminal violation. Unlike much of the criminal law which is usually a state matter, postal infractions are a federal crime and a very big deal. Local post offices seem to live in fear of the federal postal inspectors who will show up unannounced.

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    1. It seems to me that that is not unreasonable. Trust in your postal system is vital.

      I think that interfering with Her Majesty’s mail is an offence here. And I don’t think it matters what the mail is… letters, or leaflets, parcels or whatever.

      Quite apart from anything else, thanks to the Tories, the Royal Mail is now a private profit making company (providing a relatively second rate service).

      These leaflets were paid for to be delivered. The company has defrauded the SNP out of a portion of the fee. So even if it’s not an specific offence relating only to post, it’s still common or garden fraud.

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      1. There was a case I read about here in the states, where a postal carrier threw away a lot of commercial sales brochures paid for by retail stores at bulk postal rates. He was arrested and drew a rather stiff jail sentence as I recall.

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  2. Yeah my complaint over the
    Dumping the snp propaganda
    Leaflets (probably paid for by
    The tax payers )
    Is there weren’t enough of them could mean some poor
    Bustard had them pushed through their letter box
    And may have been forced
    To actually read them ,

    As for that poor boy I do not
    Doubt he will win his appeal
    As my brother did and he is getting all the backdated pay.
    But still why do they put innocent people through this
    It’s just abuse plain and simple

    New Labour to their undying
    Shame started all this

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    1. It is abuse. If you or I put someone through this kind of misery, it would be an offence.

      And how much money does it cost the taxpayer for them to play out this nonsense?


  3. More than a little off topic, but possibly of interest to Munguin’s Republic readers. Or possibly not. So there will be no quiz.

    Linda Brown died Sunday in Topeka, Kansas.

    She was the little girl in the unanimous landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in the 1954 case of Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka. That case declared unconstitutional state laws establishing separate schools for black and white children under the principle of “separate but equal” that had ruled the law since the Plessy vs Ferguson decision of 1896. Brown vs Topeka was the end of legally mandated school segregation in the United States, and was more generally a beginning of the American civil rights movement that over time dismantled what was a system of de facto racial apartheid in the Southern states and elsewhere.

    There was violence in implementing the decision which first came at Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1957. It was there that an angry mob of 1,000 whites kept nine black students from entering the school. The next day, President Eisenhower, with approval by a federal court, ordered troops of the 101st Airborne Division of the US Army into Little Rock to escort the students and enforce the decision. This was the first such federal action within the the United States since the Civil War, and was a possible contravention of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 which sharply limits the power of the federal government to use military personnel to enforce domestic policies within the national borders.

    From the New York Times:

    Norman Rockwell commemorated the time with a famous and controversial painting showing a little girl surrounded by United States Marshals and offensive graffiti on the wall.

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    1. Thanks Danny for the Norman Rockwell picture, I’m a fan of his work and have a few dotted round the house. We spent hours at the museum in Stockbridge.
      There is a private house in Vermont ( can’t remember where) the owner has a large collection, including drafts and unpublished work, through a friend he allowed us to visit. I believe he occasionally has open days,

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      1. Aucheorn……What a nice opportunity you had to see the Rockwell art! His work appeared as illustrations in important magazine publications of his time, and his original art is much prized now.

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    2. I was aware of Linda’s death. RIP . It’s appalling how recent discrimination and violation of civil rights was in USA. I fear what 4 years of Trump will result in. Stay strong Danny!

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      1. Thanks for the comment PP. The dismantling of the system of separate schools and of the other Jim Crow laws of the South certainly did not abolish the evils of racism. The Jim Crow laws were onerous. Famously, when the movie “Gone With the Wind” premiered in Atlanta in 1939, the black members of the cast……including Hattie McDaniel who won the Oscar that year for best supporting actress…….could not attend, since they were not allowed in the Georgia theater.

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    3. How incredibly brave of these people to take the state to court. I read that Linda Brown had had to walk a very long way to the nearest “black” school and that sometimes he was so cold that she had to turn back.

      Hard to believe people could behave that way.

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      1. Tris…..you may have seen this article on the Post website. It includes a picture of Thurgood Marsall, who was then the chief counsel for the NAACP, who argued the case before the court on behalf of Brown and the plaintiffs in the other cases that had worked their way up to the Court on appeals from the lower federal courts, and were combined in the landmark 1954 Supreme Court ruling. Marshall went on to become a federal judge and Solicitor General of the United States, and then himself served on the Supreme Court for 24 years, from 1967 to 1991.



          1. Thanks Jake……Elizabeth Eckford and the famous picture showing the shouting white girl behind her is seen in this History Channel video from several years ago. It also shows how the troops of the Arkansas National Guard….on the pretext of preserving order……were ordered into Little Rock by the Arkansas Governor and blocked the entrance to the school. President Eisenhower then federalized the entire 10,000 man Arkansas National Guard….taking it out of the control of the Governor, as the US Army moved in.

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  4. Here I go at a tangent again, but don’t you just love to see Labourites like Murray and Howie, some of whose predecessors fought against Franco in Catalonia, lining up to support Franco’s political heirs against Catalonia. Time to demolish the statue of La Pasionara and put up one of El Caudillo in its place ?
    Perhaps we should drop talk of Red Tories. What about Red Falange instead ?

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  5. TWO hours on R4 this morning full of Anti Corbyn, the jewish position, the Russian position, the shadow cabinet in turmoil, all with a corbyn bye line.
    The second hour was just a repeat of the first hour.
    Two items not refering to corbyn, one a squirrel dog story and the other Olivia DeHaviland losing a court case in the USA. Nomore than 3 minutes.
    The MSM and the EBC setting up the comunity by spinning us into condition for a quick GE and hard brexit , perhaps.
    Not a mention of China’s new petro dollar or even the cricket result.
    Just before 9, we had had the same stuff then lod howard, he of a touch of darkness, on for 5 mins about the continuality bill, not just a case of substituting UK forEU in any legislation.

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    1. How can you stand listening to that Tory Political Party Broadcast for 3 hours?

      It used to be a good programme too.

      No I can’t stand to hear even a part of it.

      Is Howard off to nuke Spain over Gibraltar? Or has he now decided that, given they are officially and undoubtedly fascist, he is on their side, and sod Gibraltar?

      When are they going to realise that being against the corrupt and criminal regime of Netanyahu is not the same as being anti-Semitic. If it were, then there would be a lot of Israelis and other Jews who were anti-Semitic.

      Must have been nice to hear about


      1. It was extremely wearing, I am trying to find a better station to set on my radio alarm. Only use the alarm for the days I have to get up early.
        What I do have is a theory about how the EBC works its news, I think ther is a night shift editorial group, the world service news runs until 5;30, then R4 starts with the marine weather, the same news runs on r4 until 8, when the dayshift start to change the running order.
        All of the EBC radio stations use the cleared running order, it seems, even radio nan Gael use the same news articles but translated.
        Have given up on radio shortbread, they use english radio 5 overnight, they all seem to work the same way, only a few stations work 24 hours the rest only do 20 hours, hence the world sevice overnight.
        It was a struggle but took some notes that says r4 presenters could just record their first hour and have it transmitted.
        Also they use interviews across many stations with the presenter asking the same questions as the original interviewer, you can tell it’s propaganda as they never, never talk over the interviewee, not like they do if someone is in the studio and they don’t work to the agreed script.

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        1. If you put the radio at the other side of the room, it is a very effective way of getting you out of bed, if only to shut John Humphries or Robinson off.


          1. Done
            Used to get tickets for EBC recordings in Glasgow , since reading WoS I have never managed to get tickets even although friends still get at least one a month, usually more.

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    2. Yes you have to feel sorry for old Jezza – last week the snarling hyenas where trying to make him believe in fairy tales, this week the snarling hyenas are on the old “anti-Semitism” trick.

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      1. I hoped he would be England’s salvation. But his views (long held) on Europe seem to be to be pretty close to those of Farage and Cash and Mogg.

        And that is giving May a free hand.

        Also, a man who aspires to be prime minister of the UK but didn’t know that there was a separate legal system in Scotland?

        And who lies about the Scottish government not mitigating some of the effects of the awful austerity brought in by both Labour and the Tories in England?

        I feel sorry for the Labour Party.


  6. Maybot with the baby reminds me of Elvis Costello’s “Tramp the dirt down”.

    “Can you imagine all that greed and avarice coming down on that child’s lips?”

    His subject was Thatcher but it seems appropriate for the current incumbent.

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    1. There’s not a lot between them. I suppose you could say that Thatcher only stole their milk. This one is stealing food from their mouths,


  7. On the Mail and SNP literature being dumped, is there specific information on that; where it was for example? Is that photograph of a witnessed incident?

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