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Isn’t it a little sad when what worries you the most in today’s news is the colour of your passport and its provenance?


Hungry kids; lowest pensions in the world; food bank Britain; police taking days to answer 999 calls; hospitals in crisis; the Archbishop of  York having more say about the future of the Scottish parliament’s powers than the elected government of Scotland?



The fact that a French-Dutch company can make their iconic blue passport (which will look exactly the same as every other passport in the world because they need to be standardised from Chile to Mongolia) at a better price than an English firm?

Scream, stamp your feet and have a conniption fit and a hissy fit all rolled into one?


Presumably government ministers are the new enemies of the people?

And while we are laughing at the Daily Mail’s pap: why does the queen have “courtiers”?

Isn’t this the 21st century?

Oh yeah, but not in Britain.




  1. They can take their stupid.
    Blue document and stick it
    Right up thier racist Tory

    My passport is the Eu and
    My loyalty remains with the eu
    If ever come to an invasion
    I shall welcome the eu with
    Open arms to do all in my power
    To raise the eu flag over Westmonster
    Whilst burning all the new blue passports
    On a big enormous bonfire

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    1. I want to keep mine too. It opens far more doors than the sacred Blue one.

      If you have any parentage/grand-parentage that is European (including Irish) you can apply for citizenship of that country.

      Northern Irish citizens can claim Irish passports under the Good Friday Agreement.

      So ironically the Foster woman, who is so desperate to get her beloved Britain out of teh EU, is entitled to an EU passport and I who desperately don;t want to leave, am not.

      But they want to be the same as the rest of the UK!!!


  2. Hypocrites! Hypocrites! Hypocrites!

    Ex-Telegraph editor, and well-connected man, Charles Moore, said Dacre was prone to “bellowings of Eurosceptic rage”. And these scream from the pages of the Brexit-backing newspaper. Dacre’s attitude to EU subsidies, however, may be a little more tempered. He has received £460,000 in agriculture money, for his country houses in Sussex and the Scottish highlands, from Brussels since 2011

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      1. It happens, Ed.

        They can’t always arrange for one.

        But when they do, it’s the SNP’s fault.

        I don;t suppose they mentioned that the SNP took a seat from Labour on the Penicuik Council?

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  3. Don’t really care what colour the passport is, but would prefer a eu one.
    Just in from the HOOP demo, what a good turn out, of course the EBC tuck it away and then say hundreds turned up, quote an organiser saying expected 75, just to add to the confusion.
    My count would put it over 2000 people, and the hands around the parliament was fairly easily met with bodies to spare, I had to walk all the way around from the front to get a space and was in a group that completed the circle.
    Maybe a bit short of 3000, somewhere in that area.
    Great to see all ages and chat to people just wanting Independence, then sort out our differences.
    I haven’t counted in the many Chinese tourists who were taking pictures of a good natured attendance.
    Was surprised to see 2 police officers there who were wearing light blue high viz vests, asked them who they were, up from the south, they’re demonstration specialists, what next, manchester accents.

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    1. Brilliant, Dave.

      I wish I could have been there.

      Of course they won’t bother to pay any attention. They want what they want, and they intend to get it.

      I hope it blows up in their faces.

      Thanks for the good news.


    1. Oh lordy.

      I mean I see absolutely no reason why European fishermen should be allowed to fish in Scotland’s waters if Scotland isn’t in the EU…

      But it is slightly amusing that the Maybot is going to have to deal with this.

      I suspect that Spain is at the back of this. They fish a lot here and they have the Brits over a barrel over Gibraltar.

      Still, the Tories are happy to sell out the fishermen. The Scottish Tories will have to work out whether they want to try to save their seats, or whether they want to have a future in the Tory Party, with all the wealth, titles and position that that invariably leads to (as long as they can keep their trousers around their waists and even sometimes when they can’t).


  4. This is the insecurity of a nation showing , England have no proper identity , it’s either British or belonging to UK . The rise in British/English nationalism is the insecurity
    of the English people surfacing , hence Brexit . The media no longer report news to any extent , they create the outrage to then report the aftermath . Red , blue , green , white , made in France or made in China the insecurity of a nation is showing .
    Just a thought , what colour should an independent Scotland have as a passport ?
    My choice would be a yellow/gold with the lion rampant and the unicorn on the front and the back the saltire , new country , new bling .

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    1. Yes, when you worry yourself about stupid little things like this while everything else is going to pot, it is about insecurity and denial.

      I don’t care what colour the passport is, to be honest.

      And I don’t care where it’s made.

      I hope that in the fullness of time the Scottish people will vote to have a republic with an elected head of state. But as long as they don’t leach too much off us I don’t really care if the Windsors remain.

      That too, to me, is a very secondary worry. (After all Norway, Sweden and Denmark manage with a very small royal family, living relatively ordinary lives.)

      But as a republican I’m not keen on the royal standard on a passport.

      I like the colour Green, though…


      1. As far as I can tell, almost all passports are some shade of four colors…….blue, green, red, or black. Not to be confused with the “iconic” British passports that were dark navy blue but look black.

        A lot of Americans don’t have passports, since it takes forever to get anyplace that is NOT the USA. Not counting of course the frozen wilderness of Canada or the country over Trumpy’s southern wall. I’ve discovered that the USA used to have a green one, but changed it to blue in 1976 to honor the bicentennial year. Not to brag, but our blue passports actually LOOK blue and our black Diplomatic Passports also LOOK black. The American Eagle looks great on a passport BTW.

        We once did have a flap over who printed them. It appears it’s now all done at Bureau of Engraving and Printing locations in Washington and Texas, but about 8-10 years ago, we were sending them to Thailand for inserting the computer chip.


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        1. LOl They are indeed very smart passports, Danny.

          And of course Iconic Blue is the best colour for a passport… not only in the world, but the entire multiverse and probably beyond…

          I’ve heard that chips in Thailand are very good.

          I’m not sure what the Daily Heil would make of that though.

          Maybe the Thais would become enemies of the people. It doesn’t make any logical sense, but I can’t imagine that the Mail would give a toss about that, as long as they can stir up some kind of racial hatred.

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          1. Tris…….Yes, Walmart would be the logical choice for bargain priced passports…..LOL.

            As far as I can tell, the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) and State Department now makes all the passports. But some years ago, it became a controversy when American companies didn’t bid on the job of making and installing the computer chips. So it was outsourced to foreign suppliers. It became a great controversy at the time, and the GPO’s explanation made it clear that it involved much more than Thailand. Here’s what I read:

            “The key element in the story is that the electronic components of the new American passport are produced by foreign companies. Gemalto from the Netherlands and Germany’s Infineon produce the biometric chips in Singapore and Taipei, then send them to Thailand where the Dutch company SmartTac add the antennas and inserts the devices in blank American passport covers. The GPO acknowledges this.”

            So we had chips produced by companies in Germany and the Netherlands which manufactured them in Singapore and Taiwan and then sent them to Thailand where a Dutch company added antennas and completed the assembly. Imagine what the Daily Heil would have made of that!

            So I’d say if the Americans once had half the countries on earth involved in making their high-tech passports, the Brits can be cool about the French and the Dutch. 😉

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            1. LOL. That’s a very international passport.

              They must be training of for all the international travelling it will have to do in the future…. just to make sure it doesn’t get air sick or sea sick!

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