The other day there was a small demonstration on London’s river, the Thames. It involved a few middle-aged men and some dead fish. It seemed to get quite a bit of coverage in the media (including our own humble pages). Possibly because it involved Jacob Rees Mogg (the next UK prime minister, they say), Nigel Farage, the arch publicist, and much more interesting, the aforementioned dead fish.

Today there was a massive demonstration in Edinburgh involving thousands of protesters who joined arms around our parliament in a symbolic gesture telling the UK parliament to keep its hands off our powers.

I mean, we can be pretty certain that Westminster’s objectives in repatriating powers to THEIR parliament instead of OURS is NOT IN ANY WAY destined to be for the good of the Scottish people.

As if!

So thousands of people turned up and they joined hands and encircled our parliament, as you can see from photographs to be found all over the net.

As far as I can make out, however, the BBC didn’t bother mentioning it on the grown-up national news, and even BBC Shortbread had it so far down the pecking order it went almost unnoticed.

Indeed, according to the BBC… “news” under Scotland, a library book returned after 36 years, was considered to be more important. now Munguin’s Republic encourages people to return Library books timeously… or even late… (and we’re sure that will get Conan’s backing too) but come on… Thousands of people protesting at parliament in the capital and one library book!

So, if you aren’t internet savvy and you don’t live in fairly close proximity to parliament in the capital, you ain’t gonna know that it happened.

Well, of course, unless you live abroad… because the Chinese were there


The BBC seems determined not to report any news that is good for Scotland and in particular the independence movement, but you can bet that if only 4 people had turned up, Misreporting Scotland would have been over it like a particularly nasty rash.

I don’t know if they think they are doing Westminster a favour; I don’t know if they think there is a collection of Damehoods, Knighthoods and Peerages to be gained if they manage to keep news from us, but I tell you this, as a long-term strategy, this kinda thing rarely works.

You’ll be rumbled, BBC.

Anyway, Munguin wishes he’d been there (if only to take tea with Nicola afterwards) but to all the great folk who WERE there (and I know some Munguinites were), we say thank you for going and playing your part in telling London where to get off.

Let’s make “so called” Reporting Scotland an essential epithet.


  1. Overdue library books are, of course, extremely important. The oldest ones I know of were found in South Georgia during the Falklands war, coming from Leith library in the forties. Bloody whalers.(no pun intended)

    It is obvious that the British MSM are either downplaying independence rallies or misrepresenting them; remember the screaming horde that invaded Pacific Quay screaming for Nick Robinson’s head on a pole? Me neither.

    I couldn’t go yesterday as there was a family funeral.

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    1. I dunno, Margaret fought a bloody war for these islanders and they repay her by taking Great British Library books.

      Whatever next?

      No, I don’t remember that. But if it had happened, I wouldn’t have been very interested.


  2. As per usual from the British Propaganda Broadcaster …nothing to see here move along now … oh look squirrels!

    Needless to say the Pseudo British Propaganda Broadcaster, a.k.a. STV, were closely following the State Propaganda station. To be fair though STV DID actually make it to Edinburgh … just not to Holyrood… they were allegedly talking to a shopkeeper about how cold their building was!

    Sadly I was unable to make it to Holyrood … I heard there was a great sigh of relief from the masses when that news broke 😂 … but I did enjoy the mass of pictures and videos from the event being tweeted throughout the day.

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    1. We are really badly served by these people.

      But if course, it is of national importance if someone’s building is cold.

      You’ll have to excuse me now. There are some people here with a camera and mics who are investigating why it is that my garden shed has a a bit of damp.

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    2. Yes STV were there. The camera man even looked our way as we stood around the Parliament. His camera pointed at the afore mentioned heritage building (Late 1960’s apparently). Didn’t spot that squirrel though!

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  3. Moral of the story
    Should of took some dead fish

    Anyway does a few snp
    Extremists around an snp
    Parliament warrant the claim
    For all Scottish people.

    Perhaps a true representation
    Of all Scottish people’s and not just one section would elicite
    More coverage

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    1. Well, Labour, Greens and the Liberal Democrats are involved in the hands-off movement too, so it’s not just SNP people.

      Honestly, independence or not, who wants to hand more powers to Theresa May so that she can sell them off to Donald Trump in return for an America First trade deal?

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  4. Tris
    I am not surprised any more. Other than The National, Iscot Mag, and blogs we just don’t have a media in Scotland that will stand up for Scotland in any shape or form. They spent hours reporting those clowns Mogg and Farage, spent a fair bit of time on English football thugs but a peaceful political demonstration in support of the Scottish Parliament is ignored, says it all. I also hope that some MSPs from all parties were there, really sad if it wasn’t as this was not about independence it was about the rolling back of devolution at the very least.


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