1. It just gets better and better. I am so looking forward to the next few weeks.

    Gutted, scaled, filletted and grilled I would guess. Yum!

    Tickety tock…. It’s comin then for a’ that, an a’ that.

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    1. Jokers? Like Gove, Fox and Davis?

      Apparently, the Scottish MPs weren’t told this was going to happen.

      Keith Brown MSP
      Following Following @KeithBrownSNP

      Newsnight reporting that Scottish Tory MPs were not even told about the fishing sell-out, and have tonight been told it cannot be changed! Unbelievable!
      They were still working on last week’s statement:

      Peter MacMahon
      Follow Follow @petermacmahon

      In joint statement with @michaelgove a week ago @RuthDavidsonMSP said: “The Prime Minister has been clear: Britain will leave the CFP as of March 2019. We both support her wholeheartedly.”

      Brussels deal today appears to show UK will effectively be in the CFP during transition.

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  2. It is all working out just as any reasonable person could have told Them it would, and most certainly did. Repeatedly. That They persisted says nothing whatsoever good about Them. There goes the ship of State, steaming full speed ahead toward the iceberg, the savviest passengers already clustering round the insufficient number of lifeboats, the Captain and half of the crew shouting “Nonsense! It’s a heat mirage! Stop moaning about it!”, the other half, concealing their backstabbing daggers within easy reach, insinuating greasily that what harm can it do, it’s only water, it’ll help freshen up people’s G&Ts…

    Ach. Ignorant and arrogant, mendacious and unprincipled, vile and venal, and profoundly, profoundly stupid.

    I want Scotland to become independent on the 19th of July this year, as it’s my birthday, but I make a point of never complaining about gifts, whenever I receive them.

    Rant over.


    1. Another good rant there, Ed.

      What a complete guddle they have made of it.

      I rather think that the Titanic captain was a bit more efficient than the Maybot.

      Well, a lot more… otherwise the ship would have been holed just outside Southampton.

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      1. “Guddle”, Tris – that’s a good word in context. As a lad I remember guddling for trout – it’s amazing how easily a slippery fish eludes your clumsy grasp. Seems like it’s just happened to Ruth (The Compleat Bungler) and Co – and of course the Scottish fishing fleet.

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        1. I’m not even sure if it’s a real word, Andi.

          I think my granny used it to describe a total mess.

          Time for Ruth and Fluffy to take extended leave.


  3. The only upside I can see to this whole sorry process is all the practice they’re getting at surrendering and how good they must be getting at lt. This will stand them in good stead in future when negotiating all the wonderful trade deals they’ll be getting for the (hopefully) newly independent country of England and Wales.

    A high level of competence at rolling over combined with well practised and expert caving in skills will stand them in good stead for all the visits to the cleaners they’re going to be taken to.

    You couldn’t make it up, I don’t know how diddy Davis can stand their making speeches without having a red neck. It’s this lack of accountability, logic and/or awareness on the part of “our leaders” that’s making it all so dreadfully scary.

    I shudder to think what is yet to be revealed.

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    1. I happened upon the BBC’s news at 8 o’clock this morning, where the subject came pretty far down the running order, and was handles very sympathetically.

      No mention was made of the roll-over, and it was said that Douglas Ross had expressed his disappointment.

      They then had Duncan Smith on telling us that the future was bright. And that this fishermen’s situation was only temporary.

      Soon there will no tariffs, we’ll take back control of our borders (controls we never lost) and of our money (which we didn’t lose either)… and our fishing waters will be ours.

      Where’s Fluffy?

      Has he taken up mine clearance?


        1. LOL LOL LOL

          Now I’m not a tv person, but I’d watch that!!!!

          I’m not really a celebrity, can you keep me here, because I hate being a tea boy at number ten?

          Maybe he’ll take over from Ant…

          Dec and Fluffy?


    1. It’s happening already, but there are some that will always buy the narrative that poor British has been done done by beastly foreigners.

      When you hold all the cards, how incompetent to you need to be to make this much of a mess of it?

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  4. All I can say is that I’m glad that Feartie has got her “A” team on the job.

    I daren’t think where we’d be if she did NOT have her “A” team working 24/7 on this fabulous Brexit … Scottish fishermen screwed perhaps?

    Oh wait a second they ARE being screwed aren’t they … I’m thinking Feartie’s “A” team aint that good after all! 😂

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    1. If I remember there were 4 members of the A team.

      One was the cigar smoking boss; there was a big tubby guy that wore a lot of jewellery; one was a smooth ladies’ man and the fourth was a guy who had to be freed from a mental institution when required!.

      Mrs May’s A team seems to consist of various reincarnations of the last guy only.


      1. To be fair Tris I’d rather have that “A” team in my corner any day of the week as opposed to Feartie’s pathetic attempt at an “A” team.

        Just for clarity Tris:

        John “Hannibal” Smith was the cigar smoking leader

        The big tubby guy, I would NEVER call him that Tris just a wee heads up there, is B.A. “Bad Attitude” Baracaus

        The smooth ladies man was Templeton “Face man” Peck

        and the fourth, and most comical of the group, was H.M. “Howling Mad” Murdoch.

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  5. Fishing aside,the most significant part of this agreement is that the Tories have agreed that NI will essentially remain within the EU market after Brexit and subject to EU laws (courts).
    This will have significant implications for the Scottish economy,with the advantage NI will now have over us.
    So much for the ein reich ein volk mantra being spouted by the Tories and Irish,Scottish unionists.

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    1. Indeed. Any company wishing to do tariff free business with the EU would be well advised to leave the UK and relocate in NI… except, to be honest, I’d be seriously worried about troubles brewing there if I were them.

      The band of Orange Order supporters aren’t going to take this lying down.


  6. I know that the Scottish edition of the Torygraph has a big headline on the fishing issue but I wonder how much attention is actually paid to this question in the English/UK press. Today’s Independent has no mention of it, the only Scottish item being a letter from one of the SiU squad berating Salmond over RT.

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    1. As I said elsewhere, it was way down the running order on the BBC news.

      I imagine that the Tory press/BBC in England don;t really consider it important.


  7. I wonder what it will take to convince the majority of Scots that an independent Scotland is the only way out of this mess. Is this what over three hundred years of brainwashing has done to a goodly number of our population?
    As I know from canvassing during the first independence referendum, there are many amongst us who will never change their mind, no matter how many facts you present to them proving that we are being taken for mugs by Westminster.
    The Chancellor of the Exchequer said last week the Brexit negotiations so far had cost £700m, and that he had set aside another £3bn to cover the complete cost. If that is what they are admitting to, it wouldn’t surprise me if the real figure is much higher. All that while depriving about one million school children in England of a hot meal.
    Has a collective madness descended upon a good number of the electorate, that they cannot, or don’t want to see for whatever reason, the carnage that this bunch of incompetents, and I include the Labour Party in that comment, are doing to the U.K, never mind Scotland.
    This latest fiasco involving the C.F.P was easy to predict, and no amount of crocodile tears from the Scottish, haha, tories, will change the fact that once again the fisher folk have been sold down the river, or sea, in their case.
    Come the second Scottish Independence Referendum, can we convince enough people that they only way out of this shambles is to become an independent nation once again. Can we? If we can’t, we condemn future generations of Scots to penury, ruled by an increasingly uncaring Westminster administration, Tory or Labour, who don’t care a whit for Scotland, or its people, as long as they can continue to plunder our country of its riches. And they have plenty of practise in doing that very thing.
    Time for us to put an end to this wholesale robbery.

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  8. I’ve a nasty feeling about this fishing business and here’s why. Woke up this morning and had my usual look at what’s happening.
    All of a sudden the Scots Tories are threatening to bring down Maybot. All very honourable, but lets remember, these are the same zoomers who marched through the lobbies to end free school meals for over a million English school lids, even though they didn’t have to.
    Moggadon and his hard brexit buddies are all of a sudden saying they’ll support the the Scots Tories. When in reality they don’t give a shit about Scotland.
    What’s going on?
    I’m fearful that this is going to be used as an excuse to bring down Maybot and go for a hard brexit. Maybe I’m paranoid, but maybe everybody is out to get me, we’ll see.

    By the by, Armstrong is a complete fool telling us that we can’t trust Europe after being so completely betrayed by Westminster, but there and again, Armstrong maybe knows what’s going on. If the fisherfolk want to show a bit of backbone and sense, they could start by getting rid of that devious idiot.

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    1. None of them have yet disobeyed the whip.

      Of course you can never tell what the internal politics will throw up. It’s possible that if they think it is over for the bot and that Rees Mogg is the next leader, they will risk disobedience.

      Armstrong must be died in the wool Tory.

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  9. I’d imagine that those principled Tory MPs will resign the whip so they can vote on behalf of their constituents . After all they signed a pledge. 😃

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  10. And all the while nero, aka the Scottish Secretary, is , well it’s a secret.
    Headline news on the Scottish Daily Snail, someeone called Auntie Dec has had a car crash whilst on release from rehab, the usual stuff, the article says 2 mini cars crash headon, the picture shows 2 cars that are different from each other.
    Further down we have Ruthie and Gove telling us that not only fishing will be recovered from the EU bbut the framers will be much better off under the Union re subsidies.
    All the pictures on line showing Salisbury are now carefully edited to show only staff with protective gear on, strange.
    Oh and you have to be like me and silly enough to go guddling through their lies and deceit. Smoke and mirrors, the Cambridge analyticals thing, I got a return on linkedin, telling me they had been looking at my profile only last week,so the scalliwags are up to no good.
    Onwards to seeing Mr Ross, MP,drinking the warm sick as he seems to not like the cold stuff, just wait a little longer, all will be well in the union.
    Onwards to the revolution

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    1. We are led by the nose, aren’t we?

      You’re right. It’s all been Ant in the tabloids, and how wicked the Russian are, and yeah, they learned the lesson. Everyone suited up now.

      Still odd that they were telling us that they were treating dozens of people, but the head surgeon in Salisbury said they were only treating 3 people.

      I await the farmers being better off. I wonder where the money is coming from.


    1. Why so many of our NE fishermen are so agin independence is beyond me – it was never the Scottish Government’s fault that the CFP was negotiated the way it was. No, it was left to the likes of Rupert Ponsonby, 7th Baron de Mauley – https://goo.gl/zWEnGn – to negotiate with Europe about that.

      Obviously (irony warning, or maybe sarcasm, as if I give a toss either way), a Tory peer from Dorset is ideally placed to stick up for the rights of, oh, Scottish fishermen in the NorthEast – no, not that NorthEast, not Newcastle and Gateshead, the other NorthEast, Peterhead and Fraserburgh – because they vote Conservative & Unionist and all, do they not…

      It is equally obviously irrelevant that a greater tonnage of fish is landed in Scotland than in the rest of the United Kingdom put together. So obviously it is quite right of that proud Scot Alex Massie to say that the fishing industry should be sacrificed on the altar of – what? Financial passporting for the City of London, perhaps? Most Favoured Nation status for British innovative jam and biscuits, to be consumed with Yorkshire tea from the lush tea plantations of Ilkley Moor? It’s anyone’s guess, really, as none of Them appears to have a clue. Including Rupe Ponsonby, one imagines.

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      1. Sheesh. “…has been left”. Ponsonby wasn’t there in 1975, but he’s been the Tories’ Fishmonger-in-Chief with Brussels for a while. Maybe he still is, maybe not, and it’s some other Tory barsteward.

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      2. I completely agree. It was always a nonsense that the English minister for fisheries negotiated on behalf of the other countries.

        He didn’t know; he didn’t care… and, in that one’s case, why would he.

        To quote another idiot from the House of Lords… he was a Viscount for life.

        Absolutely no need at all to comply with anything the little people wanted.

        I heard that the reason they folded their tent, despite holding all the cards, if that’s not mixing whatsits… was to keep Spain happy. They do a lot of fishing here and they could make BIG trouble over Gibraltar.

        But that was a rumour. It could be that Davis was dreaming at the time and nodding his head to some music that was going on…

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  11. Just for interest sake Tris I see the Daily Record has two full pages, pages 8 and 9, AND their editorial turned over to attacking the Colonel and the Tories abandonment of the Scottish fishermen today.

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  12. I’m laughing at this tweet:

    Ross Thomson MP

    Verified account


    Quite simply, the SNP want to drag Scotland back into the EU.
    Nicola Sturgeon wants an independent Scotland to be a fully paid up member, with Brussels controlling fisheries. That would mean shackling fishermen to the CFP, which has been disastrous for Scotland’s fishing fleets.

    I asked him if he was aware that Scotland voted to be in the EU.

    He’s accusing the First Minister of doing what the population wants.

    Novel Idea to a Tory.

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  13. I’m surprised David Davis turned up to the meeting wearing that outfit. David’s a great guy and he’s achieving wonders for Britain and Brexit, but he should realise the Germans have no sense of humour so no wonder Herr Barnier has a face on him like a wet Sunday in Wick. Forget trying to make him smile, Dave. Not worth the effort.

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