The question is – if The Russians did perpetrate that nerve agent poisoning to kill one former agent – how did they think they’d get away with it. If they didn’t care through arrogance what can May possibly do that might impress them?

Jeff Dugdale raises a good point here.

Let’s be honest, we don’t know who poisoned the ex-double agent and his daughter, and we can’t trust anything that comes out of Whitehall, Westminster, the BBC or the Tory Press. (After all, a few months ago we held all the cards with the EU, and now they are bullying us. How can you bully someone who holds all the cards?) 

Will we ever know the truth? And would we know it was the truth when we heard it?

But let’s suppose for a minute that it was Russia and that it was done with President Putin’s knowledge. What can May do?


I remember a few years ago when Russia invaded and took Crimea, that David Cameron announced that he was going to be speaking to Mr Putin on the phone and that he would make Britain’s points very strongly.

How we laughed.

“Now look here Vladimir, old chap. I say, this really isn’t cricket you know. You just can’t bally well do this sort of thing. What have you got to say to that, old chap?”

Vlad must have been shaking in his shoes for sure! Or maybe that’s just the way he dances.

It’s not unreasonable to suppose that during the Crimea crisis, President Obama would have spoken to Putin. It is possible, although less likely, that President Xi may also have had a word. Both of these conversations might have given him pause for thought … because the USA and China count.

Frankly, despite Cameron’s proud claim that “we punch above our weight” the UK does not count in that way. Everyone knows that it wouldn’t do anything without permission from the USA. So worry about what the USA thinks and disregard the Brits or indeed the French, who are in almost (but not quite) the same powerless position.

Perhaps if all the countries of the EU/EEA withdrew from Russia’s world cup (leaving Russia and Serbia) it might have an effect, or if countries all around the world stood in solidarity with Britain the whole world cup thing would end in humiliation for them.

  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • Denmark
  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Iceland
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Serbia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

But England withdrawing of its own accord would be a smaller blow from which the tournament would easily recover. And you have to ask if it would also be fair to the fans and the players with their tickets bought and flights booked and paid for.

If this is state-sponsored terrorism, it’s extremely serious. Not just for Skripal and his daughter, but for the police and emergency services and the potentially tens of thousands of locals who received safety advice a week after the event. (Thanks Amber Rudd.)

Is that an act of war? If so some action is required.

But having said that, May’s best mates are Erdogan, Netanyahu, Trump, Mohammad bin Salman and their likes.  Has Mrs May any moral ground to cling to?


So what should… or rather CAN… Mrs May do? Anyone want to advise her?

… Oh, and “resign” is too obvious.


 Here’s my suggestion. Send Fluffy as her majesty’s emmisary! He’ll show them.


    1. Well, yeah, you’d have thought that Mrs May would have been insisting that money from Russians wouldn’t be acceptable, specially given how apparently Alex Salmond was out of line doing a show on RT.

      I fear that if she sent Bojo to do a spot of arm wrestling with Vlad, Bojo might never return.

      Did I use the world “fear”? Silly me!

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    2. No, no,Boris isnae hard enough for that job. There’s only one man in the Tory Party who could sort Vlad out – send in Colonel Ruth Yadaftie.

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        1. I think the original suggestion to send Mundell is a goer. He could act as a “get on their nerves agent”.

          Let the Russians experience first hand what we’ve to put up with. They’ll be queuing up en masse voluntarily to expose themselves to toxins after the first half hour of listening to his shite.

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  1. Well, we could get our major ally the USA to speak up on our behalf.

    Strange how loud the Sound of Silence from the White House is though, don’t ya think?

    Strange days.

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    1. I just read that Rex Tillerson, who apparently blamed the Russians for this poisoning, has been sacked by Trump.

      In fairness, it won’t have helped that some time ago he called Trump a moron.

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      1. Donald J. Trump Verified account

        Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA, will become our new Secretary of State. He will do a fantastic job! Thank you to Rex Tillerson for his service! Gina Haspel will become the new Director of the CIA, and the first woman so chosen. Congratulations to all!


        1. And Tillerson being a decorated Friend of the Former Soviet Union or some such – if I understand things right, Vlad himself pinned the gong on his chest at some shindig in Moscow. Tillerson was – I think, and am too tired to check all the sordid details, I’m very much an ideas man – yes, Tillerson was the Chairman of Exxon at the time they struck a truly enormous megadeal with Rosneft, for fun and for profit, and then Vlad goes and seizes Crimea, as you do when you’re Tsar of All the Russias and you want something, and Murka slapped on sanctions – Obama being in the White House – and – let me see – who was the Murkan Secretary of State at the time – oh yes – Hillary Clinton!

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          1. All this political intrigue in Washington, Moscow and London makes me glad that I just an underpaid vassal of a media mogul animal.

            I see that (much more quietly) one of Trumps personal advisers was escorted from the White House without even having had tome to collect his jacket.

            Oh dear.


  2. I’m not a football follower, but don’t England always do badly in the World Cup? Maybe this is their way of being able to save face by saying they would have won if they’d played?

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  3. Seems a strange one this , because on all of my 48 years on this planet , the one thing the Russians are ” allegedly ” really good at is …….. killing people without mess and fuss . Are we meant to believe that a highly toxic nerve agent can be cleaned away with baby wipes and a good wash in the machine ?
    Are they trying to end the world cup , costing Russia a fortune or have the Tories Russian investors decided to say Proshchay ( goodbye in Russian , just gotta luv google ) and kept all that lovely money away from the Tories ?
    Or is it a look the other way trick , Hammond has a spring budget thingy , plus all those lovely cuts are coming into place for the poor , sick and disabled on the 1st of April . Whatever it is haven’t the Tories and their press cohorts heard of the internet and amazing bloggers like your goodself .

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    1. Yes, I apologise for that. Wikipedia says:

      In March 2014, following the Ukrainian revolution and subsequent takeover of the territory by pro-Russian separatists and Russian Armed Forces,[4] a referendum, deemed unconstitutional by the Ukrainian Constitutional Court,[5][6][7] was held on the issue of “reunification” with Russia; the official result was that a large majority of Crimeans wished to join with Russia.[8] Russia then annexed Crimea to incorporate the Republic of Crimea and the federal city of Sevastopol as federal subjects of Russia.[9] While Russia and ten other UN member states recognize Crimea as part of the Russian Federation, Ukraine continues to claim Crimea as an integral part of its territory, supported by most foreign governments and United Nations General Assembly Resolution 68/262.[10]

      A referendum was indeed held and the majority of Crimeans did appear to vote for being a part of Russia.

      I stand corrected.

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      1. It was actually a coup by the US backed by NATO that caused the trouble in Ukraine.

        My apologies in advance for sharing a lot of reading material:

        These first two articles come from the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS);

        These next two come from a living legend in the world of investigative journalism, John Pilger;

        This article was written by international criminal lawyer Christopher Black;

        This article is by Dr Paul Craig Roberts, who worked in the Reagan administration;

        There is way more from other sources that challenge the conventional thinking on the alleged assassination attempt that the PM is trying to pin on Russia and on events in Syria, North Korea & Iran too.

        Thank you for taking the time to read this. It’s much appreciated.

        All the best.

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  4. Funny how the Tories got all defensive when Corbyn suggested they return all the Russian money they have received, all £800,000+ of it, since Feartie became P.M. Apparently he was being “political” in his suggestion. No chance of the £800,000+ being returned then I suppose?

    Apparently R.T., being a state supporting broadcaster is a BAD station and no one should appear on it not least from the Labour party says Corbyn and McDonnell. Now why would that be you suppose? It can’t be because they show alternative views, and in a lot of cases accurate reports, of what is happening in the world.

    Could all this wide spread “we hate R.T.” be in response to R.T. showing up the West for their duplicity over Syria and apparent lack of intervention over Turkey’s attacks into Northern Syria?

    As far as I’m concerned the West has a hell of a lot to answer for yet no one is prepared to make them answer. Libya was a moderately peaceful country, all be it run by someone with a history of supporting terrorism, but it was at least generally peaceful. That was until Clinton and her mates decided that they didn’t like Gaddafi and they started up the internal “struggle” which has led to one of the most restless countries in Africa.

    Now travel further East and oh look … Syria … we don’t like Assad says America and the West duplicitly joins in the chorus. Syria was, like Libya, a peaceful country. Yet again America decided it did not like its leader and he had to go resulting in what we have today.

    This leaves open one question here. Apart from America’s hatred of the leaders of these two peaceful countries what, if anything, do they have in common? …OIL!

    I guess this explains why America has never hated Israel. After all Israel constantly attacks the Palestinian people and STEALS their land yet America turns the other way every time. This raises another question. What does Israel hold over America that stops America attacking them. After all Israel is, for all intensive purposes, a state supporting terrorism!

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    1. No, no chance. Having something to do with Russia is only bad when it is Labour or Alex Salmond. When the Tories do it it is good and right and an example to decent British standards of Fair Play.

      You should know that by now.

      The West poking its nose in teh Middle East goes all the way back to before the Americans of course when the Brits and the French were “running” (for which read “carving up” the world. Iraq … Iran …Palestine … Egypt …Jordan… Lebanon.

      Where have these idiots NOT poked their stupid noses in and not made a mess?

      I think an awful lot of campaign money in America comes from the Jewish lobby. America rarely condemns Israel for anything… or Saudi Arabia for that matter.

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  5. Last week we had the odious spectacle of the British Establishment including Royalty genuflecting and kowtowing in front of the Saudis in order to get a grubby arms deal – it was all over the Media – well it would have been if another “event” had not taken place and completely taken over the Telly and papers.

    Funny that?

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    1. Ah yes…

      I wonder if there will be another attack when Miss Marple become Princess Marple; when Air-mile’s daughter gets married and when Kate has yet another benefit scrounger to add to the throng.


      1. No I think they save stuff like this for really important things – have you noticed that they’re also using this (with the help of his own backbenchers and even ministers) to make Corbyn look like a traitor?

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  6. why would russia jeapardize the way they have been swapping spies/defectors for decades by killing this agent after swapping him nearly twenty years ago?

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    1. Who knows Billy.

      It seems weird, but we are told (BIG ????) that MI6 has told the PM that it’s probably the Russian.

      Which of course, means precisely nothing.


  7. Could someone popular with the media, say Princess Mandy Sparkle, persuade Theresa May to stand aside and let Margaret Rutherford take charge of the Mouse That Roared pantomime?

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  8. There can be only one answer
    We (that’s all of us England and other subsidiary regions of this United Kingdom)

    We must at once invade russia 🇷🇺 there can be no going back
    Brexit requires the rebirth of
    A once great world power.

    Make Great Britain 🇬🇧 err !
    Great Again .
    Soon squadrons of spitfires
    Will soar over Moscow and
    Once we thrashed the Bally
    Russian Bear 🐻 again.

    We can hold our heads up high
    Upon the world stage which is our rightful place denied us by
    The evil EU

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