Oooft indeed… but
…£800,000 is around 63,807,200.00 Russian Rubles. Good though Eck is, I doubt that he got paid that much…




  1. Because she comes over believable to people who will believe anything there’s half a chance she’ll lead the Tories sometime soon. She’s a Remainer gone wrong. Even further right of what she would think is centre. She’s no good to Scotland or the cause of Remain. She insults Salmond, yet for all his ‘in your face’ criticism of the English (I’m sadly English), I like him. He doesn’t defend; he attacks.

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    1. I just wish I knew what she stood for. It seems to change with the day and I suspect that it is whatever she thinks will get her favour with her future constituency.


      1. Think it was the Russian wife of some Russian oligarch Tris. If I’m not mistaken the same Russian also paid a rather large some of money to have “dinner” with the British Defence Secretary. Hmm …

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  2. I don’t feel sorry for Davidson because she used to have a future but now MPs, the likes of Mundell and Thomson, have eclipsed her. She tries to be ironic, comic, searing and ends up embarrassing herself again. Her photo-ops make her look like Norman Wisdom with a bad haircut. Don’t feel at all sorry for the malicious piece of work.

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    1. Her photo ops are, I agree, comic in nature. She never seems to be doing normal things. It’s always riding on cows or in military uniform or doing something tough.

      I think she thinks she has a future.


  3. Imagine having your party propped up in government by people who believe gay relationships are a sin and that the world is only six thousand years old. Ooft x 1000.

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  4. The Tyranny of PAYE
    Or how the self employed
    Dump the responsibility upon
    the employed

    The realy real scandal

    He [Philip Hammond] has been unable to tackle the problems posed by the increasing numbers of self employed and company owner managers, who pay less tax than similarly remunerated employees: the cost of this is forecast to grow from a bit over £10 billion now to around £15 billion or so in five years time.

    He – like his predecessor – looks wholly unable to maintain the real value of fuel duties. By taking huge numbers of people out of the income tax net, while raising tax on those with the highest incomes, we have become very dependent on a very small number of taxpayers to pay a very large fraction of the overall tax bill. That may be desirable on distributional grounds, but it makes tax revenues very sensitive to the incomes and behaviour of a small number of people. If high paid jobs (and EU citizens, who are well represented among high earners in the UK) relocate elsewhere the consequences for the Exchequer will be severe.

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    1. Well… all I can say is that they should have thought of that.

      We were told that we were too stupid to govern ourselves, the inference being that they were there to do it for us. Indeed didn’t they recently tell Cardiff and Edinburgh to leave the government to THEM?

      And now it seems that THEY are to wee, poor and stupid to manage government.

      What are we going to do?


    2. I hate to mention her name but Thatcher was also in such a place, in regards to self employment and tax revenues. Great deconstruct of heavy industry, huge number of self employed start ups, “from these small businesses the entrepreneurs, the great employers of tomorrow will emerge.” They didn’t, the majority in my experience were fresh start window cleaners and landscape gardeners (grass cutters) there for the extra £40 per week. There seemed later to be a purge on wee businesses by HMRC, an insider told me that small businesses were being targetted, “make tax demands till they squeal”. A couple of friends were given a double audit, a scare tactic which means you have to have your accounts signed off by a chartered accountant, expensive.
      Lessons learned, looks like none. Why would we have any of them returned from the ballot.

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      1. Like everything else thatr Tahtcher promised, it was a pile of crud..

        The share owning society? All the little people sold out pretty sharpish.

        Sale of council houses? How many of them now are owned by buy to let… and where can OAPs get these wee bungalows that were built specially for them and then bought up?

        She was the start of the evil, but by God Maybot may not be as bright as Thatcher, but she’s a bloody site more wicked.

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