So there was a football match today and the queen will not be pleased with the result. Eh, Murdo?


But before the match, some people wanted to have a wee march…

The logo suggests that someone is going to be kicking someone else (wearing and green and white top) in the face. Why is dark coloured clothing preferred? Wear Black Shirts?



I think they were trying to get red white and blue smoke, but well, FAIL.
He looks a happy wee old mannie who obviously didn’t have anything in fashionable black…
Oh, they found the blue canister, and they’ve managed to get some orange in there too.  (Arlene will be pleased.) And the guy with the red hoodie, either can’t read or he’s a wee rebel… Red, the new black?
I’m sure all that smoke is doing wonders for their lungs. Like we cared.


I wonder who the red card was for… I just saw a tweet from Stuart Campbell:

Swear to God I’ve never seen a linesman do that before. They have a quiet word in the ref’s ear, they don’t howl “RED CARD!” repeatedly.


So, at a guess, it was for a Celtic player.


What that you’re saying, mate? Can’t quite make it out.
The younger ones have more extensive wardrobes. They can lay their hands on a little black number with ease.
What a lot of black balaclavas. It’s almost as if someone provided them, so they’d all look the same. And what’s that salute?


What an utter insult to BEARS. And what’s 10 years? Prison?


In the end, the match resulted in a 3-2 defeat for the queen’s eleven, despite Celtic being down a man. Oh well… Clearly, you can’t win them all.


57 thoughts on “So there was a football match today and the queen will not be pleased with the result. Eh, Murdo?”

  1. Scotland’s Shame. Back to the future – 1690, that is. What a bunch of retarded clowns. I have absolutely zero interest in football – and neither have they. Generally speaking, it’s a game played by thick numpties in front of thousands of thick numpties. “The beautiful game” – Gie’s a break, pal! The serious – and sad – side of this is that there are people (I use the term extremely loosely) for whom this bigoted sectarian bile is their raison d’etre. Frankly, I’d have been delighted if some of their flares had given them 3rd degree burns. “Red, white and blue – what does it mean to you?” I guess it means the animals are out of the zoo. I’ve argued with “supporters” who say, “But I don’t hold with that sectarian stuff – I’m just go for the football”. My answer – “Bollocks – if you consort with them, you condone them and that makes you as bad as them.” A final point – why do they all look like feral monkeys? Sorry, I take that back – it’s a gross insult to monkeys.

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    1. I’m not a football fan either, but like most sports I guess ” for those that like that sort of thing… that is the sort of thing they like”.

      But this has absolutely NOTHING to do with football.

      Good idea to try to get rid of the sectarian stuff at football, eh>

      Sit down Mr Kelly!

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    2. As a thick numpty who has been a Hibs supporter for years and never being involved in sectarian singing or violence it is my humble opinion that it is wrong to generalise about any group of people. I will concede to looking like a feral monkey….

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      1. Of course it is.

        Whether it is on the basis of nationality, religion, colour, or any of the various things that eejits get bent out of shape about…

        But I think we can safely say that people who are drawn to an organisation whose logo depicts an opposition team’s fan/player being kicked about the head, are definitely tarrable with a relatively broad brush of stupidity/sectarianism.

        You’re just begging for Niko to agree with you there. 🙂

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        1. I just object to all decent supporters who form the vast majority of fans being associated and stigmatised because of a few hooligans. As I said earlier it is wrong to generalise in any walk of live,

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          1. Agreed.

            My worry is that James Kelly and his friends in all the other parties, seem to think that the way to deal with this is to get rid of legislation preventing it.

            I understand (although I don’t know) that the legislation is not perfect… but what legislation is? People still speed; people still talk on the phone in their cars; people still allow their dogs to foul pavements despite there being laws to prevent it. But, I think we can’t abandon laws because some people don’t adhere to them. We should improve them.

            I’m certainly not blaming Rangers’ fans en masse. As you say, most of them are decent people who will abhor this.

            My finger is pointing at parliament.

            The Lord Advocate told the police that they can’t use the football act in view of the fact that it is on its way to repeal.

            It’s up to Kelly to find an alternative … With his esteemed intellect I’m sure that will present no problem.

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      2. @theroontuner1
        Follow Follow @theroontuner1

        Hey scott, i’m a rangers fan & would like to apologise for the scum abusing you at the airport. So from ALL decent gers fans, sorry.@Scotty_Sinclair

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  2. This, sickens me to the core. Idiots fighting battles centuries old, that were never the common “man’s” battles to begin with.
    Scotland’s shame, these fuckers (excuse the language) have held our nation back for too long.

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    1. It is our shame.

      If they were advertising stamping or kicking someone’s head for being black or gay or Muslim or Jewish…

      But seemingly this is not illegal?


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  3. I really like their i.d – UB07 – must stand for Utter Bampots and I suppose 7 is the highest number they can count to using their fingers – most people could do 10 but they’ve got 3 jammed up their arses.

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  4. I couldn’t care less about 22 ungrown men running after a pig’s bladder, or the result.
    there will be family members on all sides who will bare the brunt of the celebrations/commiseration drinking spree.
    was take by my brother to a Melbourne Aussie Rules football game, what a difference in outlook, the teams playing had their fans all mixed in with other club fans out for an afternoons entertainment. you could have a beer in the stadium, something to eat etc. At the end of the match, everyone left the stadium together, policing minimal, all together now, It’s Only AGame.
    Talk about a grown up nation.
    yes an afront to our our nationality. Look at the figures, they don’t even go to their churches anymore.

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    1. It’s an incredible shame on us that we have this idiotic carry on over a game.

      I’m not sure whether it is a Catholic/Protestant thing; an Irish/British thing, or a nationalist/unionist thing.

      Whatever it is, the rest of us shouldn’t have to put up with it… and PAY for it.

      I hope Police Scotland will bill this organisation, and I hope someone is looking at their logo and reckoning that it is illegal.

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  5. It isn’t worse than it used to be, I hope – speaking as a former Weegie – I keep hoping that something will happen to drag those fuckers kicking and screaming into the 18th century so they can absorb a wee bit of Scottish Englightenment.

    If this UB07 – well, I knew that UB40 were named after an unemployment benefit form, but UB07 – Unionist Bastards, Ludge 07? Unwashed Bawbags? Unholy Bigots?

    Can we not round them up and put them on a plantation somewhere? Oh … wait a minute…

    In somewhat better news, I read in the past few days that the unspeakable Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen of Britain First both got sent down for religiously aggravated harassment which they committed in Norniron last year.

    I notice, though, that the offensive behaviour at football matches Act, or whatever it was called, was struck down by a coalition of the various wings of the ESSEMPEEBAD party, I think just because it was an SNP thing and they would prefer to be able to scream ESSEMPEEBAD and squawk about denying people the right to free speech, and disregard the fact that it was a very popular piece of legislation …

    Which brings me back to my first point. Killing the that football-related offensive behaviour legislation has led to the knuckle-draggers feeling empowered, that the authorities are on their side – in the same way that the moment there is a change in government and the racist right get in and start sounding off about “immigrants”, even absent any changes in legislation or regulations, all the knuckle-draggers among the public and all the little Hitlers and Hitleresses who have any power or authority at all over anyone else feel empowered and start doing their damnedest to make life as hellish as possible for the rest of us.

    I saw a photo of Rees-Morgue the other day and was reminded of the saying that the fish rots from the head down.

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    1. LOL. I was trying to work out what all this UB stuff was. Thanks for the suggestions.

      I think they do feel empowered. Well done James “Sit Down” Kelly.


      I was delighted to hear about the imprisonment of the poisoned pair.

      I hope they have a truly horrible stay there.

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  6. Rangers idiots! But don’t forget the Hearts followers who were throwing flares onto the Easter Road pitch last Friday night. Why, I don’t know, when you throw them before the game starts and you want your team to win.
    Oh well they got their lesson.

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    1. Well, it’s a fairly small group of Rangers’ supporters to be fair, and I’ve seen a lot of Tweets from human beings on the Rangers’ side disowning these idiots and apologising on behalf of the team.

      I don;t know if there has been an official apology from the tea/management, but despite the balaclavas and scarves and face covering, there are quite a few people that can be identified.

      I trust that they will no longer be welcome if kicking heads is more to their taste than kicking footballs.


  7. Surely that poster and its logos are an incitement to violence. It obviously has little to do with football (the game). So why are mindless idiots allowed to carry on like this?
    Is it maybe the colours, the Union, the tacit support of the non-Scottish parties.
    Should the Football authorities hit the clubs these idiots support by for example, closed stadium games or the non-offending supporters team gets ALL the proceeds of the games or Sod it, close the the bloody thing down.

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    1. I don’t know, Aucheorn. But we can’t have this.

      I mean otehr people have to live in the places rht these people do this, and it’s pretty unacceptable to have all that smoke and noise. You can’t let kids out; pets are terrified…

      As you say, the logo itself tells you what you need to know.

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  8. Are they the people the Ancient Romans referred to as the mob I wonder? The poor the disaffected, the ones looking to blame someone for their shitty lives but too stupid or lazy to get off their arses and find out who the real culprits are. Whose scapegoats are readily provided by the state to divert attention away from it. Immigrants, Muslims, anyone a bit diferrent from them that the tabloids have decided not to like that week.

    In a modern Scotland they are the flies in our ointment, the rotten apples in the barrel, the shite in our sugar.

    All readily supported by our glorious Unionist parties whose continued. existence has come to depend upon them.

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    1. I may have missed it, but I don’t see any tweets from the usual suspects in condemnation.

      Do they have the tacit permission of these folk then?

      I suppose in a way, while we are all talking about this, we’re not slagging the Brits over Brexit.


    2. Re mobs – we don’ t need to go back as far as the Rome of Antiquity, where the supporters of the four chariot-racing teams – the reds, the whites, the greens and the blues – used to have rival mobs of supporters that functioned as a kind of hybridization or miscegenation between supporters’ clubs, political parties and criminal enterprises, with the additional sauce of rich patrons buying their political support and calling on them to double up as rent-a-mobs. There were of course the usual betting scams and match fixings, and no doubt race officials prepared to scream “Charta rubea! Charta rubea!” for fun and profit, and fans who muttered about the arbitrator being caecus.

      Where was I? Ancient Rome, where they had bread and circuses – oh yes, and mobs, where I wanted to say that the Edinburgh mob was a definite Thing in Scotland back in the day, but in today’ s Glasgow we only have two colours of parties like that – the Blues (alternative strip orange) and the Greens (merged with the Whites, for some reason). Could we have – oh – the Muslims and the Hindus, for the sake of argument, form white and red teams just to make life more interesting? Hey, we could even have voting tribes!

      Wouldn’t that be fun – the blues and the greens and the reds and the whites, all playing at the same stadium in consecutive matches; two semifinals with the teams chosen by lot, followed by a final, all on the same day; rival fans screaming obscenities and singing vulgar and offensive songs at each other; the disaffected youth getting into running battles with each other and any uninvolved passers-by afterwards; a shedload of people complaining “nobis abstulerunt” or some such; others sending in the heavies over unpaid gambling debts; desecrating each others’ places of worship; getting blootered on vino tonico Buckfastis, upchucking on the omnibuses…

      Funny how the powers that be in this land – from the Imperial Government in London itself through its invertebrate – sorry, spineless – Governor Davidus Mundellius Ahenobarbus “Crinitus”; the patrician plutocrats and other nobs and nobesses who are the patrons of Caledoniae in Iunctione; and on down all the way to Murdoni Fraseri, all seem to support the Blues. Would the de facto team boss be Ruthia Filiadavidi Bocona, I wonder – no, that would be stretching things too far, I shouldn’t labour my point, there can be no call whatsoever to bring Ricardum Leonardum, or even Guielmum Rennium, into it, so I won’t, and I shall pass over Patricium Harvigem Viridem without comment, as being just too, too ridiculous.

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      1. There’s one thing for sure Ed, the people pulling the strings attached to this mob (answers on a postcard please) are going to do their level best to frustrate our efforts for independence and it’s not going to be very pleasant.

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        1. I’m in complete agreement with you there, Greig. I hope that my small efforts at levity help keep the morale up a bit. Maybe too I’ve got a sort of semiconscious idea that among all the weapons at our disposal, we don’ t use ridicule enough.

          I will share one such insight with you, though you may need brain bleach afterwards: I can’ t see Ruthiam Filiadavidi Boconam without thinking “aa mooth an nae troosers”.

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  9. Absolute fucking disgrace! Decent people will be forced to stay off the streets on match days just to stay safe again, like when I was a youngster in Glasgow. Even with the repeal of OBFA – which many police supported hell mend them – this is surely illegal behaviour. Aye there are appalling flag waving nationalists (of the right wing kind) in Scotland and the flag they are waving is a Union red,white and blue one!


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  10. Knuckle draggers. Think they’ll all move to England when Scotland becomes independent and the union flag is irrelevant? The queen must be dead chuffed to have these supporting her.

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    1. I wish they would say something, but as of yet, n thing.

      Maybe they’ve all gone off to Afghanistan again to be seen with some mine blowing up team.


  11. I wonder if this is the sort of outcome Labour MSP James Kelly expected after he and his supporters managed to energise and encourage thugs by voting in favour of their offensive behaviour.

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    1. You have to ask yourself if the supporters of the repeal didn’t foresee something of this nature.

      It’s the first thing I would have been asking myself if I’d been involved. What are the possible consequences?

      Remembering that not everyone is as sharp as a needle.

      Still, they joined together and beat down the SNP and that’s probably all that counts.

      And let’s face it, which one of them lives in the areas that would be affected by this mob behaviour?


  12. I’ve just posted this over on Wings Tris.

    It was not just the “march” yesterday that people need to be aware of. I read last night on Twitter about a Celtic player (sorry can’t remember which one) being attacked by a bunch of morons at Glasgow airport whilst waiting for his flight to London. His attackers were not indifferent to attacking one of the airport staff either. Needless to say they were arrested and their bags off loaded from the flight.

    Oh did I mention this attack took place in B.A.’s BUSINESS Club?

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  13. As a former season ticket holder I’ve written to RFC and asked them to condemn this and take action against the organisers. I’m not holding my breath. The club don’t seem to realise that these louts are preventing many decent fans from attending games, they’d rather take their money from the knuckle draggers.
    As for the idiot politicians who voted to scrap the OBFA, they have no idea what they’ve unleashed.

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    1. Well done, Smac.

      You have a good point. If I had wanted to take my family, or even just myself to that match (which I didn’t), I’d have been put off by the thought of people who march to the symbol of someone getting their head kicked in.

      Again I agree about the OBFA.

      To get rid of it sent a message to this relatively small bunch of Blackshirts.

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    2. “As for the idiot politicians who voted to scrap the OBFA, they have no idea what they’ve unleashed.”

      That’s a very charitable interpretation of their actions. I’m less certain.

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      1. You’d have to hope that they didn’t know what they were doing.

        Anything else would be horrific.

        Seriously, looking at, and listening to, Kelly… I’m inclined to believe in the “not a clue” theory.

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  14. Disgusting images of rabid british nationalism. The so-called united kingdom survives [just] on hatred and bigotry. Are there british establishment agents behind these balaclavas? Wouldn’t be the first time.

    These demonstrations show how desperate Britnats are getting.

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    1. I think people should be able to march and to demonstrate. I don;t think they should be allowed to do it with thier faces covered. I don’t think they should be allowed smoke canisters and I don;t think that an organisation which has a logo of someone kicking someone else’s face should be legal.

      There’s a limit to freedoms.

      With every day I dislike Britain more and more.

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  15. I’m curious here.

    Following all the photo’s of yesterday’s march can we now all assume as FACT the Union Bears are in full support of Muslim women wishing to wear the burqa?

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    1. There is some sinister and calculated thinking behind the organisation of this march.
      The march itself, the words and logo on the poster, the dress code… it’s intended to provoke a reaction and not just from ordinary folk in the street, but from the police, prosecution services and the courts. There’s an attempt here I think to set traps of legal and political consequence.

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        1. It suits the Powers That Be to have the Lower Orders knocking hell out of each other – distracts them from storming the Bastille and the Winter Palace, declaring republics and that sort of thing – but history does indeed tell us that all questions of ethics aside, fomenting, even just tacitly condoning such mob behaviour, mob violence and mindless tribalism is riding the tiger.

          Riding tigers is, of course, an activity that attracts arrogant, incompetent, bossy, attention-seeking know-nothings who won’t listen to sensible advice … the Brexiteers-in-Chief are cases in point, but the puppeteers, the éminences grises, the smart operators, the ones who smoothly take the gain while others feel the pain, stay well out of the limelight, in case they get caught at it.

          That isn’t just my own little tinfoil-hat, hair-on-fire conspiracy theory, it’s what we call the British Establishment, the BritNat meeja machine, the tired old fiction that is the United Kingdom. Independence is the only way out from under that for us Scots – if anyone has a better suggestion, then do please tell the rest of us, we could use a laugh. Just don’t say “federalism” or “devolution”, we want something new that works.

          In a grim sort of way, it’s good to see the tribal opposition making such a disgusting spectacle of itself – same with every rotten misstep and insult from the Westminster regime – it makes people open their eyes, they see the Nazi salutes, they realize the danger, they see the whole toxic Tory / Unionist / fascist / BritNat / Rangers / Loyalist / Ludger crap for what it is – and say to hell with all that d*amn sectarianism, and with the other nine tenths of that iceberg of hatred and intolerance that buoy it up, and to hell with all their enablers at Holyrood in all the ESSEMPEEBAD parties.

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          1. But the worrying thing is that I see no great movement in our fortunes.

            We have May, singularly the most ineffective and inefficient PM ever; and the seemingly non-opposing opposition leader Corbyn, both down in the imperial parliament. I wouldn’t give you twopence for either of them.

            In our own parliament we have Ruth who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit her on the bum and who has held at least half a dozen positions on Brexit in the last couple of years, from the “it would be a disaster for Scotland” to “hard Brexit for the UK” and everything in between. and on the other side we have this comic turn Carry On Dick character, who doesn’t even seem to realise that Scotland has its own legal system. As for wee Willie… well… aye.

            And yet… no great leap forward.

            Can it be that the Scottish public would rather perish with the UK and the lowest pensions and …well, I’m not going to do it all again, but you know what I mean, than attempt a Denmark-style democracy?

            They are taking some of our devolved powers so they can sell them to trump. They promised near Federalism and then, once they got what they wanted they laughed like drains at us.

            Sometimes I wonder if we are too stupid, if not too poor or wee.

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  16. Surely the clubs should be condemning this behaviour, but I feel they need to up their game, not only in the football, but in the atmosphere they provide. They have increased the entrance fee but what have they done about facilities? having been at football, basketball, etc in USA there was all kinds of entertainment and a relaxed atmosphere which did not lessen the fans fervour!

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    1. That’s probably a good point. It’s still very much a men’s day out pub before, pub after and the match with a load of swearing and raucousness.

      Much sport isn’t like that. Even here.

      I think we should put the frighteners on the clubs. They can pay massive salaries (at least some can to some players) and I imagine they get good money on tv deals… and they put up prices.

      Make them improve the facilities.

      And anything illegal, like unauthorised marches of masked men with logos inciting violence… and you’re in the pokey!


  17. Since we’re talking about GERS
    Heads up
    So Increase in Private Wealth (IPW) = Net Government Expenditure (GERS) + Balance of Trade (BOT)
    And using latest available numbers then
    IPW = 13.5bn + 4.6bn = 18.1bn

    Given this situation has persisted for years then it follows that everyone in Scotland should be driving brand new cars, trucks etc living in lavish houses and the streets should be paved with gold.

    Why not?

    Answer: GERS is a load of sh/%^

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    1. The SoS at the time that GERS was initiated, admitted it was a set of figures designed to make Scotland look bankrupt (in a private memo to the then prime minister).

      Needless to say he is now in the Lords and still running the country down at £300 a day, despite not having been elected. Given that he lost his seat in 1997, that’s an awful lot of £300 he’s pocketed.

      One of the things I detest most about the house of lords is that like Laing so many of them get put in there after they are rejected by their voters.

      It’s like the Establishment is saying… yews, you stupid people, we heard that you don;t want “x” any more, but we know better… so we give you “Lord X”.


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