36 thoughts on “SHEESH II”

  1. Tris

    What a bunch of total clowns and amateurs, that’s not a typo that is unbelievable. Can’t wait to see their mini get together plastered all over the tv with hours and hours of coverage. Wonder if they will even mention the disgraceful power grab or will they be power grabbing mikes away from people like they did down South. Total joke of a branch office.


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    1. I look forward to seeing the stats for the coverage given on BBC Shortbread and elsewhere to the various political party conferences- within Scotland, anyway, because we independentistas aren’t represented south of the Border or over in Norniron. Also on how much was positive / negative / accurate / false.

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  2. Braking News…
    At the Scottish Labour Conference in Dumbdee, the party’s Scottish branch leader, Pritchard Learnerd, well-comed Labour soupremo Jermiah Carbine who gave a quay-note speech on the subject of England’s future trade relations once the U.K. has left the E.U – E.I.E.I.O. Rejecting a motion from former branch leader, Katia Bugdale, Carbine said that he wanted the UK to have a close trading partnership with the E.I.E.I.O without having to be close to it. He said that was in a cord dance with the principals espoused by the partys’ flounder, Keith Harvie. Many deli gates echoed Carbine’s sentiments compereing his remarks to the staunch socialist views once expressed by the famous Welsh Labour firebrand, Aniron Bevvyin.

    More from our correspondent in jew coarse.

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          1. Ahem.

            At least no one is harping back to that awful Ginger McKhan, you know, the one with the golden hoard. Or that Alec Zander of Massy Doner, or even Sunny Sue, the one what wrote the book on military tic tac toes and not interrupting people when they’re making mistakes.

            Theng Kew.

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          1. Jeff Dugdale

            2h2 hours ago

            Try “Richard Leonard” into anagram maker. The results are trivial but amusing, e.g. “Calendar Horrid”


  3. So that’s day one of the Labour branch office “conference” over then and what have we learnt I wonder:

    1) Richard Leonard is an expert in car crash interviews.
    2) The Branch Office can NOT spell the name of the founder of their party.
    3) Neither can Corbyn, he tweeted about the founder of the Labour party and spelt his name WRONG as well.
    4) the FIRST point of order apparently occurred within the FIRST hour of the “conference.”
    5) Richard Leonard thinks a Norway scenario for post Brexit Britain is an option.
    6) Corbyn thinks a Norway scenario for post Brexit Britain is NOT an option.
    7) Duncan Hothersall, a close “friend” of Wings (hee hee hee) was allegedly kicked out of the party by the daughter of the former Deputy branch manager
    8) Labour have NO ideas of their own for party policy so they have Neil Findlay asking members to send in “postcards” with their “big ideas” on them.
    9) Corbyn think there are too many immigrants coming over here and taking our jobs and lowering wages in the process
    10) Labour party in Scotland are a laughing stock.

    All this on day ONE!

    Whatever will they do on day TWO to surpass this … CAN they surpass this?

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    1. What can they do – well, they could do like Henry McLeish the other day in the National and start banging on about federalism again, I suppose, and Like Kezza used to, as if that ship hadn’t sailed ages ago – before mobile phones, I think, and it was a non-starter even then.

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      1. The thing is that, if every time we hit an impasse they propose Federalism, and then every time that the impasse dies down they ditch Federalism, there comes a time when even the trusting Scottish public being to suspect that maybe they are a bunch of raving lying B******s

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