Or so we are told. So Munguin is reluctantly turning the central heating up a degree or two, and Tris has been sent to get in provisions (mainly lots of Veuve Cliquot) so that we shall be sustained should it get bad.


Keep warm, Munguinites. Check on your neighbours too, offer a helping hand if you can. Munguin is sending Tris around the neighbourhood to do just that as we speak.

And make sure the birds are fed.


It should be over by the weekend.

On the other hand, it might not happen at all. And the beast from the east may be nothing more than next door’s disgruntled cat.

But in any case, whatever else you do…


It’s very unpatriotic. And not at all British!


42 thoughts on “IT’S GOING TO SNOW…”

  1. If I check on my neighbours I might catch something ………. Did put bird balls out for the birds though , since they’ve stopped crapping all over the car , its the least I could do .

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    1. Best avoid the neighbours then, Ricky. But the birds will need food! Got nuts, seeds, bread, sultanas, meal worms and fat balls/ tubes/ coconuts.

      The best fed birds in town.

      They’re ok if it snows, but if it just freezes they need water too…

      If you have any money left over after that (which I don’t) you could always get yourself a pint 🙂


  2. Tris
    I’m so bored with the beast from the east bollocks, will it snow, possibly. Will it be cold, yeah no doubt. Will it be the end of the world, no, will we get four feet of snow, esp in Fundee, no. Will it be as bad as 2010 in Dundee, I just don’t see it. Even if it is it, it is as boring as Corbyns speech.


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        1. Well done, I couldn’t think of anything to rhyme with North & South.
          So … if the mouth comes from the south, the other end must be the Hole from the Pole … though I wish I hadn’t thought of that … oh dear!

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  3. Coincidentally, I was looking at the Hebridean crab claws and the Langoustines in the Coop on the way home. I thought how much my mother would love to share those with me accompanied by a nice Chardonnay.

    Saw some guff about it going to be the coldest spell for 27 years. I checked our local forecast and the nadir is -4 degrees. I worked on a snowplow a couple of years ago and the temperature on the guys thermometer was -27 degrees. In Scotland. -4 is T-shirt weather. They just have no grit these soft southerners. ( Pun there – smug smile ).

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  4. I’ve checked the forecast, and with temps hovering around 0 degrees C, where’s this “cold” of which you speak? Cold begins at -10 C, except in Minnesota, where that’s considered t-shirt weather; everyone knows this. ;>)

    Of course, if Munguin needs help taking down that platter, I’ll gladly jump on the next flight to Glasgow or Edinburgh (driving in snow is a thing here anyway)…

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    1. LOL. Bring your own bottle then Jon… He might share platters, but booze? Nae chance!

      As you can imagine it was all over the news today. Even before it’s happened trains are not running and folk are panic buying!

      Minnesota sounds fun…


      1. I’d be hoppy to bring a few samples of the Midwest’s finest beverages! Strange days indeed when your end-February weather is colder and snowier than ours (it’s approximately 17 C and sunny here this afternoon).

        Panic buying over some snow? Reminds me of a story my Dad tells from his business travel days (many decades ago): He grew up in Chicago and environs, so winter wasn’t a big deal. But on a trip to Little Rock, Arkansas, he was delayed when the city and its airport shut down after a not-quite-0.5 cm snowfall. That’s nothing in Chicago. So … while chilling (sorry about that) in the hotel bar, he asked the bartender a polite version of “WTF?” and was told “Boah, yew in the SOUTH!”

        Enjoy the seafood platter and the snow; someday Munguin will be telling the grandchicks “yes, snow really did fall from the sky.”

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        1. Ha ha… no accounting for what goes on in the South! (It’s the same here… funny lot!!!)

          Munguin was going to get his photograph taken in the snow, but he looked out and saw it and thought… nah, send Tris


    1. Heh. That reminds me of The Far Side cartoon with two polar bears standing over a now-ventilated igloo; one says to the other, “Oh, hey! I just love these things! … Crunchy on the outside and a chewy center!”

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  5. It’s all relative you know, there are many temperature scales available, that’s bbc talk.
    Anyway starting from Absolute Zero it positively warm. At minus 40 , selsius and fahrenheit are the same level of heat.
    Our french friends laugh at our use of Centigrade, it of course is a measure of Angle as in a hundredth of a Grade,which is a right angle.
    Anyway the North British Colony is always cold and damp as told by our lords and masters from the south.

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    1. Well, as they only see the grouse moors, I suppose that might be the impression that they have.

      I remember watching a “Poirot” on tv. It was, as usual, set in London, in the middle of a glorious summer, which they apparently have.

      Everyone was bedecked in summer finery.

      They the story moved to a Scottish island to which Piorot and Hastings had to decamp. To let us know that they had left the safety of London behind them, the producers decided that they should don overcoats, and that the sky would be permanently grey.


  6. Blue passports, gimme a break. That’s right folks, focus on the trivia because you haven’t a scooby-doo what to do about the stuff that matters.

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    1. Bang on. I see Fox was speechifying about trade, displaying an incredibly depth of ignorance about hos it all works, including his friendly WTO.

      Jeez, they have some waking up to do.


  7. Since they re-sized the weather map I can’t make head nor tail of the isobars.
    The country looks bigger and the isobars futher apart…but outside it’s just as gusty and the wind chill bites much the same

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    1. I heard about that.

      I’ve not watched a weather forecast for a long time on tv, but they tell me that Scotland was the size of the IoM and England was this gigantic place the size of Mongolia,

      I suppose if they have decided the resize the countries they had to do something about the isobars.

      Anyway… here the sun is shining, it’s warm. And there’s no wind!

      Hip Hip….


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