50 thoughts on “SO, WHAT IS BREXIT?”

  1. That clip is clever satire, but we shouldn’t forget that the main reason ‘for’ Brexit was all about race. So many people think this mongrel race they call ‘we’ or ‘us’ has some kind of purity to it that needs preserving. Simple and shameful as that is.

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    1. I don’t doubt there’s a good bit of that.

      But I think also there’s still a lot of “us ‘n’ them” with regards to “the continent” going back to WWII and “Britain Stands Alone”, reinforced by endless movies and documentaries over the decades. The terrible truth is that places like Germany, France, Italy etc. etc. are actually better off these days than most of the UK.

      That comes as a Big Shock to the post-war ‘boom’ generation. I mean weren’t we supposed to have won? To have trashed the Beastly Hun along with his allies and collaborators? What was all that Blood, Toil, Sweat and Tears that our parents went through for then? Why didn’t we just give the Nazis a free hand? What’s a few million Jews one way or the other after all?

      Somebody please explain. If the losers are better off than the victors, if the baddies really won, why the hell did we even fight?

      But hey! Let’s go back to 1940, stand bravely alone again, and await nice Uncle Sam to come to our rescue?

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      1. Agreed. A while back I read a letter in a newspaper written by a Brexiteer bloke who said, in the context of former European ‘enemies’ and the UK standing alone outside the EU, ‘We’ve stood alone and beaten them twice before; we can do it again’. Your last paragraph shreds that twat’s argument. It’s just a shame there’s millions like him.

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        1. One possible result of our insular xenophobia might have been the British insistence (?) on passport controls at Calais. Europe feels ‘foreign’ because to go there I need a full international passport. How can I be a European citizen if I need to ‘show my papers’ within my own domain? Shouldn’t all the borders within the EU have become ‘invisible’ by now, after all it works for Ireland, and that border was far more sensitive than most?

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          1. I travel in Europe a lot. Mainly by car. Once off the Eurotunnel at Calais the privilege they’re taking from me is moving across borders easily. We’ll that and my European identity. I wonder what the average booze and fag cruise Brexiteer will make of going back to Duty Free days I’ve been told about will make of only being able to bring back into the UK a dog end and a half bottle of wine?

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            1. Zoolon, I’ve got an old pal who now lives in Kent. He mentioned to a couple of his neighbours, who are all rabid Brexiteers, that they’ll surely miss the regular booze ‘n’ fags jaunts to Calais in their van. He was met with initially disbelief and then astonishment that that won’t be on the cards post-Brexit. He explained that they’ll only be entitled to duty free allowances such as 200 cigarettes, etc. They thought he was winding them up and told him he’s got it all wrong. My mate spent his career in the Merchant Navy, travelling all around the globe, retiring as a Master Mariner. These guys have seldom left the town they live in save for the aforesaid booze ‘n’ fags trips but they think they know better. My mate also explained about having to queue up at Customs/Immigration points with the wonderful blue passport while EU citizens stroll through with their detested burgundy ones. Once more disbelief and and the notion that he’s only joking. Are some people in for a rude awakening? As my auld granny used to say, “Hell slap it intae them!”

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              1. That was one of my moments of absolute disbelief after the Brexit vote was when idiots started posting, “Yay, back to the days of the booze cruise”, didn’t have an account with the paper in question so couldn’t set them straight, but these are the sort of zoomers we’re dealing with. As Andimac says, they are in for a rude awakening.
                As for me, I travel a lot with work and am absolutely dreading Brexit. Life is going to get harder in the Non EU queue.

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              2. Brilliant. I wonder who they’ll blame when the fag end hits the ash tray? Somehow this Brexit thing has to be undone. I still cannot understand – regardless of the merits of this and that (accepting Brexit has no merits) – how anyone calling themselves human could have put an ‘X’ in the same box as Farage, Rees Mogg, Boris etc. on their ballot paper.

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                1. People are hard to reckon, Zoolon.

                  I heard about this old woman in England. On the day after the referendum, she fell and broke or sprained her ankle. So they took her to hospital and she was seen by an Iraqi doctor.

                  She asked him what he was still doing here (the day after the referendum). “We voted to get rid of you lot.”

                  I’m sure he didn’t but I’d have been inclined to say… Aye, OK dear, you just stay here and wait in pain till there’s a white English doctor available to look at your leg. There should be one in sometime a week on Tuesday!

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                  1. Nice tale. To me, if any person voted Brexit on the basis, ‘we’ don’t want them here is a racist – full stop. The English woman is a good example. I was in a branch of Lidl the day after the referendum helping my old dad by loads of heavy stuff (cases of vino) when an old Brit bird said to the young Polish kid on the till, ‘I suppose you’re of home this week then’. I’ve never seen my dad go into one like he did with that old twat before. She and her husband walked off heads bowed in shame.

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                    1. Bravo Zoolon’s dad. Awarded the Munguin Medal of Merit!

                      People like that sicken me beyond measure.

                      It’s maybe because they have never travelled; never been “the foreigner”.

                      I wonder if, say they went to Benidorm for a week and got on a bus, and were talking English, and someone said “oye, estás en España … hablar español.” what they would think.

                      No, don’t tell me…

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              3. When I arrived at Lisbon airport on a Sunday morning in October, the non – EU passport queue was taking about 2 hours.

                Bizarrely, I was greatly held up despite coming through the e-gates as our luggage carousel was jammed with luggage from a previous non-EU arrival, the owners still being in the passport queue.

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                  1. On further reflection, I may pass on direct flights in future (if there are any left !) and go via Schiphol in order to enter the EU through a terminal which appears to be mainly British origin flights rather than arrive direct into a smaller airport in Spain, Italy or Portugal where I may be sharing a general non – EU passport control with flights from a large number of non – European countries, many no doubt with visa requirements to be checked as well.

                    The previous, irritating, security checks for transit passengers at Schiphol have been abandoned but I hope that our exit for the EU doesn’t bring them back for UK travellers. And of course, we’ll have customs checks in future unless our politicians see sense.

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          2. I coulod never understand that, Marcontrix. Open border with Republic of Ireland allowing terrorists from both sides to pass freely.

            But passport control at Calais.

            Barking mad.

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      2. Actually in comparison with other parts of Europe the UK is very wealthy. Problem is that the tax policies and public expenditure allocations have concentrated the wealth in one part of the country and in a small kleptocracy which includes quite a few parliamentarians in its ranks.

        The NE of England is very poor. Its bright hopes are drawn to the SE, and there is not the higher public expenditure which Barnett compensates the Celtic fringe with to alleviate the aftermath of the deliberate deindustrialisation carried out in the 1970’s & 80’s.

        A dose of honesty from our politicians – I’m not going to hold my breath – and some selfless strong leadership is needed. We need a wholesale reform of the taxation system so that the state balances its budget, and people and companies actually pay their taxes. Perhaps if successive governments had taxed fairly and adequately, invested in infrastructure to meet the needs of a growing ( imported ) population, and everyone felt a full part of society we would not be in this mess.

        There are plenty of poor people in Germany and just about every other EU country. Indeed I see more beggars and rough sleepers in Berlin than ever I see in Glasgow. Again the wealth is highly concentrated, but it is at least spread better over the whole country. This kleptocratic tendency is everywhere.

        Everyone in Europe lost from the two wars. Only the neutral Swiss really won. Everyone else suffered loss. For Britain, which ( again not fairly distributed ) in 1914 was the richest country the world had ever seen, the two wars bankrupted us. But it did the same to the other participants. But they learned something from the catastrophe. They learned that European wars are too destructive, too damaging, too stupid in a technological world like this. And that is where the idea of the EU sprung from in the first place.

        It is pure hubris to think that a return to small competing countries on our continent is anything but a recipe for our collective destruction. And in a world reverting to the economic balance which existed before the European colonial expansion, we need to stick together even more to retain any of that wealth we salvaged after 1945.

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        1. I saw somewhere a table which showed comparative wealth in various countries (including the major European ones) and what the wealth was in the capital city.

          Every capital was marginally richer than the rest of the country, from Iceland to Italy, from Finland to Portugal.

          But in Britain the difference was enormous, massive.

          As you say. Britain is very rich. half the population lives in the South East of England.

          I suspect that Mrs Thatcher had a great deal to do with that. She shit so much of the country down.

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      1. Because they’re different, and different means unpredictable and so scary. You can see how in the past it would have had survival value, same as telling your kids to be wary of strangers and ‘funny’ folk, just because you can’t predict how they might react.

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  2. What is Brexit

    This was answered many years ago
    And remains the same.

    no Arts; no Letters; no Society; and which is worst of all, continuall feare, and danger of violent death; And the life of man, solitary, poore, nasty, brutish, and short.”

    The rule of the wealthy few and their minions
    Over the vast majority using the coercive power
    Of the state.
    But to to do that you need to imprison your
    Citizens within a hard border and keep Johnny
    Interfering foreigner out.
    But not Americans cos they kknow what to do with
    Their citizens viz shoot them and lock up all non
    Whites …..that the very first hidden amendment

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  3. The morning is come unto thee, O thou that dwellest in the land: the time is come, the day of trouble is near, and not the sounding again of the mountains. Ezekiel 7:7

    Woe is us, for we are undone. Isiah 6:5 (adapted).

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    1. Yeah well the way things seem to be going
      With the mad swivel eyed brexiteers
      We are going to be fecking well undone.

      Because men by trifling with the truth and utter impenitence have opened the way, God will now send them a strong delusion that they may believe the devil’s lie (“the lie”—II Thessalonians 2:11, Greek).

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      1. Munguin is contemplating moving somewhere warm a long way from the UK.

        Heaven knows what it will be like.

        Jacob for Prime Minister. Ruth as his deputy.


  4. Tris,

    Some in Malaysia (who I am going to be charitable and call them ignorant rather than forelock-tugging) believe that the UK is the same Rule Britannia entity that it was and find it impossible to believe it suffer due to Brexit. A lot had dismissed my opinion/shrill warning about the impending economic catastrophe that is about to be inflicted upon the UK.

    Personally I think Northern Ireland will the cause that will break up the Union. At this rate they cannot square the issue. I believe the Hard Brexiteers will commandeer May/the Government and get their wish for hard Brexit. They will chuck NI once this objective is attained (as NI will be treated as an obstacle) and the Republic will end up cleaning whatever mess is left (shudder). Once NI leaves the Union, you can bet we will be too.

    We are now starting the see that some (within both divide) in Westminster are realising that (hard) Brexit is an England-only project. What England wants England gets. The question is now, will the SNP call for another referendum, sooner rather than later, as the outcome is never ever going to be changed since the beginning.

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    1. Oh it’s not just in Malaysia, Abu, that there are hard of thinking people who still believe that the British Empire will come out on top of all those lesser foreign people.

      Let’s be fair. Britain is a nett contributor to the EU and the EU will miss that money (although most of the contribution comes from the rich part of the UK …London and the South East). And trade too because although most of our folk are relatively poor (by Nordic and German/Austrian/Swiss standards), the market is quite big.

      But Europe has done this by the book. They have made it quite clear that there will be no cherry picking, or having cakes and eating them.

      They cannot do otherwise. May may fly by the seat of her pants, but Europe is 27 nations. They must do it right, or someone will veto it.

      Some Brits seem to think that exceptions will be made for Ireland. I don’t see how they can do this.

      If they do it for Ireland they can do it for other places.

      Spain Gibraltar, Slovenia Serbia, Greece Montenegro. Why not?

      We need to be thinking about this referendum, but we mustn’t jump the gun. People need to know how dreadful it will be. And the papers here are telling those who read them, that it’s all going to be fine, and they only thing that will stop it being fine is the spite of Johnny Foreigner, not giving GREAT Britain what it wants.

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  5. The meaning of Brexit , that’s easy , English Independence . They just haven’t got the guts or backbone to say it , that’s why they hide behind British this , British that .

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  6. A timely reminder that we’re still here and can kick back. Stuff their xenophobic, racist, anglo-centred plans for Europe (I need a new term, refuse to use the meaningless brexit).

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  7. Well, as far as Scotland is concerned, we may be reaching nearer to the end game, ignored at every turn, never listened to, our fears met by outright lies. I cannot see what else we can do to protect our nation and it’s values across the board, Independence appears the only way out.

    It would make me very happy if England wanted their own Independence, I feel sure that would be applauded by most English people who have always been given a very negative picture, particularly Scotland since time immemorial . So a less hassle solution would be English Independence. Then we can stand on our own two feet just like the English could then do, and they probably could do ok. Scotland would soar.

    The only problem with that is that while the brainwashed English ordinary folks may love the idea, the Elites certainly will not, as they know the real truth. Scotland is England’s cash cow, that makes English Independence
    a never, never! for them.

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    1. The thing is, May talked a good talk when she came within days of being chosen, to see the First Minister, promising that the devolved parliaments would be consulted along the way. They turned out to be empty words… of course.

      I realise that the referendum was a UK wide one, and the UK (albeit narrowly) voted to leave.

      Technically May is correct. UK voted leave. She has the power to make it happen.

      But if she had any political nous, she would take into consideration the fact that Scotland voted to leave (as did NI and Gibraltar). Within the framework of the UK there should be a way to manage the relationship with the EU differently, according to the wishes of the people of that country.

      It has been done in Denmark where parts of the kingdom are in, and parts out.

      After all aren’t we supposed to have the best devolution settlement in the universe?

      And she was prepared to make exceptions for Northern Ireland, until Sister Arlene of Orange stopped her in her tracks.

      May (and probably the aforesaid Forster woman, have chosen, instead, to steamroller everything through, based on her divine right to rule… Henry VIII clauses… and what England, by a narrow margin (for which read Boris, Nigel, Gove, Fox and Patel) want.

      Presumably she assumes the rest of us will just sit back and take the ruin she is bringing on us.

      Still, she can blame the SNP and all of Europe.

      Let’s get tae…


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