Initially, you may remember, I was up for Jeremy Corbyn.

I was delighted when, not once but twice, he beat the right wing Blairites into oblivion. What a delight to see the smug self-satisfied right wing of the Labour Party (Tory-Lite) eating crow, as they found their dreams of self-aggrandisement and importance disappearing faster than the proverbial sna’ aff a dyke, to be replaced on the front bench by the slightly scruffy beardy leftie backbencher, who claimed next to nothing in expenses. How cheers too, to see the unlovely Cameron make a real fool of himself when he mocked the man because he hadn’t spent £5000 on his suit.

Frankly, however, I think he has been a disappointment as a leader.

Fair enough, he has always been a Brexiteer and he hasn’t gone against his principles as far as I can see on that. But you can believe in Brexit without agreeing with everything the completely half-witted government in London is doing to drive the country off a cliff and bring back trouble to Northern Ireland.

He has no plan, no strategy for withdrawal that doesn’t mirror that of Fox or Gove.

In short, he’s not got a clue.

And talking about not having a clue, he really needs to stay away from Scotland, because he knows less than nothing about the country, its laws, its government and its people. Every time he comes here he makes a fool of himself and damages his party (like Dick wasn’t doing that well enough at that!).

A poor leader he may be, but now senior government figures (and the daft wee soul above), with nothing much to batter him down (as he agrees with so much of what they say, but is personable with it), have decided to accuse him of being a traitor; of committing treason.

I think you have to be VERY sure of yourself before you accuse a political leader of Treason. And it seems that people in the Defence and Security departments have done just that… not to mention the wee chubby bunny blokey, Bradley, who seems to suffer from foot in mouth disease and is clearly working on a book of “embarrassing tweets what I have sent“.

Not, I suppose in fairness, that anyone gives a damn what he thinks about anything in the whole world.

I not a fan of Andrew Neil either, but in fairness, he can, and does, hand incompetent ministers their posteriors on platters… or their arses on plates, for those of you who don’t come from Morningside or Kelvinside.

Steve Baker is a particularly poor specimen of a minister. In normal times he’d never get past bag carrier. But I guess that no one much wants to work in the Department for Exiting Europe, given that David Davis is an incompetent fool and that no one in their wildest dreams thinks that Brexit’s going to end well. So probably May was dredging the bottom of the barrel to find someone to fill the job.

But, he needs to learn that when you go on tv representing the government, you have to either stand behind your colleagues or …well, you need to resign.

As for Gavin Williamson. Why was he ever appointed Defence Secretary, and why is he still there?


  1. The Tories used to have a slight rein upon their excesses in the form of public opinion from the media. When that billionaire owned media back them – in whatever they do- to the hilt, there is no need for ability, or even the pretence of it.
    The scum rises to the top.

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    1. Nonetheless, you’d have thought that, with something as important as Brexit, they might have managed to find some people who were at least in someway capable of logical analytical thought.

      And for something as important as Defence (and Security) they might have found people who would balance arguments before speaking out.

      Still… we have what we have and in fairness there will never be a better opportunity for independentistas to show the public what a bloody mess Britain makes of running a country.

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  2. More from the USA, proves the point, the scum rises to to top.
    Letter from Donald to Albert Einstein.
    Sorry Albert we will have to let you go from the lecturing.
    Well not too much wrong with the teaching, although you still occasionally teach Darwin, no its just that you failed the gun range check.
    We really need sharp shooting teachers now, especially since teacher Hamilton wiped out his class with the Glock, well we had to arm the pupils after that incident.
    You couldn’t make it up, this is likely.
    Up the revolution

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    1. So Trump has lost the plot.

      The president is suggesting that teachers should carry loaded guns with them at all time….

      Presumably, every teacher will have to be given firearms training…

      And what happens if they have to shoot but are nervous and hit the wrong person?

      Goodness, he’s putting a lot of responsibility on teachers.

      And how long will it be before a teacher loses his cool with a pupil, or another teacher, or the principal, and shoots them?


  3. Corbyn should sue them all (politicians and press) for slanderous and libellous statements made outside of Parliamentary privelege. All of course would be settled out of court as the tories would pillory themselves if they fought an action in open court.

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      1. That bastard ruined the Scotsman; my brother in law, who worked there thought he was a cock.
        But then *he*thought Andrew Marr was a good guy; so – what do I know?

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          1. Ah, easy seen Mr Brownlie hasn’t been around to keep you in order recently.

            I guess he’s moved by now up to Stornaway.

            If you’re reading this, John, hope the new house is good…


  4. tris is your unrestrained hatred of OUR Jeremy
    based on policy or the fact of his popular
    Left wing (freedom) vision
    Or more likely a fear of a resurgent
    labour within Scoland to the detriment
    Of the snp.

    I see Labour have now come out in
    favour of a customs union which must
    Surely make the snp very gratified .

    But then perhaps your prejudice
    Will overwhelm you sensible side
    Of your brain …….bad tris

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    1. Not at all. If you look back to the days when he had just taken over, I was 100% behind him.

      Most of his politics chimes with me Niko.

      His attitude to Europe and to Scotland doesn’t.

      Simple as that. At a time when we desperately needed a strong voice in opposition against the most horrific government ever, he has failed to meet expectations,

      The truth is that Labour isn’t resurgent. Maybe the Scottish branch leader is responsible for that. I mean, seriously, he is crap. But Corbyn has now been here on a couple of occasions and demonstrated an incredible lack of knowledge of anything Scottish… as, I have to say, has Mr Leonard.

      I hadn’t heard that Labour has come out in favour of the Single Market. If they have then I welcome it. Nicola has been calling on them to do just that.

      The trouble is of course, that cusoms union means obeying more of less all the rules from Brussels, which could give Mr Rees Mogg and Mr Fox, not to mention Kate Hoey and the Orange Order wifie, apoplexies….not that I care about that.

      Prejudiced here? Of course we all, in our own way,s are, Niko. But I want what’s best for Scotland.


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