I just read that Murdo Fraser refused to appear on Good Morning Scotland opposite Ivan McKee and gave as his reason that it was because he shadows Derek Mackay. He wanted Derek MacKay to appear with him.

I think we could make a stab at why the real reason Mr Fraser didn’t want to appear with Mr McKee, don’t you?

What a LAFFer Curve!


And, as an antidote …


16 thoughts on “SIT DOWN, MR FRASER”

  1. Yes I remember watching that retort and having a Laff myself.
    I have been to Vietman and was quite amazes to watch a similar display onky with ducks. Loads of them following along. It’s actually quite easy with ducks as they fixate on the first thing they see when the hatch and that is Mum.

    I hear David Davis referenced a Mad Max future. I immediately thought of posters of Mel G as Mad Max with Vote No juxtaposed with Mel G as Braveheart with Vote Yes.
    Shouldn’t be too difficult to use Microsoft tools to create. Throw in a few broken promises and a few others re Pensions and NHS to scare the bejesus out of the ditherers.

    Maybe Munguin could demonstrate some artistic skill in this regard.

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    1. Ha ha, Munguin’;s artistic skills are, shall we say, minimal at best.

      But I kinda like the idea of such a poster…

      It’s odd how it has gone from “utopia” to “at least not distopia” in such a short while.


    2. I seem to remember that in Mad Max2, a group of survivors found a way out of the chaos by heading north to safety…

      Hopefully the outcome of Indyref2!

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