With thanks to Kev R on Twitter.



    1. Yeah, but it doesn’t hurt to reinforce it sometimes, especially when Corbyn comes here whining about how little we’ve done and how Labour would do more…

      Can you believe it, under Kenneth Williams lookalike, Dick?

      At least Williams was smart!

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              1. Good try at catch-up, Conan πŸ™‚ Anyway, I’m sure you know well that’s it’s only that good-natured Weegie/Enbra banter. I get on fine with my Edinburgh pals although for some strange reason they always seem to think I’ve just had my tea πŸ™‚

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  1. The “Bring both”line reminds me of a local junior cup final many years ago when one woman in the small crowd said to another, “How do you ken Robert ?” (Robert being one of the players). The second woman replied, “Oh , I’m his girlfriend” which drew the instant response “Well, Ah’m his f****** wife !”

    Robert obviously pioneered the “Bring both” approach but the final outcome is not recorded. His team didn’t win the cup either.

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  2. And all the time
    Comrade Corbyn
    Was the head of
    The KGB .
    Who would of though
    It thanks to the Sun 🌞
    We now know the??

    And I admit to paying
    $130000 in a non disclosure
    Agreement to a Lady who
    Has been making allegations
    About Conan .
    Well it’s the sort of thing
    Mates do for each other
    Course Conan never new .

    Just had to reveal as hrmc
    Is asking were such a large
    Cash payment went and I might be charged with tax evasions .

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    1. Well there you go. Where would we be without the Sun I ask myself.

      Hopefully this lady who may or may not be called after a meteorological state will keep her mouth zipped, eh?

      What friend you are to Conan.

      Don’t worry, Munguin’s got your back on the tax thing. Just tell them you were temporarily domiciled on his private island in the Antarctica Ocean.


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