…  because the BBC and STV have apparently been over it like a rash. And doubtless, the tabloids will be giving 7+ pages each tomorrow.

Thousands and thousands of people, it appears, turned out to meet the royal couple (only they aren’t a royal couple yet and it was hundreds and hundreds … or sort of).


In truth, there wasn’t a huge turnout, as these photographs show.

I’ve seen a couple of quotes in reports. One was from a couple of elderly ladies who had travelled from Newcastle in England, because this was a treat and they didn’t get much in the way of royal visits there. (To each her own.)  The other was a grad student from Monterey in Mexico.


But, of course, I’m sure there were many Scots there, and if I hadn’t lost the will to live,  and persevered with reading, I’m sure I would have seen some quotes from them in the text, doubtless frothing over their royalnesses, and the tartan coat Princess Harry to be somewhat patronisingly wore. But I can’t help thinking that the press rather overdid the estimates of the number of admirers, just as they tend to underestimate the numbers that turn up at an independence rally or indeed the rally in London about NHS England, which, I’m told, went largely ignored.



Someone on Twitter commented that the numbers at the castle weren’t terribly much more than you would expect for tourists at this time of the year.



The royals are extremely rich. Some recent estimates of the family’s fortune have been as high as £40 billion, and although I’m sure they are guesswork, it still seems to me that they can afford the wedding without getting a payday loan from Wonga. So maybe the wedding money would be better spent on the NHS or trying to find homes for the homeless.

After all, we don’t pay for any other Tom, Dick or Harry to get wed, why would we pay for this one? I don’t think that any members of it should have their weddings paid for by us but certainly not as far down as 5th in line.

You may or may not wish to sign the petition here. It won’t, of course, make any difference at all. Theresa will still throw as much money at it as is required. It’s going to be a distraction from Brexit reality for the masses and   heaven knows she needs that. However, it’s the gesture that counts.



The Daily Star is reporting that Barack and Michelle Obama have been invited to the wedding.  But given that the Daily Star prints even more ridiculous garbage than the Express and the Mail and that wrapping your fish supper in it is an insult to the poor dead fish and the potatoes which were dug out of the ground,  I’d take that with a pinch of salt (and vinegar?).

It would be interesting if he did though. Can you imagine Trumpy’s orange face going red as he stropped? It would be worth contributing a couple of quid for the wedding just to see that!


72 thoughts on “WELL, YOU WON’T HAVE MISSED THIS…”

  1. The Scotsman‏Verified account
    Follow Follow @TheScotsman

    Katie and Daniel Pearn, from Cornwall, enjoyed meeting and speaking with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

    4:53 AM – 13 Feb 2018


  2. Ooh, look Royals! Frankly I wouldn’t go to the end of the street to see them. The big stories on BBC Scotland-ish today were Harry & Meghan’s visit to Enbra and some skater wummin who fell in the Winter Olympics – also ran story was the prospect of a few hundred folk losing their jobs at BiFab. By the way, Tris, love the Royal Family pic – sheesh, what a bunch of tits!

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    1. None of our family ever would, Andi.

      The queen drove down the street my gran lived in and she didn’t even go to the window to look out. My mum refused to cross the road when she was out shopping with her friend and someone from the family was walking past. I refused an invitation to a Holyrood garden party because they told me what to wear, how to behave and what to say. And my father’s language was unrepeatable when they were mentioned!

      To be fair there are some Scots that love them. I suppose because they are like film/pop stars top the youth and old folk were brought up to show respect for their betters. I can remember an elderly neighbour and her sister, sitting the foyer at Ninewells hospital as was their habit (it saved on electricity and there was always someone to blether to, usually with bad news!), being over the moon because princess Alexandra, on her way to open a suite of rooms in the cancer unit, stopped and spoke to them.

      I hope the BiFab thing can be sorted. I know the government was in talks with them last time they had problems. I hope that this can be resolved.

      I suspect all we’ll hear from now until May is Harry and Miss Marple.

      The Daily Mail will love it.


    2. I thought to be “royal” you had to be related to at least one member of the royal family, so I don’t really understand how Harry Hewitt or Mandy Sparkle qualify. Genuinely puzzled.

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      1. Because that sells more papers/gets more viewers/is better clickbate/distracts the eejits much more than any two ordinary people who are getting married.

        Hope that helped 🙂


  3. Nothing interests me less than a royal , never mind a royal wedding , I’m old enough to remember wall to wall coverage of Chuck and Di . F0r me It SIR or IRS – Scotland Independent Republic or Independent Republic of Scotland .

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  4. Great picture on the Huffington post website, taken from a low angle so it looks mobbed, you can only see the ones next to the barriers, the photographer will be on a gong for his work.
    Almost Trump like in calculating the turn out, wont harry’s dad be pleased.
    Made a miscalculation last week on the carry on film script.
    The new film will be one in the road series, this looks a great opening scene, The Road To Brexit starring Bob Hope, well they need something to help.
    Can we run a book on how long it will last, nothing bad about the happy couple but if we’re paying we should have an interest.

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    1. Yes, they certainly managed to make it look as if there were sqillions of people.

      But as one commentator said, “I’ve seen maer seagulls roond a discarded peh!”

      And yep, Trump would be proud of them. There were more people in Embra today than there have ever ever been in the whole history of the world (6000 years if you ask Arlene.)

      I think your film will have to star Bob Hopeless if it’s the road to Brexit.

      I, too, would like to make it clear that I hold nothing against the couple. Harry can’t help that his mum was a Duchess/Princess/Countess for a while and his da was whoever he was.

      And Megan can’t hep being whoever she is.

      Not their fault.

      I’m sure they are both OK people.

      But in the 21st century all this titles and bowing and styles and crap is just beyond me.

      Most of them don’t last long… Charlie and Di, Margaret and Tony Armstrong Jones, Airmiles Fat Boy and Fergie, The Kents… Anne and Ditchy (Dull as)

      I give it a few years though. But these days it looks like you can do it all over again and the CofE just shrugs its shoulders.

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  5. Good picture showing true extent of support for the totals. Spotted link to the petition and signed it as I certainly don’t see why we should be paying for this bunch of scroungers. Get granny to foot the bill; she’s loaded.

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  6. mediawatch‏
    Following Following @indy_jh

    Will Megan & Harry restore Scot’s affection for the royal family? BBC/S report that today in Edinburgh they spoke to folk from Northampton, Connecticut USA, Manchester, Blackburn, Cornwall, Denmark, Canada, Essex, Mexico plus one wee woman from Glasgow. So that would be no then!

    2:07 PM – 13 Feb 2018

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  7. Oh bloody hell … an ex soldier and a foreigner decide to go visit Embra castle. Whoop de bloody doo!

    Read somewhere on Twitter that the “Thousands and Thousands” o earse lickers were being handed Butcher’s Apron flegs tae wave at this couple o visitors. I can only assume there were something like the 10 Millionth vistors otherwise what the feck is all the fuss aboot.

    He is NO Royal … and I have the proof unless his faither has suddenly become a Prince or something! 😂


    p.s. had a wee look at the petition thingy and unbelievably found my name on the petition. 😂

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    1. LOL. I know. They were bussing them in with these flags. From all over the place.

      I wonder how the hell your name got on a petition like that… Well, blow me down!


    2. It seems like most everyone has come to terms with the likelihood……based on physical appearance…….that Harry doesn’t have the same father as William. Seems like William is the royal. He lost his hair and his looks years ago……..therefore, obviously a Windsor.

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      1. LOL …at least he had looks for a little while, clearly from his mum’s side.

        The rest of them are just plug ugly from birth.

        In fairness I think Airmiles wasn’t always that overweight mess his is now. But then, there are those who have questioned his parentage too.

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        1. That was always a laugh to me.

          “Oh, we’re Germans but our country is a war with Germany, so we’ll change our name to something very English, then we shall be English.”


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        1. Hmm… my vast erudition and peerless googling skills are telling me that Mr. Galt must have in mind Juan Carlos I, the former King of Spain, who was born in 1938 and would therefore have been in his mid 40s in 1981. I didn´t think he was an Anjou, though, but I think I may be forgiven for neither knowing or caring that he´s got the arms of Anjou on his escutcheon. Or had them, anyway.

          Liked by 3 people

          1. There is more than a passing resemblance, particularly as the years pass, and there is a wee bit of circumstantial.

            Hopeless at putting up links etc but a wee spot of erudite googling should lead you there or if you prefer down the rabbit hole.

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  8. Tris…..Very interesting piece!

    A few words of commentary from an American perspective:

    Glad to see that the event in Edinburgh was so well reported by Munguin World Media. It looks like it was even more sparsely attended than President Trump’s inauguration. Perhaps there was actually more excitement at seeing an American than seeing a royal.

    Speaking of meeting royals, I would enjoy being presented to the Queen at some suitable exclusive function, so that I could snub her by not genuflecting (or whatever it is the royals call the bows, head nods, and curtsies.) Americans (since giving the boot to George III) famously do not bend the knee to any person on earth……up to and including foreign princes and potentates.

    Which brings up the fact that the future Mrs. Harry is an American, and the last time a royal decided to marry an American, it got him yanked off the throne. Harry’s planned marriage is apparently being better received, and Meghan has announced that she will adopt British citizenship after the marriage. The last I heard, the decision of whether or not to renounce American citizenship (which apparently is not required by law in either the UK or the US) has not been decided. The decision to renounce American citizenship is no small thing, as US citizenship is considered by some Americans (perhaps immodestly) to be something akin to Roman citizenship back in the old days. 😉

    By marrying a Royal Highness, I assume that Liz will give her a title of some sort, and some rank of folk will then be expected to genuflect to her. However, that might be considered awkward if she is also an American. On the other hand, by remaining American, she could presumably snub the Queen with impunity…….which would be cool……if not especially conducive to family harmony at the palace.

    So hard to sort all this royal stuff out! And introducing an American into the mix of any situation has been known to cause trouble of all sorts.

    I hope the Obamas were invited and that they will attend. It would annoy Trumpy no end!

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    1. Oh, Danny. How complex.

      But wait. It gets worse.

      When a woman married into the royal family she automatically takes his rank, styles and titles as hers.

      So from when the archbishop of Canterbury says “I now pronounce you man and wife”, Megan will become HRH Princess Harry. (Incidentally in the UK the same does not happen for the males who marry into the royal family. One of Fat Andrew’s blood princesses is getting married this year. Her new husband will not become Prince Eugenie!)

      Normally a Dukedom in England and an Earldom in Scotland will be made available to Harry, so his wife can go under the name Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Much Piddling in the Marsh, or whatever. When Willie got married, he was immediately made the Duke of Cambridge so that Kate Middleton could be the Duchess of Cambridge. There’s some Scottish earldom too, but no one ever uses it. In fact, everyone calls her Kate Middleton (and some Kate Middleclass!

      Anyway, there will be a great to do in the palace about who bows to whom. And it all depends on who is with whom.

      When a princess is accompanied by her price, she has his rank. Therefore, if Megan and Harry were together and Princess Anne came into the room, Princess Anne would ahve to curtsey to Megan. If Harry had popped out to the little boys’ room, Megan would ahve to curtsey to Anne… and so on.

      Imagine having to scour the room to make sure who was in it, and who’d popped off for a smoke before knowing what rank you held.

      Oh well, the immense wealth of the royal family that she will ahve at her disposal will, no doubt, compensate in some way for all this inconvenience.

      Yep, please Barack, please come and show Trumpy up.

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      1. They must have very strong legs these royal woman what with all that curtsying and everything.

        I wonder if it’s possible to tell how far down the line they are by how muscular their buttocks have become.

        It might be an idea for potential suitors to carry a tape measure in their pocket.

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      2. Oh Tris…….I can’t imagine how the royals keep the protocol of royal rank straight…especially when it involves who is with whom and who has stepped out of the room and what not. I suppose these days an occasional misstep is no more than a social faux pas, but surely in the old days people would be conveyed to the Tower for such an error.

        As for the titles and styles, I do LOVE “Duchess of Much Piddling in the Marsh.” Please suggest that to the Queen. 🙂

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        1. Yes, obviously, Danny, it was Munguin that thought of that one. I’ve hardly the wit for that sort of thing.

          Imagine the red face if you didn’t bow when you should, and did when you shouldn’t, just as the other person did … and you banged your empty heads together.

          What a load of sawdust on the carpet.

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    1. Lord only knows. I’m guessing its the Order of the Garter night out, seeing as the three blokes have garters on their jodhpurs.

      Love that they are wearing women’s shoes.

      Dunno who let in the one in the red frock though. She looks a bit out of place.

      Still, that frock probably cost more than my house would.

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      1. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it must be to wear all the badges and ribbons over regular dress attire. I’d never noticed that garter knights actually wear a garter. I found a picture of Sir Winston wearing the Order of the Garter sash and garter.


        America has never gone in for honors as much as the British, but there are American civilian honors (in addition to the military decorations.) The highest civilian honor is the Presidential Medal of Freedom…..awarded by the President at the White House. It is occasionally (and rarely) awarded “with Distinction.” The insignia of the “Distinction” rank includes a sash and large badge that may be worn with formal wear. (No garter though….LOL.) Wiki says that the formal sash and badge have never actually been worn by anyone on any public occasion since the inception of the award. (The British royals on the other hand seem to not mind wearing such uncomfortable stuff.)


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        1. Churchill, being a fat wee bloke, looks even stupider in these ridiculous togs… and women’s shoes.


          The American one is quite nice actually, although the distinction things’s a bit like something you win at a fun fair.

          But the British ones and the French ones are a bit gaudy too.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Tris……Glad it worked.

              Yes, maybe it says something about American practicality that none of the “Distinction” recipients of the Medal of Freedom have ever actually worn the sash and the big badge. 😉

              The possible opportunities to wear full dress white tie are I suppose much more limited in the States than in the UK anyway. The Queen and Phil seem to always be hosting white tie affairs, while almost all White House state dinners are now black tie/dinner jacket attire. The one and only time that President George W. Bush pulled out all the stops and hosted a formal white tie state dinner was when the Queen came to visit in 2007. (They completely repainted the White House for that visit too.)

              White tie attire. The Queen with her purse……no doubt with drivers license ID and a little cash for emergencies.


  9. Embra… capital of North Ruritania, home of the grice and the haggis, and of us hairy wee Jockanese whose function in life is to tug our forelocks and work as caddies and stalkers, ghillies and green-keepers, sodgers and beaters, water-bailiffs and gamekeepers…


  10. I remember when Princess Diana was killed I was just coming back from a few days in the highlands and I was suffering serious burger withdrawal. To satisfy my craving I sallied forth to MacDonalds, salivating at the thought of it’s yummy fast food rubbishness, it might have been going to clog my arteries but I cared not a jot. An addict needs his fix after all. I got there only to find it that MacDonalds was in mourning and was shut. The air was blue I can tell you, I slagged off the British Establishment, the royals, the paparazzi and when I’d finished I slagged off America for shutting MacDonalds. My derisive ranting new neither logic or sense.

    Does that make me a bad person, a victim of American cultural imperialism or both?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Erm…


      I’d be the same about a Subway. So if you’re bad so am I.

      Did you manage to get a burger somewhere else?

      More seriously, the death of any person, particularly a person so young, and with kids, is sad. Even more sad when you consider that those and such as those may have had to do with it.

      But deaths of people you don;t know happen every day.

      I mean McDonald’s can’t close because Willie in Wolverhampton died, sad though that is.

      When the Duke of Edinburgh or the Queen dies, why would the world come to a stop?

      Without any undue disrespect for them as people, I don’t care any more about that than I do about Willie in Wolverhampton.

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      1. It is sad and very few people in their lifetime escape the grief caused by losing a loved one. My difficulty arises when it goes outwith the deceased persons circle and becomes a national competition where people feel the need to out do one other regarding how respectful or grief stricken they are. This was a grisly feature of Diana’s death where the media, government and some of the population seemed to go mad for a time.

        I believe there are a number of protocols for when Lizzie dies which involve the country more or less shutting down. I’m not a royalist, I would disband them tomorrow if I could. I felt more affected by the deaths of David Bowie and Lemmy than ever I was at the death of Diana but I didn’t feel the need to exhibit it to the world with over the top displays of kiddy on grief.

        It’s not good enough for the powers that be to just shut everything down, it puts some folk at risk regardless of how comprehensive the contingency plans.

        I, no doubt in common with many others, would like to see an injection of common sense into these events but that would have to come from our leaders who are unfortunately part of the problem.

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        1. Well said.

          This blog will not be observing any kind of shutdown when the queen dies, any more than we did when my lovely old neighbour died at 92.

          ‘Twill be business as usual at Munguin’s Republic. His Munguiness wouldn’t have it any other way.

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        2. Greig, I happened to be in London (a pre-planned trip) at the time of Saint Diana’s funeral. I’ve never experienced such hysterical mawkishness in my life: it really beggared belief. I saw people with little kids dressed up as if they were mourners and carrying bouquets of flowers. I went to Kensington Palace Gardens to see the “floral tributes” – it was as if several dozen lorry-loads of decaying, cellophane-wrapped vegetable matter had been fly-tipped. Trees were festooned with teddy-bears, laminated pics of the deceased, poems about her (no laureates, I’m afraid). Shops in the upmarket West End had closed “out of respect”. I did notice that the respect only extended until immediately after the funeral when they would be re-opening to flog their stuff as usual with the added bonus of all the funeral tourists the sainted princess’s obsequies had attracted to London. Some of the shops that she had patronised, for frocks, jewellery and the like, had tastefully-framed photos, some even draped with a sombre black ribbon, of Di in the window. Not a few of the pics showed her, of course, wearing one of their frocks or some of their bling. Such a sad occasion but, hey, market forces, chaps! And it wasn’t just the Mayfair mob who were coining it. I spoke to a flower-seller outside one of the Tube stations. He was flogging white lilies at a quite extortionate price. I’d no problem with that – a fool and his/her money etc. I asked him if he was doing well and he replied, “Tell yer wot, myte, I’m ‘avin’ a munf in Torrymolinos on the back ov this!” Well done, that man! Frankly, I doubt if we’ll get anything similar when Brenda pops her clogs: she’s been around too long and the prospect of Charlie ascending the throne won’t thrill as many as doted on Diana. Sorry, I’ve rambled on a bit but in, shall we say?, a varied life I’ve never experienced such a sense of surreality. it was as if I’d landed on a strange planet populated predominantly by maudlin morons. That’s why, I suppose, Brexit hasn’t surprised me – just disgusted me.

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          1. And yep. I remember the day Diana died.

            Even in non royalist Dundee, the streets were quiet.

            Frankly I couldn’t believe it.

            Mind you I have from time to time wondered about what REALLY happened.

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  11. Funny you mentioned the couple from Newcastle. I remember when the Saxe Coburg Gotha’s opened the controversial gmo research Life Centre in Newcastle. Pro royalists were outnumbered about 4 to 1 by anti royalist and anti GMO demonstrators but when it was shown on BBC local news they appeared to be the only one’s there.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. LOL. It’s quite scary that they still do that kind of thing.

      I suppose it’s becasue they want us all to believe that nothing has changed, although it has, and the days of this nonsense are numbered.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have read somewhere that jacks were indeed being handed out. Also, the Indy is carrying reports that Meghan Markle has broken royal protocol by responding to people in a natural manner, thereby spreading a seditious rumour that she may be a real human being.

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  12. We could do a “Where’s Deano?”.
    I’m sure he’ll be in that crowd somewhere, lost in the thousands and thousands. Place an X on the photo where you think he is.

    Maybe Niko and Munguin have to have a word in his shell like and convert him. I’ve tried with no success so far. But I guess he’s got a bad case of the ‘yoons’ so it might take some time. (Beware he has a very short fuse )

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  13. Trump can’t really complain, he’s snubbed it anyway, so tough **** if Barack and Michelle Obama get invited. It would be funny to humiliate Trump though. But in all seriousness though, who gives a ****?! I’m SICK TO DEATH of the sycophantic worship of this clique! Every ******* day there is something about either Kate or Megan in the Mail or the Express! Don’t these morons realise they are only hastening the day when people will say “enough is enough!”

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think the papers realise that their largely elderly readers like royalty. Not becasue they really think that it’s a great system of government but because the Queen is very old and still able to get about, and Kate Middleton, Miss Marple and Harry are youngish and not too terribly ugly (unlike poor old Willie who fell aff the top of the ugly tree and his head on every branch on the way down.) No, seriously what happened to that lad?

      They are fabulously rich, and no one seems to care that it’s OUR money they spend on these fantastically expensive outfits that cost more than my entire wardrobe and my car. put together.

      I suppose they are like film stars or boy bands, or what passes for “celebs”, which the readership of that intellectually challenged dead wood press seem to ingest with gusto.

      And just like celebs, they keep on having another lot to come along to take over when the current lot get middle aged and dull… like Charlie and Anne and Fatboy. (That’s some kinda dull.)

      I wish we would say enough is enough. I wish them no particular harm (although I sometimes wonder if some of them aren’t deeply unpleasant people), and I will NEVER forgive Liz for butting on on the Scottish referendum. NEVER. But I wish they’d bugger off and scrounge from someone else.

      America seems to adore them. Why not let them pay for them… eh Danny?

      (Tris now waits for the wrath of Danny to hit these shores!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL Tris…..I failed to notice your comment in a timely manner. Yes, whenever the royals do something big……like a marriage at the Abbey…….live television delivers the account to a large American audience . And the sleazy American tabloids sold at grocery store checkout lanes always give the royals huge coverage……right beside the stories of extraterrestrial alien abduction. The Queen is often pictured on American tabloid front pages, but Charles and Camilla run a close second……with stories like “Charles demands a divorce after escaping knife attack from intoxicated Camilla.” (I’m sure I saw one along those lines not so long ago.)

        So you can imagine the excitement that the marriage of a divorced bi-racial American TV and movie star into the royal family has caused. Not quite the level of the excitement about Mrs. Simpson and Edward VIII in 1936-37 no doubt, but that was about a King……..and for that matter both their Nazi connections with Hitler.

        Personally, I think that the American infatuation with royalty is worse than stupid and dishonors American revolutionary history. My feelings are that the royals probably haven’t changed much since 1776, and you only have to read the Declaration of Independence to find out exactly what Tom Jefferson thought about George III and the family.

        So NO…….I think I’ll pass on the idea of the American taxpayer helping pay for royal expenses. 😉

        As for personal wealth, The Daily Mail says that Meghan Markle has about $5 Million (compared to Kate Middleton’s $10 Million. Small potatoes by Windsor standards no doubt, but I hope she has an iron clad pre-nuptial agreement to shield her wealth when they get divorced…….which seems to be the outcome of most royal family marriages these days. 😉


        Liked by 1 person

        1. Munguin says, if she has that much money whey doesn’t she just marry him!

          We’ll really have to have a word with Cammy about going for Chick with a knife when she was bladdered!

          It’s really not how top people behave. One sends the servants to do that kind of thing.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Tris……Nice that the tabloids have a popular target for their phony stories when the Trump material goes slack for any reason. (One of them is famously a big Trump supporter in fact.) Targeting the Windsors is probably pretty safe, since they are not as likely to appear in an American courtroom to sue a sleazy American tabloid for libel than Trumpy might be. 😉

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