Oh, the Irony…


…Said a member of the unelected and unaccountable House of Lords, placed there by the unelected and unaccountable head of state. I’d say “useless” was a good description. 


Who’s a silly old unelected and unaccountable aristo then?


What is wrong with these people. Do they not know how ridiculous that argument is?




26 thoughts on “Oh, the Irony…”

  1. Tris, I remember Digby Jones, now Lord Digby of Fatty-Plump, when he was head of the CBI, that august body the role of which seemed to be to wreck British industry and trade from the inside whilst blaming the workers for harbouring unrealistic desires such as wages and decent conditions. It’s good to know that he has now assumed the role (instead of eating too many rolls) of rallying the waverers in our front-line against Johnny Foreigner and his dastardly EU. Prompted by your post, I checked out his website and I’d recommend it to anyone…to anyone interested in such things as delusional thinking, stupidity, jingoism, etc. Seriously, though, it’s amusing – I doubt if I’d be able to create a spoof of his website that would seem any dafter than the real one. But, of course, it’s not all light-hearted fun. I see from a quote from his Twat feed the other day that he, like many others, is positioning himself to blame the “Remoaners” if the Yookay doesn’t get a great deal when we leave. These people like Digby are not just deluded but dangerous. I’ve said all along, as I think have you, that when this moronic decision to exit the EU leads to disaster, they’ll use the old Nazi “stab in the back” claim and blame everyone but themselves. Quote in question – “Attention all Remoaners! Stop doing Barnier’s work for him! This undermining of our Country’s negotiating with the EU HAS to stop. We’ll end up with a lousy deal & you will be to blame. Will that make you feel better? Surely you agree we should not give in to bullies.” Digby Jones – from head of CBI to Trade Minister to House of Lords (Lards?) to festering pile of ordure – the usual career path for these pariahs.

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    1. I can’t really add much to that, Andi. I saw his series of tweets and was reminded of David Cameron’s assertion that too many tweets… blah.

      Of course it’s all the EUs fault that we can’t have our cake and eat it. They should realise that we are British and cannot be treated like ordinary countries. What is wrong with them?

      And, of course the Remoaners. We are colluding with the “enemy”.

      Actually, he makes my skin creep.

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  2. Shows how out of date they are.
    Radio 4 reports that democracy is raising its ugly head in the commonwealth, they’re wanting a say in who will be the head when lizzie the last departs this mortal soil.
    In secret as well, Oh hold on, it cant be a secret if R4 knows.
    Must be an election in englandland soon, talk of removing tuition fees fo universities, but not for trainee nurses.
    Mother Theresa trip to NI not getting reported, wonder if SF requirement for reunification referendum was met with, “Now is not the time”.
    More lords a sleeping than the Chinese national assembly.
    Theresa promises but doesn’t deliver.
    Oh look there’s a Red white and blue squirrel in Auld Reekie today.
    CGHQ software for ALL the world.

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  3. Digby Jones once defended Breixt by saying, “We won’t regret it in 100 years”. I shall have no regrets in 100 years because I’ll be long dead, as will Digby. What kind of argument is that? It’s a tough contest but he must rate as the stupidest man on the Leave side. As Andimac commented already, he is hard to distinguish from a sophisticated spoof.

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    1. LOL yes, Terry. It’s getting through these 100 years that might be the problem.

      Although for His Noble Lordship, I don’t expect that these years will be quite so difficult. Being an aristocrat has great compensations.


  4. So the choices seem to be Boris (Cake and Eat it) Johnson; Jacob (I shall summon the King of Mesopotamia and put him straight on a few things) Rees Mogg; Amber (Police Commissioners? Who are they? Is Policing part of my job?) Rudd and Colonel (What do you think of my cake?) Davidson.


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  5. I actually used to like Digby Jones, well that was when he was doing yon T.V. series about helping small businesses .

    I do not want to belittle anyone who has a family member suffering from dementia or indeed suffering from this horrendous disease themselves but really … I do think good old Digby boy is a serious case of undiagnosed Dementia!

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  6. Tris
    Good old Digby, there’s life in the old dog yet. We need the digby’s of the world to keep us in our place and tell us what to think, where would we be without them.


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  7. One of the most excruciating thirty seconds of my life. It’s two minutes long, but I could only thole so much.
    Enjoy. No, that’s the wrang word.

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    1. Bloody hell…

      Oh well if the woman in the union flag thingy says so, I guess that’s it.

      No deal it will be.

      Anyone got any recipes for rat? Asking for Munguin’s chef de cuisine.


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