n baby orang3
Morning. I don’t suppose you brought anything to drink, did you? These leaves are a bit dry.
n russia
Cold in Russia this time of year.
n swiss
Pretty handy at building wiggly roads in Switzerland.
n robbie1
Robbie’s back.
n i love a
The original cat and the fiddle (case).
n mates
Dog with two heads?
n high on a hill
I don’t suppose you have a cup of sugar I could borrow?
n nuages
There’s gotta be a delighted shepherd around here somewhere.
n mt
Not sure where this is. Probably part of Munguin’s grounds that I haven’t seen yet.
n iceland0
n hello
Did someone say dinner? I’m on my way.
Ozarks, Missouri.
n greece
n friendsw5
n foxy0
The nice kind of fox, unlike the ghastly Liam kind.
n donk
I probably haven’t had a carrot for like 2000 years or something, so, if you have one…
n doggy
A vaguely disapproving look there…
n alberta
Alberta splendour.
n castle germ
They talk about castles in Spain,  but I can’t help thinking the Germans know a thing or two about building them too.
n black panther
I might be little, but I’m vicious … and wait till I’m a BIG Black Panther. You’ll not be laughing then!
s sq
Nuts to you too!
n babyor0
Ah, at last someone brought something to drink. Well, we’ll see you next week.



31 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Lovely shot of the Ozarks in the Autumn!
    Nice collection of critters this week! Good to see Robbie again, back for some more worms no doubt. The cat smuggled into the concert hall is nice too.
    The German castle is cool! Nineteenth century ostentation coupled with a medieval castle theme. Sort of Walt Disney before his time. 😉

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  2. Like Danny I loved the Ozarks picture -ashamed to say I didn’t know it was in Missouri! Lots of orange animals today – never realised quite how many species were at least partly orange.

    I’m afraid to say I’m not witty enough to match the cat puns above but probably a good job it was the moggy in the case and not the (equally black) panther cub or the case would be ruined.

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    1. Panda Paws……Speaking of the Ozarks……..According to Wikipedia, the Ozark Plateau spans almost 47,000 square miles of Southern Missouri, Northern Arkansas. and a little bit of Northeastern Oklahoma and Southeastern Kansas. The Ozarks, rising from the Mississippi Valley, is the most extensive highland region between the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains, and is sometimes referred to as the U.S. Interior Highlands. It includes two ancient mountain ranges that have eroded into scenic rugged hill country. The highest elevations in the Ozarks are in the Boston Mountains of Northern Arkansas, which rise to over 2500 ft, above adjacent deep valleys.

      Buffalo Wilderness in the Boston Mountains of the Arkansas Ozarks:

      Big Spring, near Van Buren in the Missouri Ozarks, is by far the largest spring of the Ozark Plateau. It discharges an average of 470 cubic ft of water per second into the Current River…..a part of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways of the National Park Service:

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      1. Lovely pictures Danny. I’ve only been to Florida myself and I no longer have a passport – was hoping for the Scottish one by now! And here was me thinking Van Buren was a President – maybe he came from Missouri? And did you know that being US President is the most dangerous job in the world. It has a one in 11 death rate (pinched from Only Connect!)

        Where is it you are Danny?

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          1. Conan…..There was a time when presidents who were elected at 20 year intervals later died in office, starting with William Henry Harrison in 1840. Lincoln in 1860, Garfield in 1880, McKinley in 1900, Harding in 1920, Roosevelt in 1940, and Kennedy in 1960. The string was broken with Reagan in 1980. Although Reagan WAS shot, he recovered. George W. Bush in 2000 wasn’t even shot. (Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy were all assassinated by gunshot.)

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        1. Thanks Panda P……..Actually, Martin Van Buren was born in New York State. However, the town of Van Buren, Missouri, was named after him in 1833, while he was Andrew Jackson’s Vice President.

          The only president from Missouri was Harry Truman, who was Vice President for FDR’s fourth term, and moved up to the presidency upon FDR’s death in office in 1945. Truman was then elected in his own right in 1948. So Truman was president during 1945-1953.

          I live in Kansas City, Missouri, which is on the Missouri River in the northwest of the state and straddles the Missouri-Kansas state line. (There is also a Kansas City, Kansas, which is effectively a suburb of the much larger KC, Missouri.) Harry Truman was born in Independence, Missouri……a suburb of Kansas City to the east…..both of them in Jackson County, Missouri……..named after the guy who Martin Van Buren served as VP. AMAZING how all that history stuff fits together…..LOL.

          As for the dangers of the presidency, check out my reply to Conan about the 20 year rule than once applied. Thanks to the history of assassinations, presidential security is obsessive. I think I read that there has only been one assassination of a British PM in all of history.

          I hope you can someday get back to the states on a Scottish Passport. 🙂

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    1. Tris……..Poor Spencer Percevel wasn’t even safe in the lobby of Commons. Presidents have always been attacked when out of the White House. I’ll have to look up how many unsuccessful attempts there have been. Harry Truman was in his temporary residence at Blair House across Pennsylvania Avenue (while the White House was being rebuilt,) when two Puerto Rican nationalists attacked the place and killed a police guard. I think Gerald Ford had guns pulled on him twice. FDR was President-Elect in 1933 when he was attacked in Miami. The spray of bullets hit five people and mortally wounded the Mayor of Chicago who was in the car beside FDR. A few inches in the path of a bullet and the history of the country and the world would have been changed forever. Yes, the US presidency is a dangerous job. 😉

      It’s not even totally safe for politicians in the Capitol. Puerto Rican nationalists in 1954 fired on a session of the House of Representatives from the visitors gallery. Five Congressmen were hit, but all recovered.

      Then there’s always the chance you’ll get beaten. Charles Sumner, Senator from Massachusetts, was an abolitionist Republican who in May, 1856, during the “Bleeding Kansas” crisis leading up to Civil War, gave his “Crime Against Kansas” speech. He denounced the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the two senators he thought most responsible for passing it, Stephen Douglas of Illinois and Andrew Butler of South Carolina. His oratorical attack on Butler was especially personal. A couple of days later, Butler’s cousin Preston Brooks, a Democratic House member from South Carolina, strode onto the Senate floor and savagely beat Sumner with a gold headed cane, while a friend held off the other Senators with a gun.

      Charles Sumner was seriously injured but recovered. Preston Brooks was fined $300 in a DC court and was later reelected to Congress.

      Politics is a tough business. 😉

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      1. You wonder why anyone would want the job, Danny.

        Mind you, looking at the present incumbent you have to say that if, out of 320 million Americans, the best that they could get for a leader was Donny, the quality of the applications must have been pretty low.

        All the clever people preferring to stay alive, I suspect.

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        1. It´s a miracle to me that the Obamas survived 8 years physically unscathed, with so many racist, right-wing nut jobs at large in the US. It´s bad enough in Scotland, God knows, and worse in the rUK, but the States…

          Just as an aside, you can pretty much guarantee that if Dipshit Donny is screaming and shouting and doing about ¨radical Islamic terrorists¨, the real problem lies elsewhere, as in home-grown right-wing white supremacist terrorists along the lines of Timothy McVeigh – he´s the one who carried out the Omaha City bombing in ´95 that killed 168 people. I expect Danny will back me up – there is no shortage at all of white supremacist, racist, nazi-style groups in the States. We have all heard of the KKK, but maybe not the Aryan Nation, and there are loads of other supremacist / survivalist / militia-type organizations.

          As in the States, though, where Trump came along after Cameron and then May had already installed themselves at the head of increasingly authoritarian and distasteful regimes, what we are facing now is not so much that we have right-wing terror groups, but that the regime itself is infected with so much of their vile political ideology.

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          1. I too worried for Obama and his family.

            It seemed to me that there were a lot of Americans who would never accept a black man in the White House. But maybe I was wrong, or maybe the security was just first class.

            You’re right… the right wing groups are now in government. Heaven help us.

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