Aye Murdo, the depths to which some people stoop, eh?



Oh wait, there’s the Tory Daily Mail doing it… Y’know, Paul Dacre’s paper, Theresa’s mate… you must have come across him? No? Pay grade or 12 above you? Still, at least you’d NEVER do anything like that… eh?



Of course you wouldn’t. Slips of the fingers, eh?


17 thoughts on “Aye Murdo, the depths to which some people stoop, eh?”

  1. Braindeid ignorant incompetent utterly useless eight times Tory LOSER passes comment about abusive language whilst totally ignoring the level of abuse regularly produced by his favourite newspaper the Daily Heil!

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  2. Tris
    I would like to call him a wanker but that implies he’s a man and I doubt he’s even human. What a total trog and to think my taxes pay for that toilet stain.


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  3. snp up to its usual cant condemn
    Trump in public bung him a bung
    on the qt….

    Jackie Baillie, Scottish Labour’s economy spokeswoman, said: “In public, SNP MPs and MSPs, including Alex Salmond, fall over themselves to tell us how awful Donald Trump is – and frequently stand up to condemn American-led military operations.

    “Yet in private the SNP government is striking deals with Trump’s generals to try to desperately prop up Prestwick airport. It is such breathtaking hypocrisy

    Dont you just want ti give her one big hug
    yes you do!


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    1. You want to give Jackie Trident Baillie a hug… Jeeez she’s the last one to talk about sucking up to the Americans is Jackie We Love Your Nukes Baillie. The only member of Labour to vote to keep them, because they create 4 billion jobs in her constituency…. or something. Loooonie or what!


    1. It’s good to see that investigative journalism is alive and well in dear old Blighty.

      Shame it’s only when it suits them. Her Majesty’s government better hope that kind of scrutiny is never turned on them by their good old pals in the MSM.

      Fat chance!

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      1. They are safe. It won’t.

        They might need to watch out a little for Channel Four and the Sunday Times, and if the Strong and Stable Maybot crosses Murdoch, The Times and Sun. Otherwise safe.


  4. As someone who has used the facilities at Prestwick, some comments.
    Military aircraft from a number of nations use the airport for transatlantic flights, refuelling and stopovers, RAF, USAF, RCAF, French, Dutch, to name a few.
    Rendition flights have been seen on the general aviation aprons for over 10 years, easily spotted as they don’t carry registrations.
    Aircraft travelling to their newowners, refuel and crew change.both from and to europe and the americas,
    RyanAir has a major maintenance facility at prestwick, PAM.
    GE airmotive overhaul large jet engines in Prestwick, CF6 engines.
    2 Rescue helicopters operate from the airport.
    HMS Gannet operate Merlin helicopters for the submarines from Faslane.
    Training flights for Easyjet, Ryanair, BA, Loganair and Jet2 are conducted during week days.
    Cargo flights operate through the cargo terminal daily, 7 days a week.
    Trump had his helicopter stored in a hangar, for transfer to Turnberry from his B757, all black with red and yellow Trump on the fuselage.
    The airport needs more traffic to justify it being there, but it has a great weather history and is a diversion airfield for the UK.
    BAE systems have manufacturing facilities.
    The airfield is 24 hours in service and needs the traffic to maintain the jobs.

    So what’s wrong with inviting the chinese to take it over and to run the Facility for Virgin Space Flights.

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  5. Tris you missed out some of Murdos other highlights such as his Queen’s 11 (re Sevco er Rangers) and WATP tweets!! Right (wing) charmer!

    Today a NE fisherman British nationalist (aka unionist) was found guilty of threatening a SNP MSP and a MP. Tumbleweed in much of the media. The sentence – a £2600 fine. If it was the other way round ie threatening a Unionist MSP and a MP does anyone else think a jail sentence would have been imposed?


    1. Oh yes, PP. Momentarily I forgot about the football team the Queen supports. (I wonder if she knows that she supports it!)

      I suppose Murdo’s call would be, what was it Paisley shouted out in the Commons today…? Oh yes, the paramilitary “No surrender”.

      As he hates Scotsmen (and if he has to live with himself, I can understand this), maybe he should go bunk up with Arlene and Ian jr. He’s a bit old for Mrs Robinson. She likes teens, or so it would seem from her past choices! I’m sure there are many queen’s elevens in the province.

      If they are indeed the people, then I wish they’d go do it somewhere else.

      I saw that about the fisherman. It was a death threat, I think. I think threatening someone with death or even violence should carry a prison sentence.

      I see that Mr Rees Moggs friend has been doing that. And I read this morning that Anna Soubrey has been threatened with death.

      I wonder when Mrs May talks about clamping down on this sort of thing, she will take steps to quieten the Mail, Express, Sun and Telegraph extremists that cause the thickos to behave as if they were living in Germany in 1938.


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