Just as well it was the Dow Jones that make that spectacular fall yesterday then, eh?

Otherwise there’d be a big orange moon in the sky tonight…

36 thoughts on “BOOOOOOM!!!!!!! NO EXCUSES”

      1. Love It! Sadly, when things seem too good to be true, they usually are. This parody Tweet HAS gotten a lot of play though…..LOL.
        But we don’t have to be sad. The video of His Orangeness proclaiming that the Democrats in Congress who did not stand and cheer during his State of the Union address are “UnAmerican” and guilty of “Treason” IS absolutely true!
        It just gets better and better!

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        1. Oh bugger.

          It does go to show what an idiot he is that we all believed it!

          Yep, sounds like if you don;t stand and cheer him you are a traitor.

          I seem to remember that was how it was with Enver Hoxha in Albania and Nicolae Ceaușescu in Romania.

          I suspect Trump’s mate Kim probably reacts the same way. I seem to remember him having his uncle shot.

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          1. Back in the day, I knew a (red-headed, gay) Jewish guy in Geneva who´d managed to get himself out of Romania – he had some stories to tell about Ceaușescu. One that I remember – details a bit hazy, though – told of Ceaușescu out for a walk one day through a historic, leafy and charming residential neighbourhood of Bucharest, full of charming old-style wooden villas with windowboxes full of flowers, at some point when he still did such things as go out for walks, and a dog ran out of someone´s garden and bit him on the leg.

            So in due course – years later, when he had made himself top dog of the whole country – he had that whole neighbourhood razed to the ground, and in its place erected a gigantesque and hideous hospital called the Nikolai Ceaușescu Serious Injuries Hospital or some such.

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            1. Blast, another proofreading fail – Nikolae Ceaușescu, not Nikolai.

              As for Hoxha, I seem to remember that a pearl-handled pistol featured in his ¨suicide¨, though I may be dreaming. Too lazy to check, and I really am not too worried about the how of it when barstewards like Hoxha or Ceaușescu or Stalin pop their clogs or are offed.

              One of my Russian acquaintances (Russian-speaking Ukrainian, I suppose, to be exact) recalled that when she herself was just a little girl in primary school in Kiev / Kyiv, her mother made up a black armband one morning for her to wear to school as a sign of mourning for Stalin. The fact that her mother was chortling with quiet glee as she performed that task had caused her daughter no small degree of confusion.

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              1. No. The story goes that it was the death of one of his ministers that involved the pearl handled pistol. Hoxha invited him for discussions in his home and when they didn’t go as Hoxha wanted he suggested a stroll in the gardens after dinner. It was the boyo’s last stroll.

                Enver himself died of complications from diabetes.

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            2. He was a particularly obnoxious man. HIs wife even worse.

              Apparently they were thieves.

              The way the story goes he was being feted in the West becasue of his hard line attitude to Moscow, and was invited to stay at both the Elysee and Buckingham Palaces. He stole stuff from Paris and the president phoned the queen to tell her to remove anything expensive from the suite of rooms that they were going to occupy.


              I remember the day of his downfall. It was hilarious. I had been to Romania and seen the misery his people lived in. How hungry they were and how miserable.

              Normally this would shock and horrify me… but not for them

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        2. Oh well – a very convincing fake, and indeed – all too believable! The spectacle of Trump on TV quacking away about how wonderful he and his economy was as the chyron showed the Dow Jones unwinding like the altimeter of a plane going down provoked enormous Schadenfreude here at Schloß Freeman … of course, no other president has been stupid enough to claim credit for a bull market, because they have the sense to realize that when they do so they also have to shoulder the responsibility when it turns bearish.

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          1. …which, Ed, we all know they inevitably do.

            It’s almost as funny as the Baroness for Life (bow, bow, ye lower middle classes) launching her currency thing on the day that the bottom fell out of the whole electronic currency market. I think they are calling it “Titcoin”.

            Still, she’ll always be a Baroness, for Life, even if she lives somewhere between Monaco and Man.

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  1. I note the typical Trump style – misspelling of Dow Jones, quotation marks around words for no reason whatsoever… plus the usual rash and stupid rhetoric plus anti-Obama animus.

    Simpler just to tie him up underneath a rocket before it´s scheduled to launch and let him be incinerated: quicker and cheaper that way.

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    1. Nah, none of that can be true, because he has told us that he’s very smart and knows lots of words, so it must be that we’ve been misspelling stuff for years and failing to put quotes and random initial caps.

      Silly us.


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      1. Elon Musk isn’t a USAian. He was born in RSA (Pretoria) and is AFAIK a Canadian citizen. He did his degree in the USA.

        Don’t knock what he’s achieved. In 12 years he’s overseen the development of a REUSABLE rocket system which is more powerful than anything built in the last 50 years.

        Technical people I respect said there was no way he could land the smaller Falcons on the autonomous barge* this side of 2020 and that’s now been routine for years.

        They said the same about the boosters on the Falcon heavy & if the youtube footage of them landing yesterday didn’t make you think of Flash Gordon (b&w) episodes then you have no soul 🙂 The main booster came very close to landing but ran out of fuel & crashed close enough to the barge to damage it.

        The guy has a vision to establish humans on another planet & he’s doing it. Its very impressive work. Arguably going to Mars is the wrong plan (Europa would make more sense) but I think he wants results in the short-term which if the world is going to hell may be the right way.

        *you have to love someone who names ships based on the Culture series (google it) of scifi books. The barge is called “Of Course I Still Love You”. Also sending a car to Mars playing the Bowie song and with “Don’t Panic” in nice friendly letters on the dashboard. The circuit boards have “Made on Earth by Humans, on Earth” printed on them 🙂

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        1. It was a huge accomplishment! The media here in the states made a big point of him being an immigrant from Africa. No doubt as a poke in the eye to Trump who prefers Norwegians, instead of people from s-hole countries. The 50-50 possibility of success was the low estimate from Musk himself, who said that he hoped it would clear the launch tower before exploding, so that he wouldn’t have to spend a year rebuilding the launch pad where the Apollo missions went to the moon.

          Yes, the booster legs deploying, and both boosters landing like Flash Gordon was very cool. As is the view of the red convertible on its way to an orbit that takes it around Mars, with the earth in the background.

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  2. Finding a big enough cannon would be the hard bit. Mons Megs not big enough and any way the barrels burst. It would have to be Mallets Mortar at 914mm to do the job and it’s still probably not big enough to get his Fat Orangeness in.

    There’d probably be no shortage of volunteers to stuff him in it though.

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  3. OT, just got an email that had me choking on my beer.
    OO Calendar for 2018

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