So, sort of summary of what the Home Secretary said today:

“The cabinet is united. We’re going to leave the customs union but be in a customs union but outside a customs union leaving us free to make trade deals but also not free so we can align with the EU but also not align with it so there can be an Irish border but also not.”

(Credit to  1h1 hour ago)

Ho hum….
Well, there’s a thing. She complains that people go to England and receive treatment from their NHS, but then she goes to South Africa, takes (possibly illegal) drugs, collapses and has to have paramedics come out to treat her.
Ho hum.
All over England, yesterday, there were protest marches about the funding shortage in the NHS. And tens of thousands of people marched on Downing Street. Apparently, the BBC gave the matter very little attention. (I say apparently because I’d rather eat my foot than watch the BBC.) However, according to Ajmpol ❄️ #FBPE on Twitter:

“Amazing. The BBC may have ignored them, but the NHS marches were the third item on the main German TV evening news (ARD). Long report. Also mentioned that is expected to exacerbate the problems.”

The British Broadcasting Conservatives (BBC) seem to be trying to withhold or at least downplay that kind of information.

Ho hum



Ho hum.


  1. I wonder if the papers “dahn sarf” will report Ruth’s ban on Tory Cabinet members apart from Fluffy and Maybot from appearing at the Scottish Tory Conference ? The Observer last week quoted a Tory insider as saying that Ruth getting a safe seat in England would be a “game changer”; I am not quite sure what game he or she had in mind.

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    1. Tiddlywinks?

      I’m not entirely sure that Ruth has the authority to stop Boris or Wee Gove, the wicked house elf, or the disgraced former minister Fox from coming to the conference, what with them being fully paid up members of the Tory Party.

      I’m not sure that May would have that authority either. In fact I don’t think May has any authority at all.

      I hope Ruth gets a seat in England as soon as possible. I can handle her being a Tory, but she’s beyond belief.

      First it would be a DISASTER for Scotland to leave the EU. Then it would be fine but we must stay in the single market with freedom of movement. Now it’s whatever the Maybot idiot says. She’s a haver.

      And that fool Mundell is just the same duplicitous wee nyaff.

      I wish he’d get a seat in England too… or maybe Australia.

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      1. Really though, does he need an actual seat, given his main function appears to be getting the teas and coffees? You could, if you were that way inclined, make tea or even coffee in a seated position, but then there’s the biscuits to deal with. A seat might create conflict around his status. Best to just let him keep his stool in the corner.

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        1. LOL. I was just wondering if he’d been promoted as far as biscuits were concerned… but there, you’ve solved my problem.

          In the corner with that hat on?


      2. I´ve been calling for the Scottish Government, backed by the Parliament, to renounce the role of the Secretary of State for Scotland as representing Scotland in / to the UK regime. No one should get to represent us that we don´t choose ourselves…

        The Scottish Government / Parliament should also formally state that they have no confidence in Mundell personally. I understand that he believes Scotland was ¨extinguished¨ in 1707 … let him go on wittering to himself in his corner, the rest of us should shun him.

        There is no point even attempting to negotiate with idiots who have no respect for our Government and Parliament, in fact for any of our democratic institutions, have problems both telling and understanding the truth, who never deliver on their commitments, and get slapped down anyway by Head Office the minute they even twitch in some unprogrammed fashion. There is no point even talking to them. Mundell has proved himself incapable of negotiating, or even speaking, in good faith. That is a characteristic he shares with his puppetmasters at Westminster, of course, but with Mundell is seems to be if not congenital, at least pathological…

        I can´t forget him saying – about the ¨detailed analyses¨ of Brexit impact, I think it was, to a Holyrood committee – that he disagreed that the Scottish people have a right to know. This is the Westminster line, of course – it would somehow harm ¨national security¨ is we knew just what a disaster Brexit will be. It was the look of sly cunning that crossed his face when he said it, and the distinct impression I got that he was crowing to himself, gleefully thinking ¨I know something you don´t, you silly little Jockanese people¨.

        Such a person has no business negotiating with us, much less negotiating on our behalf.

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        1. I remember him saying that he disagreed and that impled that the whole of the Scottish government and the majority in the parliament could go whistle because HE disagreed… like he was some towering figure or something. Instead of the relatively weak minded little bag carrier he is.

          But shortly, when the powers and responsibilities and costs come back from Brussels, his new office in Edinburgh will be making decisions that we used to make.

          It’s intolerable.


          1. That´s the occasion I was thinking of. I too found it intolerable – the interpretation of what was passing through his mind at the time is all mine, of course. Sly, smug, supercilious little … Secretary of State for Scotland. If he´d actually been in front of me instead of on my computer screen, I think my hands would have wrapped themselves around his throat without any conscious involvement on my part, and I am very far from being a violent person.

            Personally intolerable, but politically intolerable too. The sheer effrontery, the barefaced cheek, of basically telling the other five or so million of us that we can go to hell…


            1. While she’s there she’s not here, and that’s always a huge plus as far as I’m concerned. I’m sure Boris will be across there getting her out with his usual flair for foreign affairs.


  2. It’s interesting to watch the BBC’s reputation take a very real nosedive over Brexit. I haven’t watched BBC news or current affairs for years and years but only because I pretty much stopped watching all UK news and current affairs. Watching it now is quite an experience – the quality of journalism is generally terrible and displays a very clear bias in use of language, choice of lead item, interruptions, air time etc. Channel 4 and Sky news seem to do a much, much better job digging in to the obvious lies and contradictions of Brexit. It’s hard to imagine a top-down conspiracy because that kind of thing is almost impossible to keep quiet but something strange is clearly going on.

    The government have no idea what they want and the EU is starting to get properly annoyed with that.

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    1. I’m not a tv person. I had a tv in the past but it sat in a room where I rarely went, and I never watched it. In fact at some point I wanted to watch a dvd that wouldn’t play on my computer and I couldn’t remember how to turn the thing on! I stopped paying the licence fee at some point in the Scottish campaign. I was reading about how biased the BBC was and I wondered why I was supporting it. (It didn’t help that we’d recently learned that it was a hotbed of filth… Savile, Harris and many many others.)

      The next thing I noticed was the inequality with which the BBC appeared to treat Corbyn. It was quite spectacularly obvious that they didn’t like him.

      It is, I suppose, understandable that the BBC wants to keep in with the government of the day. They are dependent on the English Culture Secretary for the continued right to tax the majority of the population.

      But their reputation has taken such a battering amongst all manner of people now that I can’t help thinking that their days may be numbered, at least in the present form of funding which is ridiculously out of date.

      I occasionally see Channel Four interviews or documentaries on Twitter/Youtube and I agree.

      I guess you will have heard about Dr Merkel’s press interview when she told about her conversation with May at Davos.

      Of course, Merkel is an extremely intelligent and experienced woman. She must feel that she’s in a kindergarten when she’s with May.

      God only knows how this will pan out. But we NEED to get the hell out of it, because at best it is going to be a disaster.

      Having the butter and the money for the butter is not an option and the sooner they realise it, the less of a disaster it will be.


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    2. While not wanting to be labelled a “conspiracy theorist” Terry, and while nothing will be in writing, the situation regarding Scottish Independence is a matter of grave concern to the British Nationalist Establishment.
      And by establishment I mean from the top down, in this case, the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. They will use any means, and I really mean any means, to prevent us becoming an independent nation once again. The power, and reach, of the BritNat establishment is immense, and since I used to work for them in a minor capacity, let me say that is no exaggeration.
      Their capacity to interfere with the result of a second Scottish Independence Referendum will probably take many forms, from the incessant daily brainwashing by a compliant M.S.M, to a dirty tricks and smear campaign on supporters of independence, all designed to thwart our ultimate aim.
      Since the announcement of the date of the first referendum, especially when they realised that we were making inroads into their poll lead, the panic set in, culminating in “The Vow”, the end-game of tactics all designed to make sure we remained subservient to a British Nationaistl clique, who have no interest in the wellbeing of the Scottish people, only the wealth of our nation, which they can continue to plunder, as they have been doing successfully for hundreds of years.
      As we are all too aware, there is a hard-core of Scottish voters who will never vote for independence. They, supported by an incessant propaganda onslaught from the media, are going to make it very difficult for us to attain our goal. Canvassing during the last campaign, I was lulled into a false sense of security because the results in our constituency were very much in our favour, so it came as a shock at the count to discover that, while we won our area, we lost overall. I don’t want to experience that feeling again.
      Can we win this time around? Of course we can, but it’s going to take one heck of an effort on our part, considering the strength of the opposition.

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      1. And the totally amazing thing, Alex, is that almost every single promise they made in and around the vow… from shipyards to tax offices, from the most powerful devolved parliament and de facto federalism, to silly things like Moan’s promise to leave Scotland if we voted to leave the UK, has been thrown back in our faces.

        And of course we had all the threats about how disastrous it would be for us when the EU threw us out… Oh dear. Now of course, isn’t it just the best thing in the world…

        Slowly but surely almost every single thing that they promised has disappeared
        and now powers will be taken from the Scottish government and given to Fluffy Muddle. For heaven’s sake. The tea boy.

        In most countries the result of all that would be 75%+ begging for independence.

        It’s an uphill struggle with folk who are so browbeaten into an acceptance that they are incapable of running their affairs without mother England and the Eton Oxford brigade to show them how.

        I always wonder how it is that they can’t look around them and see how people live in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Greenland… all without any guidance from the drunks of the Bullingdon Club.

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      2. I suspect BBC bias is far harder to shift than a top-down policy. It is more likely rooted in the kind of everyday recruitment bias that affects pretty much every business and corporation. It’s a simple fact that recruitment and promotion strategies typically result in recruiting and promoting people exactly like those already there. That sort of makes sense because anyone would want to foll0w up a successful hire by hiring and promoting other people that share the characteristics of that initial successful hire. Any other strategy is a risk. The BBC, an established institution with years and years of Oxbridge and “establishment” recruitment behind it, will find it hard to shake off this kind of low-level bias. It can tick all the diversity boxes (and I hope it is doing that) but diversity of thought will be the hardest to achieve. It’s not surprising that younger news teams don’t suffer from this to the same degree because they were formed in a very different era and have less baggage to shake off.

        There’s a fascinating exchange between Andrew Marr and Noam Chomsky that touches on this theme. Marr expresses incredulity at the idea that media ultimately serves the interests of power. Chomsky responds by pointing out that is why Marr is sitting where he is, and Chomsky is sitting where he is.

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        1. I must look that one up. Chomsky is such a cool operator it’s always good to see him at work. Hope there’s a Youtube of it.

          The BBC is a strange organisation, from the days of the prudish yet strangely weird Fascist sympathiser Lord Reith)


          But yes, rather like the bulk of the senior civil service, the BBC is a public schoolboy, Oxbridge construct that is still waiting to be dragged screaming into the 21st century.

          Ask Carrie Gracie.


          1. The BBC is a very strange institution. It was founded by a patrician elite and for many, many years it was run by people who would have cheerfully described themselves as members of the patrician elite. We have broken down the barriers of membership (class, gender, ethnicity) but the club still thinks the same as it always did.

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            1. Oh it’s very very odd, although we have to an extent broken down some of the barriers of class, gender and ethnicity there’s a huge amount to be done.

              How, for example, not so terribly long ago, could there have been such rife sexual abuse of an illegal nature going on without someone somewhere taking action.

              Talking of which, Mrs May, what’s happening with the investigation?


      3. And if against the tirade of intimidation and propaganda we manage to get over the 50% they will simply falsify the result.

        I’m always amazed by those on “our” side who think “they wouldn’t do that” and actually get angry with those who point out the true nature of what we’re up against.

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  3. Listened to Rudd talking on EBC R4.
    If the cabinet is so so so of the one mind , just how has it taken 18months of nothingness information being released from them.
    The only answer is they’re not of sane mind let alone same mind.
    nice analysis of her un challenged rubbish.
    WGD has it correct, we are in the back seat of someone elses car crash, all we need do is to see that and act to have our freedom.

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    1. It seems that this last night May caved into a threat from Fox to resign. The UK will not now be in a customs union or single market.

      I wonder how Ruth is feeling now.


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