I was going to call this “Two for the Price of One”, or “Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF)” but, of course, none of that is true.

Two separate weddings; two separate months; two separate costs to us. No reductions.

Only one family though. But one that is so much more expensive than those that the Daily Mail moans non-stop about costing us a fortune.

Not that Eugenie is that important. I mean, all she is known for is being the daughter of Tubby Airmiles and Fergie, and spending almost her entire life on holiday. (It didn’t go unnoticed that she was in Nicaragua when she got engaged. Nice if you can afford it).  But, of course, her more famous relatives will be at her wedding, including the by then recently wed Harry and Miss Marple, and therefore security will be ratcheted up at massive expense to us.

So far we know little about the wedding, but I expect that Windsor can expect the beggars to be swept off the streets once again by the Tories, lest important people of quality should have their eyes offended, even for a few seconds in the passing.

I read some time ago that the couple, once married, will share a house, belonging to us, in the grounds of Kensington Palace. Thank goodness there is no shortage of affordable housing in Kensington Palace.


Of course, all these royal things going on (Kate’s having yet another child as is Zara Philips) is bound to distract the hard of thinking from the dire mess that Maybot and her dysfunctional team are making of Brexit as B day 2019 gets closer and closer.

Is it not high time we got rid of this half mediaeval, half showbiz family with their marriages, births, divorces, holidays and funerals at our expense?


Puis j’ai dit





56 thoughts on “OH, JOY UNBOUNDED”

    1. To be fair, he was never accused of Paedophile activities. Just underage. The girl was 16 in a state where the legal age was 17 or 18.

      Needless to say he was never charged.

      He is, however, an obnoxious, greedy, money grubbing waste of space. Apparently he’s his mother’s favourite though, and can do no wrong.

      Anyone who needs royalty has something lacking in their lives.


  1. UKOK biggest benefit scrounging family at it again. Amazes me the bowing and scraping that goes on to this dysfunctional lot. Why do sentient beings grovel so?

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  2. I was sent a French website called “So you think you know the royal family” or similar. Very illuminating, asked below pictures of lizzie the last and phil the greek, pictures of 4 offspring, do you think they come from the same source? First 2 appear consistant, next 2 had, next to the pictures,2 older male pics with remarkable resemblance to first 3 and then 4.
    Same with Anne and her number 2 with the security guard who took the bullet intended for Anne.
    Big rumour that phil had a child with alexandra, and he was the headless man in the duke of argyll divorce . All just rumours, couldn’t possibly be true

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    1. I heard an affair with Princess Margaret.

      Not that I really care.

      They’ve always “disregarded the rules”. They always got away with it because it wasn’t done to question them.

      I have no problem with them living any which way. I just wish they do it at their expense and drop these ridiculous styles and titles which belong in another time.

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      1. I agree with you, do what you do but at your own expense.
        Best read about edward 7, from book by Timothy West, deliberate capitals/non capitals. He was considered a huge ladies man in Paris, that and the drinking. His first born was the missing prince john, never seen in public, was said to have been sent to Glamis Castle to live out his short life.
        I’m all for a republic when we are independent, royalty is past its shelf life.

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  3. If we got rid of the trappings of monarchy and aristocracy, the royals would still be stinking rich and their lord- and ladyships who are not on the civil list would be neither richer nor poor. I find it hard to believe that anyone in Scotland cares about the royals who isn’t a Unionist: remember how that last fiasco of “clean for the queen” or whatever it was went down like a lead balloon here, passed unremarked and might as well have been cancelled for lack of interest?

    Most Scots under 65 would welcome banning the use of titles of nobility in civil life, and the ending of every last inherited privilege ,,, as for the royals, at best they’re a Ruritanian sideshow in the South of England that the tourists all love, but they’re scroungers as well – and tax avoiders. That, I think, we should all care about.

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    1. Not a bad summation… as usual.

      I’m not really in favour of banning them using their titles. I think they shouldn’t be able to pass them on, though. It’s a lot of fun taking the mick out of them and if they want to be ridiculed by using them, let them be. And for those that fawn over them… that’s their business.

      LOL Lard ffoukes! The sleeping ugly!

      Clean for the Queen? Yep, I remember it. A pile of the hard right campaigning to make the place beautiful for one of her magisterial majesty’s many anniversaries… birthday (2), marriage, coronation… whatever.

      Govey with a dustpan.



  4. I’ve always been amused by the titles His/Her Royal Highness and His/Her Majesty. I mean you can be a Royal Highness even if you’re a total shortarse. Shouldn’t that then be Your Royal Lowness? If it’s a Royal fattie, shouldn’t it be Your Royal Wideness? As for Your Majesty, my dictionary has, “Impressive stateliness of aspect, bearing, language, etc.” I now realise that all the wee, dumpy wifies I used to see in Glesca were in fact majestic.

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    1. I hope you never forgot o refer to them as such, Andi!

      BTW for you and Conan in particular, but any one else too, there is a poetry competition going on over at Terry Entoure’s blog.

      I’ve had a little go, but I’m sure you will do better.


      1. Dear Tris, I swiftly made the link
        and dipped my quill into the ink,
        made plea unto Calliope
        to guide th’ poetic pen for me.
        I scribbled some few lines of verse.
        They could be better, could be worse.
        I posted them on Terry’s site
        and now the muse has taken flight.
        Calliope, I fear, has fled –
        she’s probably gone home to bed.

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  5. Tris, no doubt the Poet Laureate will be penning some immortal lines to mark this glorious betrothal, but in the meantime, here’s a little doggerel of my own:-

    Once in a nightclub called Mahiki,
    The manager saw a chick called Eugenie.
    He thought she was a princess and he told her so.
    She said “I don’t need telling, I already know!”
    He said, “Stick with me, babe, and we’ll go far:
    Maybe even as far as Nicaragua.”
    So after years of canoodling, Eugenie said,
    “Hey, Mr Brooksbank, we’d better get wed.”
    But he replied, “Are you being funny, honey?
    Where could we get the kind of money
    It would take to put on that kind of do?
    I’ve not got it and neither have you.”
    Eugenie said, “Brooksie, love, just chill –
    The British peasantry will foot the bill!”

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  6. Being a cynical wee so and so Tris what with TWO “Royal” babies and TWO “Royal”c weddings this year there is quite clearly only ONE sensible conclusion to be made here … the Unionists in London are shitting themselves BIG time over Scotland becoming independent in the near future! 😂😂😂😂😂

    Sorry for going O/T here but just in case folks were not aware Feartie was having a wee soiree in Downing Street tonight. Apparently she was calling it a Burns supper … well I’ll let others be the judge!

    Apparently, looking at the list of “attendees” wee Colonel Fu Manchu Rape Clause Ruth Davidson-Gadaftie was NOT on the list which is rather surprising considering as how SHE told us she had a permanent seat at Feartie’s top table! 😂😂😂😂😂



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    1. Well, firstly, you can go off topic any time Arbroath. You now that!

      I heard somewhere that the list of guests provided by Downing Street has several spelling mistakes in it. I also heard that the Colonel isn’t present becasue she’s in Davos, presumably in charge of the security. Tenshun!

      However, Fluffy is there, so we can safely assume that Mrs May has had her cup of tea made the way only Fluffy knows how.

      I’ve never been at a Burns Supper with all that posh food. It’s supposed to be Haggis, Neeps and Tatties and a dram or two., isn’t it?

      I laughed like a drain when I heard that Maybot thought that the Burns Supper was a way of binding the union together.

      The stupid ignorant woman, from her vantage point in a vicarage in South East England, obviously never learned that Burns loathed the union with a passion.


      What a stupid, stupid, stupid woman she is.

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      1. To be honest I;ve never been to a Burn’s supper either Tris but I do understand that they all follow a set(ish) format namely soup normally Cock a leekie followed by Haggis Neeps and Tatties with the Haggis escorted in by Piper and someone “addresses” the Haggis then a wee desert to finish. Obviously a “certain” amount of Whisky tends to flow at these events throughout the the night.

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      2. If the union is so important why is Nicola not on the invitation list, or have i missed her name?
        Speaking ahead of the event Mrs May said: “Scotland is a greatly valued part of our United Kingdom and its contribution to the UK is immense – economically, socially, and culturally.

        “And Robert Burns is a great example of that, as one of our finest poets, famous world-wide.

        From her own media secretary, now you know, Scotland’s economic contribution is IMMENSE, we know it is. Now tell the people the truth.

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        1. Good point.

          I didn’t see one SNP/Scottish Green name there. Clearly I didn’t recognise most of the names, but you’d have expected to see at least some names you recognised from the past ten years of Scottish government.

          As you say, if the economic contribution is so great, why are we often told that we couldnt manage without the broad shoulders of their £2 trillion debt!


      1. I’m not so sure that he did, more like that was what he was expected to do as the people hadn’t weaned themselves off kings; but the apple had fallen very far from the tree so the plebs were forced to bow the knee to another waster Stuart. Despite the fact that Scotland had done better under the Commonwealth and Protectorate that under any monarchy. It was just too early, the nobs and the clergy told the people we couldn’t function without a monarch and they were believed.

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        1. It’s worth remembering that during the interregnum under Cromwell Scotland was annexed/incorporated into Great Britain. Scotland lost its independence and was compensated with a token representation at Westminster. It wasn’t until the restoration that Scotland and England could again be regarded as two separate and distinct kingdoms/nation states.

          Yoons will yoon…whether they’re republicans or monarchists.

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          1. True. It’s becasue there’s money in it.

            Mrs May unwittingly said as much when she was kidding herself that Rabbie would have tolerated her and her likes without lampooning.

            She said that Scotland had made a massive contribution to her United Kingdom (well, she said OUR, but it’s damn all to do with me). She said mentioned both cultural and financial contributions.

            Fancy that. There was us believing that we were a pile of subsidy junkies and all the time we were making a financial contribution to Her Benighted Kingdom.


  7. With apologies to Burns (and lovers of poetry) –

    O wad some pow’r the giftie gie us
    tae see oorsels as ithers see us!
    Toffs, peers, tycoons, that’s us –
    and also bankers.
    Whit’s that Ah hear the giftie ca’ us –
    a bunch o’ wankers?

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