One knows Trump said he wasn’t coming, Pheeleep. After all, one has done one’s best to ensure that one leads a “sheet-hole” country, but best to keep safe than sorry. So, if we see anything orange we make for the helicopter, right? It will either be him or that dreadful Arlene person. Either way, being at Windsor will be preferable, even with all these beggars.
Erm… sometimes you have to wonder if the flash limos and hundreds of servants are worth the anguish of working under President Pinhead.
Arise, Sir Pledge.  Oh and please take £115,000 a year to run your post-prime ministerial office, even if you were never the prime minister. And the Queen may not have seen fit to honour the fire, police and ambulance people, the porters, doctors, nurses and all others involved, but seriously, ask yourselves who the public value more. And remember, their baubles mean absolutely NOTHING.
Eugh… how revolting, in every way.
Ah, the worst pensions in the world are only safe with the  broad shoulders of our beloved benighted kingdom! Just as well we stayed, isn’t it?
a labour
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Jeremy Corbyn. You’re not half a disappointment. Do you know anything about anything?
a oil
You might think that that was odd, but then, when you consider the other daft stuff the UK has pulled, it all seems quite logical.
a nuclear
Ooops, Philip. Bit of an old gaff there.
a rbs
The closure of hundreds of branches of RBS in England, Scotland and Wales seems to have evoked very little interest in the House of Commons.
Ah, the good old democracy of the Benighted Kingdom.


24 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. I knew a lot of that, (… well … errr … sort of … I think …) but it’s something of a shock, to say the least, when you see it all laid out as above. Just one or two of those comparisons ought to have been all over the billboards before the EU referendum.

    I suppose like many I’ve just had the “British and Best!” mantra drummed into my head for so long that it’s actually quite hard to suspend belief and realise that “things aint what they used to be” (assuming they ever really were). So what went wrong, I mean “We Won the War!” didn’t we?? Shouldn’t that have left us better off than all those foreign Jonnies who lost or surrendered of were occupied, sometimes twice over, how come they’ve ended up richer and freer than us? Maybe we can blame the Americans???

    No, seriously, I need help with this mind-****, and I can’t be alone.

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    1. Yeah, you knew it. It’s always been there. It’s part of what the UK is all about, and always has been.

      I once talked to an old guy who was involved in the Burma Star organisation. He had been a prisoner in one of the camps.

      He was a really great old guy. And no typical socialist. He was very comfortably off. But he remembered having been kept going by the thought that one day he would be free, and would come back to Britain, and everything would be great.

      Well he came back after he was freed. But that is where the dream ended.

      Back to work, back to tugging forelocks to the bosses. Back to being servile to his betters, respecting royalty and nobility, and knowing his place.

      And his place was in housing that was too small, in bad repair and with not much hope of anything better, while Princess Margaret partied till dawn and the bosses made more money than ever.

      He wondered what he had fought for.

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      1. Well, like many people, I popped into existence soon after the end of WWII. The first big event I can remember was the coronation. Also I can recall me mam saying the all rationing was finally over, it lasted long after the end of the war. TBH things did seem to be slowly improving through most of my childhood, it probably took until the end of the ’60s before things really began to go downhill …

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  2. Spose the question which must be asked
    of the minority of Scottish malcontents
    is this

    Do you now or have you ever said
    Great Britain /United Kingdom is
    A shithole .

    Yes or no would be suffice

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        1. Remind me which language has ‘igen’?
          Or course our Celtic tongues have no single direct words for ‘yes’ and ‘no’, well apart from Breton, but they’re funny continentals after all 😉

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    1. I see what you did there Niko, like a spider trying to lure us into your cunning web. (If there can be such a thing)

      Your remind me of one of those old wonky fairground mirrors that distorts the image then reflects it back.

      Look mum it makes me look really fat!

      O how we laughed.

      The thing is that all the distorted reflecting back in the world cannot present the Union in a positive light and it certainly doesn’t change the fact that independence is our only way out of this oppressive system we are currently trapped in. Also, you can slag the SNP ad infinitum but they are merely our current vehicle toward independence so each time you use them to negatively compare and contrast, you’re just plain missing the point.

      Keep it coming though it’s quite entertaining

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      1. That’s a very good point.

        The SNP is simply the best way of getting where we need to be.

        Once we are there, without a shadow of doubt people will peel away for parties that genuinely represent their needs in a Scottish society, instead of in a British society which is overwhelmingly Tory and overwhelmingly South East English.

        Of course there is nothing wrong with being Tory. If that is what serves your interests and your conscience best.

        And there’s most certainly nothing wrong with being from the South East of England. I count several friends who are from, and/or now live there.

        My mum lived in London for 5 years, and we, as a family lived in the West Midlands for 12 years while my father worked for a Swedish company with a UK base there.

        However, the people who live there, quite reasonably, don’t give much of a stuff for what happens in Scotland. Why would they?

        Let’s be honest, how many of us care what happens in East Timour or Nuuk, or Cornwall, beyond any decent, normal, humanitarian feelings?

        Once we have a proper Labour Party in Scotland that actually reflects what is best for Scotland, then maybe people will take up voting for it again. In the meantime, Tricky Dickie is just a wee bit too much of a shadow of Corbyn for my liking. A very very pale shadow though, with none of the intellect.


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