No, not THAT Sun

David was in Seville over the holiday season.  He sent Munguin some photographs. I was going to keep them for the weekend, but to be honest, I’m bored stiff with politics right now… So, thanks, David.

n seville david

n seville2david

n seville5 david

n seville 3 david

n seville 6 david

n seville1 da

n seville1 david

n seville 4 david


17 thoughts on “TAKE A BREAK: ENJOY THE SUN”

  1. When I was there on holiday in 2004, I noticed a couple of what appeared to be ex Lothian buses, from the first generation of OMO vehicles, being deployed as city tour buses. The right hand drive caught my eye initially but I can’t quite recall what detail suggested to me the Lothian origin.

    Wish I’d taken a photo – but it was late evening.

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  2. I already know that rich and powerful folk build themselves fancy houses, nay palaces, in warm and expensive parts of the world. Why go to see them? Just to feel inferior?? Sorry, baffled.

    Btw. Lovely sunny day here today, blue sky, blue sea, just like the pics 🙂

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    1. Well, I guess to each his own.

      I love to travel. I always have.

      It fascinates me to be somewhere else, to see different places, how they build, their shops, their greenery, their animals, the scenery, the people, the language, customs…

      Since I was a wee lad I’ve loved it.

      It wasn’t bad here today. Not too cold. We had Mum out for the first time too!

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      1. Yep, I used to feel like that, go places just to ‘see the place’. But if you’ve no connection to the location then in a sense you “don’t really touch the ground” and these days might as well travel virtually with Google Street etc. And the more exotic the location, the less the connection … maybe? After all, all the locals want is your cash, I’m sure they wouldn’t otherwise want you traipsing all over there country?

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        1. I like to soak up atmosphere, smells… I always try to get connected in some way. Learn a little bit of the language… just words and phrases in most cases, read a bit about the place.

          I loathe shopping here, but will happily wander around a supermarket in Bratislava looking at all the different stuff. Even in my second home, France, I still love the difference, the cafés, the smell of good coffee, and food.

          I’m trying hard to remember a time when I lay on a beach.

          But we all take different things out of our holidays. I love the fact that there is so much you can see on Google, but for me it’s an addition rather than a substitute.

          Of course, you’re right, they want your money, whether it’s Greenland or New Zealand, Japan or Uruguay. But then, so do we in Scotland.

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          1. [Only just seen your reply …]

            Yep, smells ring a bell, if that’s not mixing metaphors. When I’ve gone places it’s usually been to an event or gathering or meeting of some kind, or else to visit folks I’ve met. It seems to me now that going somewhere where I know no-one would be little better than seeing the pics (roll on smelly-vision — LOL!)

            I’ve still got an old, long out-of-date passport, mainly because it contains the magic words “Residence : Scotland”, hell, have I been away that long! Hope they’ll let me back in post Indy. One thing I noticed, in England they ask, “where do you live?” or “where do you come from?”, but in Scotland it’s more often, “where do you belong?” Always liked the sound of that 🙂

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  3. Most of these buildings look incredibly old, they have probably survived dynasties and Franco. I doubt very few of them can be attributed to the families of their original builders. I too regret that wealth was concentrated back then, as it appears to be right now, but beauty, no matter it’s source adds to our joy.

    I completely understand the strategic point of Edinburgh Castle, but, nowadays it is a tourist attraction beyond compare. I think this series of photographs is of a similar metier.


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  4. Métier.
    Neither looks right.

    Is it Conan the Librarian that corrects these sort of fundamental errors in ‘O’ Level French?


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