The Tory leader of Windsor council, Mr Simon Dudley (presumably hoping that Mr will now be a short-term title) has written to his local Police and Crime Commissioner, Anthony Stansfeld, asking that he take action to clear beggars off the streets of Windsor  before the planned wedding of Harry Windsor and Miss Marple in May.


Well, that’s not entirely true. The facts seem to be that Mr Dudley tweeted a good deal about it while he was on a skiing holiday in Wyoming over Christmas, and then wrote a letter (dated January 2) to Mr Stansfeld, which he leaked to the press. Unfortunately, possibly due to the dire straits of the privatised postal service in Britain, the letter has yet to arrive. (However, Mr Stansfeld was able to read all about it in the press, so that’s OK.)


Clearly Sir Simon, sorry, my mistake, MR Dudley, [don’t be so previous, Tris, signed Munguin] wants to make sure that when the eyes and ears of international media descend upon his little corner of the green and pleasant land in May, the streets will be the way one expects of a town that boasts Windsor Castle, one of the royal family’s many publicly owned residences (tour £53 a pop. family ticket), Eton college, where princes (and others who can afford the fees of £34,000+ a year) go to school, and Ascot Racecourse, (dress code NOT optional).

Eton schoolboys in traditional tails at Eton College, England, UK

Mr Dudley (got it right this time) contends that many of the beggars who populate his patch are homeless for the fun of it, and the caring Conservative council has offered them all suitable accommodation, which they have refused because they prefer to be sleeping on the cold hard streets in winter weather. (Ungrateful beggars!) [Enough! signed Munguin.]

So, where to put all these down and outs while their majesties and highnesses and lords and ladies and other dignitaries are partying and spending untold millions which they managed to get from us, not to mention all OUR money paying for security for all their posh friends?


Well, I have a suggestion. I’ve heard that there is a nearby state-owned house with over 1000 rooms and only one family living there.


As an afterthought, this notion of royals marrying divorcees has caused some anguish in the past. According to the teachings of the Church of England, it is not possible to marry a divorced person who has a spouse living. Presumably because vows made before god that are “till death us do part” are supposed to mean just that.

ROYAL Monckton/Windsors 2

So back in the 1930s when Edward wanted to marry Mrs Simpson, a twice-divorced person, he was obliged to abdicate and go to France where he could be married.


When Anne remarried, Mr Philips still being alive) she fled to Scotland to use the Church of Scotland to get hitched to her current husband.

When Charles wanted to marry the divorcee Mrs Parker-Bowles in 2005, he was obliged to do so in a registry office (registrars), although he did get the Archbishop of Canterbury to bless the wedding, which kinda defeated the point.


Now Harry will marry his divorcee in a chapel in Windsor Castle.

Has the Church of England decided that it was wrong to deny marriage to so many people over the years?  If so, will it apologise to them? If not, is there a special dispensation for royals now?

Just asking.

40 thoughts on “ALL FOR HARRY’S WEDDING”

  1. Tris, pretty much every picture in your post consists of buggers I’d like to see swept off the streets – permanently. Oh, I see it’s “beggars”, not buggers. Ach well, let’s keep the beggars and get rid of that other lot anyway. I love how that bunch of over-privileged, useless, workshy, state-supported scroungers (Royal Family, of course) are so often held up as examples of “duty” and cited as being typical of the best of British values, some of which seem to be shagging your pals’ wives/husbands behind said pals’ backs and still being an upright, CofE example of good living. I truly think that the title HRH is so very apposite – if you realise that the initials stand for Hypocrisy Rank Hypocrisy.

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    1. I’ll never think of the initials HRH again in quite the same way.

      Frankly I don;t know how they can scrounge the way they do, live in utter luxury like they do, watch as the country falls to pieces for lack of money and not give at least some of it back.

      I mean why do they need all these homes with all these rooms when some people, THEIR people, they would have us think, have nothing.

      They make me physically sick.


  2. With apologies to John Roderick Bannerman

    Heil the Daily Mail hey ho,
    Heel for heel and toe for toe.
    See those homeless, out they go!
    All for Harry’s wedding.

    Plenty medals, to keep it real,
    Plenty cash for him to steal.
    Plenty bonny bairns as weel,
    That’s the toast for Harry…


    We’ll write a letter to the press
    To rid us of those lower class
    Isn’t she lovely; look at yon dress!
    All for sake of Harry


    Red his hair as Hewitts are,
    Bright his eye as any star.
    Fairest o’ them all by far!
    Is our darling Harry.

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      1. They were very down, but being bairns, they move on quickly. It knackered Hogmanay for sure though.

        As another thought, how does Munguin feel about extremely respectfully done knitted copies of him being sold for the cause? I would buy one. For the grandbairns, obviously.

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        1. Yes, I know, Conan. You’d sounded so upbeat on the 31st, and on the 1st you sounded a bit lost.

          Munguin says that if someone could be found to make respectful copies of him he’d be quite happy to raise money for the cause.

          Actually we have a couple of Mugs with his face on them.

          And I’ve got a Munguin T-shirt somewhere that I had done for the March in Edinburgh in 2013 (I think).

          Maybe we could do that. I have a feeling we’d not make that much out of them. They are quite expensive to produce.


  3. Loved the song Conan and I hope you’ll pardon the impertinence but this possible additional verse sprang unbidden into ma heid.

    It’s been such an awful rush,
    With all the Brexit moans to hush,
    And still rebellious Scots to crush!
    It’s time to marry Harry.

    Ho-hum, the day job beckons to me. Is there no escape from this life of leisure?

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      1. It is very clever, frankly very very clever. Songs tend to bring old Dixie down, and rather take away legitimacy from t’other side.

        I am unsurprisingly, on the Martin Luther King side. And I am a white guy.

        US politics has been messed up by a brain dead white guy – Donald Trump – who represents money and nothing else. He has the Presidency and uses it for increasing his wealth. In addition, the man is mad.

        The US Secret Service will view that as a threat. The Secret Service ought to wonder whether they serve the people or an increasingly insane President.

        There is no evidence whatsoever that they serve the people.

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        1. He’s kinda more orange than white though.

          I read in that Wolff article that he uses “Just for Men” on his hair, which is fine, but apparently he doesn’t have the patience to leave it on long enough.

          But what the hell does he use on his face?


          1. Point.

            There is apparently a new book out called ‘Fire and Fury’. I am about to pre-order it. This guy, Donald Trump, is the greatest threat to the human race I have ever encountered. Electing a President that is in early stage Alzheimers, who doesn’t read books? Who can’t concentrate more than a few seconds? What a strange and dangerous combination that may be. Some Americans are, frankly playing slot machines too much. You might hit a jackpot, you might crash and burn. It is not how I want to live my life.

            We ought to be very, very scared, as Defcon 11 has been declared by a cheapskate US President who is potentially not the full shilling.

            This is not a happy place to be.

            And as we have a PM who would back up his insanity, rather than walk away from it?

            A very, very, unhappy country to be a member nation of.

            Sorry, that was dystopian. But.

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            1. Of course, it’s fair to say that Mr Wolff wants to sell his book, so some of it may be untrue.

              But it is certainly plausible than our Donny saw the run for presidency as an opportunity, and that he didn’t think for a second that he would win.

              The look on Mrs Trump’s face on inauguration day certainly seemed to say, how could it have gone this wrong.

              In the normal course of events May is the kind that would suck up to a US president, and she needs a trade deal desperately.

              But in fairness to her she criticised him for retweeting these fake photographs of terrorists, and got slapped down for it. The she didn’t back his half witted plan to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

              I don;t think she’d go too far to disobey him though.


  4. From my source (below):

    “Meghan and Harry will still be able to have a church wedding as, in 2002, the Church of England agreed that divorced people could remarry in church, with the discretion of the priest………A statement from the Archbishop of Canterbury on the day of Harry and Meghan’s engagement confirmed that he does indeed approve of their impending nuptials.”

    As for Charles and Camilla in 2005:

    “It will be a stark contrast to the reception his father, Charles, Prince Of Wales, received In 2005 when he married fellow divorcee Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall. They married in a civil ceremony, which was followed by a blessing, as Dr Welby’s predecessor, Rowan Williams, refused to let them marry due to their previous adultery and as Camilla’s ex-husband, Andrew Parker-Bowles, was still alive.”

    So why couldn’t HRH The Prince of Wales have had that recalcitrant Williams character, the previous Archbishop, conveyed to the Tower and a new Archbishop installed who would listen to reason? That’s the way they did it in the old days. What’s the country coming to? Are the royals still in charge or not?

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    1. Ah, thank you, Danny.

      It seems that the Church of England was wrong all along.

      Silly old them.

      I look forward to their apologising to all the people whose happiness their mistake ruined.


  5. Tris, anent your second pic, the one of young Hewitt posing with some poor buffalo, probably shot by someone else on his behalf, do you know that there’s a chain of fast food restaurants in the States called “Harry Buffalo”? You can probably meet minor actresses in those sort of establishments, I imagine. I wonder if “Harry Buffalo” will be doing the post-nuptial catering Chez Windsor. “Sir, would you like to try our Royal Special Meal? You get two baps, a tiny Wiener and a Ginger Top.”

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    1. Young Harry was trained to kill people with a hovering (not accurate) 30mm cannon. Whether he was actually allowed to do this – who kens? Perhaps his “little Paki friend?”


      1. Yep, a very stupid thing to do. OK, he was young, but he was an officer in the army as well as an elite prince. They don’t get paid to be stupid. He’s also got himself photographed nude at parties. We’ve all see his arse!

        Fine, you can say, all kids are going to do that kind of thing.

        So, I say, let him get a job down the co-op or at B&Q, and be one of the kids.

        The fabulous privilege that comes with his position demands a bit of common sense and decorum.

        Now that kinda thing is really old-fashioned, passé even, rather like the idea of royalty and royal privilege.

        So let’s get rid of it.


  6. Please, please let us win our independence soon and let one of the first (if not THE first) acts of our new nation be the declaration of a Republic.

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    1. Adolph Hitler here. I apologise for the deaths of people I hate. I especially look for your forgiveness. Absent that, just look away.

      What a horrible human being Theresa May is.

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    1. Damn…my secret is out!

      These guys have some good stuff on Youtube. Great harmonies, brilliant arrangements… and the off stage musicians are fantastic too.

      I could listen to that stuff forever.


  7. Gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside don’t it? Liz runs the CofE so they better do as they are told, still time to get the kindling in!

    Long live the Scottish Republic.

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    1. LOL, George. Who will rid me of this turbulent priest… oh wait a minute, I don’t need anyone else. I can get rid of him myself!!!



        1. Indeed it was. If the church won;t do what you want, start another church. Henry had that in common with the Rev Ian Paisley.

          It apperars that Henry never wanted to marry a divorcee… and of course he never had a spouse living because he chopped their heads off which ensured that they were dead.


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