I’m sure you will all be a relieved as I am that the BritNat government has announced that, upon the day that the UK leaves the European Union, a proper Blue passport will incrementally replace the fake burgundy one that we have been obliged to tolerate for the last 30 years.

A variety of guests were invited to appear on Radio Four’s Today programme to gush about this momentous event in the history of our “proud island nation”.

All of them were bubbling with excitement. It was as if it were the government’s Christmas gift to its grateful and adoring populace

Nigel Farage tweeted, “Happy Brexmas”, as joy unbounded overtook him despite his impoverished condition.

I think people may be a little disappointed though when they finally get their new passports because, even if you take back control, in today’s world you have to fit in with international standards (on this occasion set in Montréal, Québec, Canada by a UN authority). There’s not much point in having a passport that cannot be read by immigration officials anywhere else in the world.


So it is unlikely that the stiff cover with the cut-out space for a handwritten name will survive. The new proud Tory Blue passport will have to comply with UN requirements, no matter how important and superior Britain thinks itself to be.

In short, it is likely that the new passport will look the same as the old passport, except it will be blue and it will not have “European Union” anywhere on it.

It’s a little sad that so much fuss is being made over the colour.


And, there was nothing to stop the Brits having a blue passport whilst a member of the EU. Croatia seems to manage perfectly well!

The fact that it was an EU passport conferred a few privileges on its holders. You could, for example, when outside the union, make use of any of the diplomatic services of any of the countries of the union. So, if you had a problem in Mauritania,  Peru or Cambodia, you could pitch up at the French embassy/consulate, or the Hungarian embassy/consulate, and they would have the same obligation to render assistance as the British embassy/consulate.

Mostly, of course, the red passport used to mean we could move relatively seamlessly though over 30 countries in Europe. Now we will have to queue at borders. If the purpose of the document is to ensure smooth passage between countries, the new passport will certainly be failing there!

I think, though, that the saddest thing I heard this morning was someone say that having a red passport was a mark of shame on the UK.


I’d suggest that people dying of cold on streets, letters arriving telling people they are fit to work on the day that they die, waiting in hospital corridors for 36 hours for treatment, the lowest pension/salary ratio in the developed world, the most expensive transport in Europe, homeless children, schools begging parents for money, well over a million food bank users, the return of rickets…. might be considered rather more of a shame than a piddling passport colour.

Ironies: It’s not clear that the new “iconic” British passport will actually be made in Britain. According to two separate articles in the Daily Diana, they may be made in France or Germany.  What horror!

And, no matter where they are produced they will still contain the French wording: “Honi soit qui mal y pense” and “Dieu et mon Droit”.

Rescued Donkey gets a shot at life…

I’m still very tied up with hospital visiting. My mum thanks all those who have been asking for her and sending her good wishes. Sorry if I’m not engaging much, but hey, you don’t need me for a conversation.

I saw this tonight on Twitter and it cheered me a lot…

I hope it will cheer you too.

Also, there is a really interesting post about Switzerland over at Terry Entoure’s blog.

He has written about what life is like there for ordinary people and wonders, in an iScotland, how people feel about incorporating some of these policies into our way of life.

Worth a read.


a gba bailie

I’m a bit out of circulation for a few days, Munguinites. But the big chief says posts must continue, so here’s a wee reminder of how Gordon Brown (GB) lied through his teeth for (or was made a complete monkey of by) David Cameron.

And, talking about that sort of thing, I thought it would be nice to have a picture of Baillie smiling, just to cheer us all up.

For a laugh… and to keep you occupied, you might like to try a caption for Baillie…


I may not have time to comment, but I promise Munguin will read every one.




a tax

The Tories happily cut £30 a week from the Disability Benefits, pathetically small though they are. So, people who really needed the money were £30 a week worse off. That’s £1560 a year worse off.

Why then, are they making a huge fuss about folk in Scotland who earn well above the average wage paying a few pence more a week in tax so that everyone (including the rich) can keep enjoying free tertiary education, free bridge crossings, free care for the elderly, free buses, free parking at all but two of Scotland’s hospitals, lower council tax, etc…?

Seriously, what is it with the Tories that they believe that rich people mustn’t be disadvantaged in any way, but the poor can go take a flying…run and jump?


a guy

Gut Verhofstadt is working to see if there is a way that people who are currently EU citizens, with the privileges that bring (free movement, EU passport, EU driving licence, etc) may be able to continue to be citizens if they wish to be after Brexit. I’m up for that even if there is a cost.


So, you could have someone with an extremely complex condition; one which would tax a specialist in the discipline to properly assess, and they are assessed by a paramedic or a physiotherapist?

No wonder the system doesn’t work and vast numbers of decisions are overturned on appeal, at VAST cost, when the case is heard by a judge (who has no targets).


I hear today that Mr Farage is 53, separated and broke.

So, he’s on £70,000 a year as an MEP [plus expenses]; then he has a radio show on LBC, who knows what he gets paid for that. He gets a lot of gigs from the BBC too. He owns a £4 million house in London and has a generous pension lined up for when he leaves the EU parliament in a year’s time.

a far

How broke exactly is that?

Anyway, when poor people complain that they are hard up, it isn’t unusual to hear someone reply that they seem to be able to afford to smoke and drink. So I’d suggest to Mr Farage: Stop the fags and booze. Not only will you be a bit better off, but maybe you’ll start looking your age, instead of a good ten years older.





n or2
Morning all. My mum’s busy on her iPad at the moment so you just go have a look around. My brother will meet you at the other end.



n Pangolin
Yes, yes, come right this way. I’m a Pangolin, in case you didn’t know.
n koh fifi island, Siam
Koh Fifi Island, Thailand
n leopard
I was having a snooze!!!!
n rupert
I’m Rupert the Dog, as opposed to Rupert the bear.
n Lägigrat, Switzerland
Lagigrat, Switzerland.
Sorrento, to which we will no doubt return!
This is one cool  (geddit?) snowman.
n avignon
Avignon, mais non pas sous le pont…
n best friends
Best friends, this blind calf is inseparable from this tortoise.
n butterfly meadow
Butterfly Meadow.
n cat
Folk say there aren’t enough cats on here…
n fox1
Watch out, Mr Fox. I can smell Andrea Loathsome.
n dog mates
It’s a very heavy stick.
n giraffe
Not much left up here for dinner…
n tracvelling
Kindly direct us to the First Class compartment, my good man. We’re friends of Munguin.
n slains castle
Slains Castle.
n pig1
No, you can’t have any.
n snow
Snow gets everywhere. Roll on spring!
n orang8
OK, we hope you enjoyed the tour. Come back next week. OK?



a derek

Apologies for the lack of work this week.

And I know it’s been an exciting week, what with Derek’s budget proposals, Ruth’s admission that she’d not be averse to a London parliamentary seat (the worst kept secret in the world), the Mayhembot being beaten in parliament on taking back to control to their parliament (instead of a cabal of right wing nut jobs), Kezia being sent to the Scottish equivilent of Coventry, and the high nesses Willie and Charlie joining the Maypole at a service for the survivors and victims of the greed and incompetence of Kensington Council, many of whom still have no permanent home.

a aWindsor-Castle-burning

Charles and Willie, of course, will remember when their mother’s/granny’s place at Windsor went up in flames and they had to throw Rembrandts and Van der Neers out the window. A dreadful year. An annus horribilis, in fact!

Doubtless, the royals were thinking to themselves how awful it was for these people to lose their priceless works of art (I mean your average Botticelli doesn’t look its best after being flung from the 20th floor of a multi), but then consoled themselves in the sure and certain knowledge that those who were left alive would have, as mama/grandmama had, decanted to one of their other houses, filled with equally desirably artworks

a roy

Then there was the slap in the face that Trumpy got when despite his presidential endorsement, Roy Moore and his horse were not elected to the US Senate, and the South’s South, the reddest state in the union, elected a Democrat senator, leaving Trump’s majority on the shoggliest of nails.


Finally, of course, there was that magical and heartwarming news that Harry the Hunter and his bird are to be wed, largely at our expense, on May the something or other. Joy unbounded. (Note to May: Brilliant day to bury any disastrous news.)

Anyway, there should have been articles on most if not all of those matters, and there was not. Munguin is not a happy chappy, and Tris is now sharing the cellars with Mick the Mouse. Nice bit of cheese for supper though!

Anyway… here’s some auld pics to puzzle over. Hope that makes it up to you! Munguin says you can all have 10 per cent of your subscriptions back….

What more could you ask?

Wait a minute…

dd dundee sna

DMrxpfNWAAAPYzFn suachiehall street

ss lamp 53

ss traf sq 47

ss car



This photograph was taken in Dundee. Vintage Willie put it up on his excellent Twitter feed, with the following annotation:

Dundee, Scotland, 1959. This photograph won the bronze medal at Interpress-Foto, 1960 in Berlin. Photograph: Michael Peto for the Observer The Peto Collection, held by

Do any of our Dundonian readers recognise where it is?

I thought maybe Lower Pleasance (parallel to Polepark Road) off the Lochee Road? I have to say, it’s so bleak I was surprised that it was as late as 1959!

Anyway, I know you guys like a puzzle.

Can anyone help, please?




a irel
Nope, mate. You hold all the cards.
Well, you and Arlene, of course.
a kids in poverty EU
Proud of punching above our weight in a lot of things, but clearly not kids’ poverty. Ex-communist countries like the Czech Republic, Estonia and  Slovakia are doing better!
I see these Britain First people speak really good British.
a trump2
Not sure there are a lot of people who are fit to walk in the footsteps of Mr Mandela.  But Trump’s not fit to walk in the footsteps of Atilla the Hun!
Oooops. Forgot, huh?
What with that and apprenticeships pensioners won’t need a pension to live on…
…which is just as well, given that you couldn’t live on it…
…however, fortunately,  important people don’t have to.
Ring any bells as to which country they are talking about?
inflation ps sal
And that’s serious stuff…
Unlike this tube with his kilt on backside fore. What a wally.





n funny face
Oh, there’s rather a lot of you and I only got 8 French Fancies in… Still, you can go and have a look at the pictures and I’ll eat them all myself. That way no favouritism!
N Culross
Beautiful Fife village of Culross.
n dog mates
You’re my bestest mate ever.
n penguin1
What are you doing there, little penguin?
n penguin2
Hmmmm? Why are you just sitting there?
n penguin3
I’m talking to you, you dumb burd.
n partnachklamm germany
Partnachklamm, Germany
n red sky
Red sky at night.
n lofoten norway
Green sky at night. Don’t say you don’t get variety here at the republic.
n indian pond heron
Indian Pond Heron.
n mount hood oregon
Mount Hood, Oregon.
n county clare
County Clare, and Mick the Sheep, who seems to be in charge!
n awww
…and you’re MY bestest buddy ever.
n tummy wash
Lie still till you get washed you bad kitten.
n edinburgh
The castle in the capital.
n flamingo tongue snail
Flamingo Tongued Snail.
How do you do? I don’t suppose you have any nuts about your person going spare…?
Jeez, you get some funny looking skies in Texas.
n lion and butterfly
A Lion fascinated by a Butterfly.
n mates
This here’s my dog. He keeps me safe from all the Munguin readers who want to orangnap me and take me home with them. I’m talking to you, Panda Paws!