1. I see the stats show Trump has
    Played more golf than Rory McIlroy in 2017 .
    And he promised to stop playing golf if elected.

    Still who can believe the
    Word of a serial sex abuser
    Such as Trump ..

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    1. Beautiful, wonderful country in more than one way.

      Lovely friendly people almost all of whom speak better English than most of us.

      I hope they have a wonderful time.

      Just take LOTS of money. They are very rich and things are VERY expensive.

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        1. I once, briefly, had an Icelandic girlfriend (Palma, many moons ago). She said the only beer you could get in Iceland was very weak, so people illegally home brewed stronger stuff.

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          1. Once upon a time virtually all alcohol was banned. Beer was available but it was really weak, and you could only get a bottle of wine if you were having a meal in a restaurant.

            But it’s all changed.

            There was, as there was in all northerly nations (including our own) a bit of a problem with alcohol, but the government has engaged young people in all sorts of activities, sports, artistic… and it seems to have worked in weaning them off alcohol dependency.

            It truly is a remarkable country.


        1. I managed to learn a little… mainly words and phrases, which they found very cute. Speak Icelandic with a foreign accent!!

          If you are fond of the country there are some really good Icelandic Nordic Noirs, many of which talk a bit about the countryside, weather and the people in a fair amount of detail. Amazon has a fine stock.


  2. If I recall correctly, Gulfoss has a sort of ledge halfway up where you almost get the sense of standing partly under it – but that is going back 45 years so may not be an accurate recollection.

    What is an accurate one though is of a lovely lady called Sophie in the Reykjavik tourist office. An English teacher, she had done her year abroad in Aberdeen, so each time I went in I greeted her with “aye,aye fit like i dee?” and got the reply “nae sae bad, fit like eersel?”

    Also at dancing, women expected to be returned to their place at the end of each dance; this was not optional and I learned this practice through being steered back in an iron grip on my shoulder before the penny dropped.

    Wonderful country and some spectacular howffs (saeluhusen – I think) in the interior, including a tiny one in a hanging valley undet a glacier near Kerlingafjoll.


      1. Diego Delso
        Rainbow over Gullfoss (“Golden Falls” in Icelandic), a waterfall located in the canyon of the Hvítá river and one of the main attractions of the Golden Circle in southwest of Iceland. The fall step on the left is 11 m high and the one on the right 20 m high. The amount of water flowing is in summer when the picture.

        Ha ha. Sophie sounds lovely!


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