A must-read for the New Year break.
… or fairies, maybe?
Bless him. So generous.
She’ll rust…
You said it, mate.
There’s probably another mask under there… eh, Hissing Sid…?
Start with the House of Lords.
human rights
Ain’t that the truth…?
I’d be embarrassed to be seen with a person who had such a wooden smile, but I suppose it won’t bother the puppet.
Ah… right.
Certainly looks strong and stable to me. 
a fox ban
Yep, we need to ditch them… 


You’ll remember the last time that old British sword of truth came out? Aye Jonathan Aitken ended up in the pokey.


As we shall shortly find out.


Yes, just step back. It’s probably kinder.


Those on retirement pensions better get used to living on £2000 a year then…


Jingle Bells.


Sounds like a plan.


The what of what? I mean, uhhhhh? If there was ever ANYTHING in the world that less resembled an iron lady, it’s this stuttering stumbling idiot. I’m wracking my brains to think of just one thing she’s got right.  Ever!


11 thoughts on “JUST A LITTLE LIGHT RELIEF …”

  1. A very comprehensive list. I’m really looking forward to the next clusterf*(k.
    Especially liked Jenni Russell’s truthful take and she a Times columnist.

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  2. That puppet, the one on the left looks a dead ringer for Ross Thompson, the nodding donkey.

    Get rid of the lying Tories. See, I am adapting a Trump soundbite!

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  3. Y’know, mostly you come across as a gentle soul. Though, occasionally, you show your teeth.

    Perhaps the Jenni Russell post and the paperclip show how a Siberian Tiger bites.

    Err, that would be you.

    I have spent a lot of time reading about USA politics recently, almost exclusively.

    I am pretty positive that Nichola Sturgeon would not see Republican politics as a 101 as to how to conduct yourself. On the other hand, I think the Conservative Party think that they too have an ability to lie, much like a Republican, and have a section of society believe them. These are challenging options.

    They ( conservatives) ought to look at Donald Trump’s poll ratings rather than twitter feeds. He is really, really unpopular and ‘winning’ his tax bill which is an oligarchs wet dream, is hardly going to be convincing to middle America in a few months time.

    Perhaps Theresa will adopt his strategy, who has a Second Class BA (Oxford) in Geography, is an unconvincing fool to place on the World Stage. So why not follow Donald Trump? She’ll hold his hand.

    Would that be the guy that was bankrupt a number of times, despite inheritance? Would that be the guy that is always on twitter tearing down any US institution that he doesn’t like, like a Prince?

    I, too, am a gentle soul. I would like Donald Trump carted off to a mental institution under Article 25 of the American Constitution as soon as possible.

    I live well within the blast range of an attack on our nuclear deterrent. Which this idiotic President makes more likely.

    I will die, but I’d rather it was through normal life-ending events and not a nut-case. I think that Donald Trump is that sort of nutter.

    How the hell did we get to this?


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    1. Mostly I am a reasonably gentle soul.

      I’ve always hoped, you know, that although Theresa knows almost nothing, at least when people talk to her about, say, Indonesia, she as least has an idea where it is!

      The worry about Trump being carried off to a place of safety, is that Pence is probably more dangerous.

      We got here by politicians being bad at their jobs, and in many cases corrupt. I was just listening to a programme on Radio Four.


      It seems that Russian corruption has reached the House of Lords!


  4. trispw,

    Your point about Pence? Fair comment. This GOP has to be flattened, as they are the antithesis of freedom, justice or sense.

    Wonder what our American friends that hang around here think?

    And I will listen. Mainly because those that comment around here regularly appear pretty sane.

    I’d welcome their opinion.

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      1. Indeed. They are our people in America. Was there not a guy called Alisdair Cooke or something that was the BBC’s ‘Our Voice in America” or something like that?

        I think we have at least as good folk.

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