n orang xmas
You would turn up just when we are opening our presents… Well, off you go and have a look round. I’d put on a coat though, he’s gone on seasonal on us! It’s Baltic!
n alaska
Camping in Finland.
n pen2
I want my Christmas dinner…
n oregon
Wintery Oregon.
n colder
n peters gd
Well, you can’t have Christmas without kids, and this is Peter’s granddaughter learning to drive one of his vintages.
n sunset
Sunset in the snow.
n yosemite
n polar
You need a snooze after the dinner…
n finland
Sure knows how to snow in Finland.
n rein1
Santa’s little helper…
n polar2
Snoozing is all very well, but little bears need to play too.
n reindeer
Anyone seen a sleigh?
n peng
Is it Christmas yet?
February in Greenland.
Musk Oxen don;tΒ much bother with Christmas.
Did you ask for a polar bear?
Who said polar bear?
What’s this we have here?
n trees
I do, little buddy. I don’t suppose you want to be prime minister,Β do you?
Suburban Nuuk.
OK, I’ve taken over from that Orangutan, because he’s got more presents to open. Come to that so have I, so have a nice day…Β  Now I wonder what this is…


29 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Even more magical than usual trispw. May I see this thread as an opportunity to wish you and yours a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year. I have enjoyed what you do here enormously and your patience with my inane replies has been frankly superhuman.

    Best wishes for your personal future and for this web site, which has allies around the planet. 2,200 subscribers, who’d have thunk it?

    Moving on to you guys that either comment or read here, I wish you all the sentiments I wished trispw.

    You are all stars in my book!

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    1. I would like to join dc in wishing everyone here at Munguin’s Republic…..including Tris all the staff at Munguin Towers …….a very Merry Christmas.


  2. Very nice wintery Christmas edition of Soppy Sunday! Beautiful winter view of El Capitan at Yosemite, and a very striking picture of Orion and the ski runs on Mount Bachelor in Oregon. In fact, all the pictures were cool.

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    1. I thought people would. That’s why the wee Orangutan in the first picture handed out a warning…

      Munguin and I hope you, too, will have a Happy 2018, Marcia.


  3. Absolutely excelled yourself Tris – those were brilliant especially given the week you’ve had. I think it was fitting I was the last picture though πŸ™‚

    I saw the tree picture on twitter – mon the trees. Though I’ve one that needs to go as getting dangerous, it will be replaced with a baby one.

    As others have said Merry Christams to all at MNR – lurkers and commenters alike and extra best wishes to those who will be on their own

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    1. Thanks, PP.

      I thought you might like a starring role, and that little fellow at the top had more to do than worry about SS.

      Yes, for us here at MR, trees are very important. It’s heartbreaking when you have to take one down, but when they become dangerous, you have no choice. And as long as it is replaced by a little one…

      Munguin and I send our best wishes for Christmas to you and your family.


      1. These Finnish heilin coos look a little better groomed than some of the Scottish ones I’ve seen. Or maybe it’s just in comparison to the Musk Oxen. πŸ˜‰

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  4. Tris, a big “Thank You” for all your posts and pictures throughout the year and a Happy Christmas to you and yours, to Munguin himself, and to all who read or comment on Munguin’s New Republic.


    1. It’s such a pleasure, Andi. I love all the comments, funny or serious…

      Munguin and I consider ourselves lucky to get so many interesting comments.

      Happy Xmas to you from us. πŸ™‚


  5. It is fast approaching midnight here in Malaysia, so I am taking this opportunity to all reader a Happy Christmas & New Year. The pessimist in me in warming up to the new year. It is going to be so shitty till one has no choice but to be optimistic. Next year is going to be the year whether Scotland makes or breaks it. Hopefully we wil be free in 2019.

    So cheer up and chin up. The end game is very near. And we will win it.

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    1. Indeed. Thanks so much, Abu…

      It could be a big year.

      There’s a lot to be pessimistic about .. but there are possibilities everywhere, and we can be optimistic too.

      There are opportunities to take advantage of. The more of a mess that May makes of Europe, the more people may see what we COULD be.

      Anyway… I hope you have a good Christmas and I hope to see you in the not too distant future…

      All the best, my friend.


  6. Best Wishes to Munguin, Tris and All. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for A Happy Prosperous 2018.
    Many Thanks for all your hard work blogging and keeping us entertained.
    Live Long and Prosper.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey Cairnallochy,

      We wish you a Happy Christmas too and thank you for your contribution to making Munguin’s Republic what it is (whatever that is) … πŸ™‚


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