For some time it has been the government’s policy that it is good for people with disabilities to have a job, earn money, take themselves out of poverty and dependency. (Not that having a job in the UK does any of these things, but we are talking about the UK government here, so don’t expect any kind of sense or decency.)

There was nothing stopping people, they reckoned, getting out there and getting on with it. And so they redesigned the medical examinations system for Disability Benefits.

Instead of looking at a person’s illness or disability, considering how they would manage a job and whether they would be likely to be offered a job, or whether their disability would be considered too much of a liability to a potential employer, they looked at whether or not a person was capable of doing anything at all, whether or not anyone would be likely to employ them to do it.

a lord-freud
Mr Freud, one of their august noblemen, suggested that they could pay people with disabilities less money because they would produce less.

If they could walk a few steps, sit up, move even a little, that was it. Off disability benefits and onto the lower paid job seeking benefits. The real, indeed the only, aim was to save money.

We’ve all seen the ridiculous examples of people whose disabilities make it hard enough just to get through the day without having a job to do, being taken off their benefits and told to look for work. And it is interesting that over 50% of those who appeal against that withdrawal, have the decision overturned by the legal system (which, unlike Jobcentre and the private companies it employs to carry out these tests, does not have targets to fulfil).

So, until recently the government was blaming disabled people for scrounging from the system and being a burden to the country.

Now, apparently, thanks to the drive to get people with disabilities into work, more people with disabilities are working. So is the government happy?


Britain has a productivity problem. Brits simply produce less per man hour than workers in other large economies. I’d say there were a large number of reasons for this.

British infrastructure is poor; connectivity is abysmal; management is crap; employee incentives, at the bottom end of the market, are dismal. I’ll stop there because I’m running out of negative adjectives, but you get the drift.

Dead end jobs with no security, short-term and zero-hours contracts, bad management, wages which leave people having to collect social security top-ups, firms struggling to get things moved or to do business on a slow (and sometimes non-existent internet or mobile phone cover) are all either disincentives to hard work or blocks to achievement.


Many people hate their jobs and hate their employers, are bored and dissatisfied. They know they may not be there this time next month. Why would they work hard?

But dear old Philip Hammond (we call him Smiler Hammond at Munguin Towers for his cheery smile and jolly ways) has decided that these things aren’t the real reason for the fact that we get precious little done here.

No no no. Having blamed people with disabilities for not working and causing problems for the economy, he’s now going to blame them for working, and causing problems for the economy.

Yep, that’s right. Britain’s productivity crisis is about the fact that more people with disabilities are working, but presumably not at the pace that able-bodied people would work… QED. Seems if you have a disability, it’s going to be your fault, one way or another.

Come on people, let’s get the hell out of this sickening country while we can.


  1. These people are scum. No matter how rich or respected by utter fools they might be.

    I cannot really keep my contempt for them in check.

    We really do need to separate from idiots such as this completely ‘off the wall’ plonker.

    Least, that is what I think.

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  2. Well they could always just sack disabled people and make them unemployed. Oh but there aren’t any unemployed according to, wait for it, Phil Hammond. Worse than all these pronouncements is the fact that he’s one of the better Tories in the cabinet. Let that sink in for a moment he’s one of the better ones. Sweet baby Jesus.

    I think I’ll go and google some orang-utan photos and calm down

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  3. Bloody hell!

    Philip “Ispeak to aliens cause there is no unemployment in the UK” Hammond is blaming DISABLED for poor productivity!

    This guy should NOT be left alone he is a danger to the concept of FREE thought everywhere. He is a brilliant example of why people MUST engage brain BEFORE opening their mouth.

    Ooops … sorry Tris I forgot … this TWAT does not have a brain or anything else that can even be considered close enough to resemble such an important bodily organ!

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    1. He’s a bloody corker, Arbroath, and as PP says, he’s the best of them.

      If anyone in Scotland can’t see that we’d be better off without this Whitehall Farce, I despair of them.

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  4. I’ve just seen this guy. No posh accent here, but he talks a lot more sense that Hammond.

    And yes, very pleased to see Labour and SNP politicians out with these folk protesting against a system brought in by the Tories and the Liberal Democrats. What’s that Willie Rennie?

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      1. In fact, while the Brits have their House of Awfully Posh People at £300 a day + as much as you can steal., we should have a house of people just like this guy.

        People who know what life’s about.


  5. The definition i have of productivity is the same output for less input.
    Watched a video from the Brompton bicycle factory, virtually unorganised labour with people walking to bins to get parts, wasted effort, low productivity, high cost product.
    From my employment time we had disabled workers where the work came to them and jobs allocated to their skills, people there were skilled and paid as such and had disabilities. Some even arrived in Blue disability cars, parked close to access and had wheelchair access to working areas. All it took was some organisation.
    Offering people the Tory Living Wage to get by on isnt a sensible way of giving incentive, good conditions and wages are.
    I think that a society can and must look after its citizens because we can all need the safety net at some time in our short stay on the planet, and no matter who you are there’s no pockets in a shroud.
    It’s abscene that a university principle can be paid Half a Million English Pounds for ( months “Work”.
    Faigh e deas suas iad.
    roll on independence

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    1. It’s a good point that the management in Britain is, and has always been utterly crap. As you say, properly managed people produce more.

      I heard today that the Sunday Times ran an article saying that the problem was too many people on social media when they are supposed to be working.

      I say: Where’s the management? In meetings? On social media themselves?

      Manage! That’s what you are paid for.

      People who are not well off are incentivised by more money, and as you say the top management don;t really need any more money. You can;t take it with you. On the other hand it would be good for kids to be able to eat.

      And university principals need to get a grip of themselves. They are becoming a joke.


      1. Agree, the man that was in my mind was a highly skilled glassblower, he produced more intricate work than the others. He fought in the war, lost both legs in the desert, got a blue handicap single seater, couldn’t take his family with him.
        He was a scot, and an independence supporter, in the 1970’s, he wasn’t short changed on pay just the penny pinching to pay back our friend the leaselend cash.
        The arch capitalist, Henry Ford, paid his workers enough to buy his product, no point mass producing if the masses can’t buy.
        Last point, according to the loading manager at the new container terminal on the south coast, a third of the containers go back to china Empty, england is the biggest exporter of fresh polluted air.

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        1. Yes, I can believe that. Other than smoked salmon and whisky, what would tehy want that we have?

          As the People’s Daily said (rather cruelly, when Cameron was on a visit there) England is good enough for tourism and going to college, but nothing much else.


    1. Yes, I know. Although I understand that Amber Rudd is relatively sensible about Brexit.

      There must be others too. They can’t all be like Gove and Fox.

      One of the problems is that Murdoch and Dacre seem to have Maybot by the (whatever you have robots by). She appears scared to deviate from their demands. I bet Govey reports back to both of them, personally or through his Mrs.


      1. You grab robots by the batteries, I think.

        There is a sense of power residing with the most rabid Brexiters because everyone else is scared to speak, lest they go against “the will of the people”. As you said, the tabloids have poisoned the debate entirely. It’s a kind of a High Noon story set in Westminster. Who will play the role of Gary Cooper? It definitely won’t be Jeremy Corbyn.

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        1. Ah well, you’d know about things like that!

          The will of the people would be a little more convincing if it hadn’t been around 52%. Of course that is a win and I’d not argue that, but at least Scottish politicians, representing Scottish constituencies might like to be aware that the will of THEIR people was somewhat different. So too, might Arlene, whose constituency voted to remain.

          Jeremy Corbyn has been worse than useless. It “may” be the only thing that gives Maybot a bit of comfort. If there was an opposition worth the name, sitting on the benches opposite, rather than on the ones behind (and beside) her, she would be even farther into the sh*t.


  6. Since the dark days of Thatcher the Tories have been known as ‘The Nasty Party’.

    Unfortunately that name is no longer adequate and the current band of bastards should be named ‘The Evil Party’.

    Somebody above commented favourably on Amber Rudd and I must say that in my opinion she is about the only frontbencher with any visible sign of competence.

    However, she gets little mention as being a suitable candidate to replace the useless Maybot – it may be because of her father’s erstwhile shady business reputation and the fact that it has been suggested that her own business history was not exactly lily white.

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    1. I’m not sure she’s actually competent, Gus, just, perhaps, a little less batshit than the rest of her colleagues.

      Can’t remember what it was she did , but it was pretty shady!”


  7. The thing is most real productivity improvements
    not reliant on slave labour involve automation.
    And as such being disabled has no implications
    Whatsoever well maybe having a more comfortable

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