…When you arrange a photocall at a food bank, or a collection point for a food bank, you don’t stand there grinning like an idiot Chesire cat. You have the grace to look angry and ashamed that in, what purports to be the 6th largest economy on Earth, there are well over a million people who rely on food banks because they can’t afford food for themselves or their kids.

Delighted to support the today at the store in Torry . You can support the UK’s biggest food drive by any canned or long life foods at your local store. I was pleased to make my donation


See…you can do angry if you try!


And you hang your head in shame that you are part of what has caused that horror to be a fact of life for so many of our people, including people in work and old folk … while others live in the lap of luxury.


This is what makes me utterly ashamed to be British. It’s what makes me bilious when I see one of your union flags and all it stands for. It is what has, on occasions abroad, made me pretend not to be British.

Good that you got in a wee advertisement for Tesco though. When you lose your seat, maybe they’ll find you a job.


36 thoughts on “NO Mr THOMSON…”

  1. yeah saw him ranting and raving at the debate- kind people put it on twitter with a wtf tone. I seriously wonder about folk who would vote for candidates like that just to keep snpbad out. Okay maybe they didn’t know much about him but folk have put a cross beside David Mundell’s name for years. Come on. Seriously.b

    Anyway really looking forward to Sunday now, life affirming orangs to the rescue.

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    1. I think he didn’t care for being bettered by Ms Black, but bettered he very very much was.

      It’s very cheering when someone looks forward to something Munguin is going to publish.


      We shall try not to let you down…


  2. Aye it’s all very dispiriting, Tris, but thanks for lightening it up a bit for us by posting the pic of attendees at this year’s Annual Fancy Dress Fuck-the-peasants Gala Banquet. Nae need fur a food bank there!

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    1. Well, I thought we needed something to cheer us up. As I looked at it, it occurred to me that it was just that. Fancy dress. Adults, supposedly running the country (in between looking at on-line porn) dressed up in silly clothes.

      I mean what DO they look like?


    1. Keep up niko.
      Thats a very old story. Only now after a couple of years are they finally
      taking action to get the flag removed. It would not matter what flag it was, it is an eyesore in its current location.

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        1. The Flute-tooters who ran the pub put up a flagpole without planning permission. It’s the flagpole, not which flag run up on it, that was the issue. But that wouldn’t sell papers.

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        2. Indulging in a bit of Unionist barrel scraping there Niko?

          You’re all getting so much practice but with no discernible improvement.

          There, there.

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    2. Flags don’t mean a great deal to me, Niko, although I must admit what that one stands for and what it makes me think of is most unpleasant… including the likes of the fancy dress party in the Reuters’ photo, but much more seriously, the death of millions of people all over the world who were, as Mr Churchill put it, “obstructing the will of His Majesty’s Government” (in their own countries!)

      I care more about the folk who are sitting at home today in front of a one bar fire with a lot of clothes on to keep warm… or telling their kids that there isn’t enough money for them to have a meal.

      But I have to admit that I would be pretty sickened if someone flew one of these things in a sight-line of my house.

      Indeed I’ve stuck an SNP sticker over the impression of that flag on my driving licence. I note that Northern Irish driving licences don’t have that flag on them. I wondered in this union of equal nations why we were forced to! Do you know?

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  3. Rees-Mogg argued on Thursday that they fulfilled a vital function. “I don’t think the state can do everything,” he said. “It tries to provide a base of welfare that should allow people to make ends meet during the course of the week, but on some occasions that will not work.
    Food poverty is the ‘new normal’ in the UK. We adopted it from the States
    “And to have charitable support given by people voluntarily to support their fellow citizens, I think is rather uplifting and shows what a good, compassionate country we are.”

    and a merry xmas

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    1. @Niko
      By repeating rees moggs drivel about being compassionate I can only assume you agree with him. No-one in the UK should be begging on the streets or living in food or fuel poverty. It’s a disgrace, and if you support rees moggs view as described then you are the extremist not the independenistas.

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        1. Absolutely. They live in the 18th century of fancy dress, privilege of peerage, etc, and they want Scotland to help pay for it.

          Buckingham Palace and Palace of Westminster to be done up with no expense spared…even if the costs double overnight. And there’s a royal wedding coming up and without a doubt some more royal offspring to support.

          Someone has to pay


      1. No, I can assure you Kangaroo, Niko doesn’t agree with him. His own family (as have so many others’) has been touched by the heartless cruelty of the likes of Rees Mogg.

        I think we can be absolutely assured that Niko was being iroic there.

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    2. Mr Rees Mogg. What can you say? Everything about him is fake. He’s not an aristocrat. He just pretends to me. He’s not a devout Catholic. He just pretends to be.

      The state has systematically reduced social security payments in every way it can. By depriving people of them for no reason, and by reducing them in real terms.

      As usual the royal family allowed themselves to be used to cover the news that despite 3%, and rising, inflation, the British government had decided to freeze benefits YET AGAIN.

      And then people like May and her boss (the queen, not the orange faced pumpkin) tell us what incredibly good Christians they are; how their every waking moment is governed by the teachings of Christ.

      And all I can think of is that I was forced to learn about Christ’s teachings when I was at school… and I think the teachers must have lied to me. Because the bit about starving the poor and freezing old people to death seems never to have been mentioned.


  4. was in Morrisons earlier. The chickens had Union flags on them but there was a member of staff sticking Saltires on them – unfortunately not over the existing flag. However seems like someone is listening. Hail Scotland the Brand.

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    1. Oh, I think that that message may well have got through. I appreciate that it is helpful to know which country produce has come from… and sometimes politics will come into this.

      But it seems unnecessary to me to put flags all over things.

      A bad of potatoes absolutely covered in a union jack? Nonsense. Grown in the UK in small letters is enough. After all they don;t cover the wrapping with the sugar or fat content of food, do they? And that is much more important.

      Well done Morrisons. You seem to be learning from Aldi and Lidl.


  5. Sainsbury’s – four baked potatoes, grown in Perthshire, in a Union Jack bag – not just a wee UK flag, the whole plastic bag was a flag. When I called up customer service to say Oi!, I should have mentioned that hereabouts that pisses off over half the population.

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    1. Yep. It’s a bit silly. somewhere around half the population don;t want that flag in this country, never mind on their spuds.

      It seems to me it would make economic sense, even if it’s lacking on British patriotism, to bin the thing.

      No one is going to be pissed off by. ‘Grown in Scotland’ or ‘Grown in England’, or even ‘Grown in Britain’. But rubbing people’s faces in union flags doesn’t make commercial sense.

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      1. The way I figured it, I made my feelings known, and the tatties are proper Scottish tatties grown not far away from here, and I doubt that it’s the farmer’s decision what kind of bag Sainsbury’s are going to put them in, so – as we don’t like wasting either food or money here at Schloß Freeman – I’ve had one so far, and very nice it was too.

        I am sure that Mr. Munguin can afford to be more high-minded… if I’d been in a position to do so, I suppose I could have donated them to a food bank. After all, that flag is in a sense the reason we have food banks in this country.

        Yeah – Union Jackery makes no commercial sense, not here in Scotland, anyway.

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        1. Munguin is ordering me to grow our own. I’m sure he thinks we can grow enough to sell… and they won’t have flags on them, They’ll have his wee face and…

          GROWN BY MUNGIUN (or his inferiors)

          At least until we leave the EU. After that you’ll be able to put any crap on a label and the truth willo be the last thing anyone will expect.

          GROWN and RAISED under the BENEVOLENT FLIPPER of MUNGUIN. (even though he’s noe no more than glace out the window at them.

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  6. Another jolly photo-op for the party of the British nationalist rich. What larks! Coming next: Rees-Mogg on why the Irish Potato Famine was god’s way of punishing the Irish for not accepting wonderful British nationalist rule.

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  7. Damian Greene, Oh, Damian Greene,
    Just what did you view on your computer screen?
    You claim to be innocent as a babe newly-born
    But the police say you had internet porn.
    Oh, what a quandary; what a to-do!
    Should we call the police liars and just believe you?

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  8. On another tack … just came across this. Keywords: EU, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Brexit, border.

    “Speaking at a joint press conference in Dublin with Irish Taoiseach (prime minister) Leo Varadkar, [president of the European Council Donald] Tusk said, ‘Before proposing guidelines on transition and future relations to the leaders, I will consult the Taoiseach if the UK offer is sufficient for the Irish Government.’

    ‘Let me say very clearly, if the UK offer is unacceptable for Ireland, it will also be unacceptable for the EU. I realize that for some British politicians this may be hard to understand,’ he continued.”

    In other words, and apart from anything else, Mr. Tusk, who is Polish despite his first name, is saying “Those bloody Tory Brits really are thick as mince”.

    I think I hear chortling noises from across the Irish Sea.

    From (shortened URL) , (full length)

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    1. Well, I can see why Pan Tusk would think it would be hard to understand for Brits.

      I don;t think they were lying when they said that we could ahve our cake and eat it, and that it would be the simplest thing on earth to get a great deal and that the rest of the world would come begging us for trade deals.

      They weer simply living in a cloud cuckoo land where Queen Victoria issued an order and it happened.

      Probably they got their intelligence from Mr Rees Mogg.

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