It’s hard to find the right words to describe Trump…

I mean, he’s nasty, cheap, ridiculous. He’s dense, or at least seemingly unable to articulate deep thinking on any subject. Indeed even fairly shallow sentiment seems to be beyond his ability. He’s a vulgarian, and a proud sexual abuser as the “pussy” tape showed very clearly. (I’ll happily accept further suggestions!)

If he was the bloke in charge of your local supermarket he would be beyond the pale. As president go, he’s simply indescribable. Never has anything so ridiculous as his election happened.

If the American people wanted something different, they sure got something…erm, different.

I feel sorry for them. Personally, I thought that virtually everything he promised was pie in the sky… bringing back manufacturing jobs to the USA (to be done by people who expected salaries ten times and more than the current employees were getting with far higher conditions of employment), was never likely to be more than a dream. Muslim bans in a country with a constitutional requirement to accept religious freedom…silly. Walls across the southern border. Mad. Ridding America of affordable care. Horrific.

In any case, in his first year, he has achieved almost nothing except a few humiliations in the early days where his decrees were overturned by courts. Much of the rest of the time has been spent replacing members of his administration who walked, some after only days in post.


I felt vaguely sorry for the Maybot today.


Faced with Trump’s moronic retweeting of unverified hate messages from the utterly repugnant group ‘Britain First’, May was left with no alternative but to offer mild criticism of his actions. She would have preferred not to, but the demands from too many people in the UK were too great for her to ignore.

At the same time, of course, she is aware that she must keep in with him, because in the increasingly unlikely event that he is still president when Brexit occurs, she will desperately need his promised trade deal, no matter how injurious it is to the UK.

In this case, a bad deal will be better than no deal.

So given that he is a fractious, ill-tempered, childlike character, she doesn’t want to be seen to do other than flatter his ego and hope that he won’t be too demanding.  atrumpy

But of course, he doesn’t like being even mildly rebuked in the most polite and respectful way possible, so when she indicated in a statement that she thought he was wrong, he immediately, eschewing the normal channels of communication between governments,  tweeted a snarky comment back to her.

Unfortunately, despite spending about half his life playing on Twitter (the other half is spent on the golf course) he appears not to have got the hang of this tweeting lark and so he managed to send his message to another Theresa,  from Bognor Regis or somesuch place, who has 6 followers.


And this is the man with a finger on the nuclear button!

Much has been made of the altercation today. Trump has been castigated by politicians from all major parties, and it has even been suggested that the invitation to a state visit should be withdrawn. That, of course, is almost impossible to do. Much though we might want it, that level of insult to a head of state of a nation that Britain desperately needs to keep in with, is a step or six too far.

Of course, the truth is that it should never have been issued within the first few weeks of his presidency. It never has been before, with presidents who were at least in some ways presidential. To issue an invitation to such a controversial figure within the first weeks of his incumbency was yet another of the Maybot’s idiotic misjedgements.


Let’s hope that Trump is sentient enough to realise that even if the Queen has no option but to accept his presence here, the public is under no such obligation and that should he make the visit, the protests of ordinary people will be at a level designed to utterly humiliate him.  Hopefully that will be sufficient to persuade him to postpone his coming until his …erm…second term! Bwa, ha ha ha ha ha.

42 thoughts on “TRUMP…JEEEEZ”

  1. Apparently Trump won’t come unless he can travel up the Mall in a golden coach. Even now the Queen’s coach mechanics are sucking their teeth and saying Sorry Ma’am, the offside shaft’s knackered and that’s a whole world of pain that will take three years to replace even if we could find a spare, which we can’t…Not much demand for these old models…

    On a more mundane level, all and any suggested dates will be found to be ‘impossible’ because Her Maj has a previous engagement. Thus face will be saved without any need to withdraw the invitation.

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    1. LOL LOL.

      Yes, I’m sure that there are some people in the FO (obviously not the other straw haired idiot) who have the savvy to put stuff off. And with the queen being of advanced years that should make it easier. Then there’s the birth and the wedding.

      Busy busy busy.

      The after that there is Brexit and the poverty, disease and plague which will sweep the land…


  2. Tris

    Trump, May and things like Brexit are the result of anger, exasperation and ignorance. People have been played for long enough and there are some who have decided to give the establishment their worst nightmare, and others who feel emboldened to let their far right politics, which have always been there, a good old airing. We have them in Scotland, just not as many as they have in England. I have always thought that the UK is an intolerant and racist country in the main, no matter what people in charge try to say. We live in an elitist and class ridden country that has never even been a true democracy. The system is loaded so the 1% pretty much get what they want, even if they have to suffer a few years of Labour in between. Trump is an idiot, as is May and Corbyn, but I don’t think anyone feels that it can get much worse and those who scream and shout on shows like Question Time are the very ones who go and vote for them and when it comes to Scotland we have too many who suffer from jockholme syndrome in the extreme, no one in their right mind can think that being in the UK is a good thing any longer, it never was, but now it is a joke and yet there are those that cling to it for some reason. Cowards in many ways and brainwashed in others. What can we do ther than keep fighting though, I am not giving in to those aresholes any longer and I stopped being nice a long time ago, I am not abusive about how people look, sexuality, colour, I don’t care about any of that, but their politcs are fair game. Trump tweeting Britain First and the Tories/Labour fake outrage is just all part of their game.

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    1. Not abusive ? Who could tell

      Don’t care about what people
      Look like or do but hate what
      They think !

      Being the UK is a great thing
      The best thing ever having
      Tory rule is the worst thing!

      And why bats like u imagine
      Leaving the UK but keeping
      The same capitalist run
      Economy will change anything
      Dumbfounds me and most
      Normal people .

      O I forgot Scottish people are
      More kinder to each other.

      Perhaps a study of Scottish
      History will disabuse you
      Of that old myth


      1. Do you think so, Niko?

        Tell me, just out of interest, what do you think about Scotland forging closer links with the socialist- type governments of the Nordic countries?

        Do you think that the UK would ever see that kind of life… you know, no really rich, no really poor, welfare for all , good wages, good welfare, excellent health, first class roads, services etc?

        I see that privatised care homes in the UK are going to have a deficit of £1 billion by the end of this year. I wonder what the government will do about it. Bail the companies out? Take them back into state ownership? Tell the old folk to go die on the streets?


          1. Niko

            I also know someone who lived in Norway for a long time and while they said taxation was high they said public services were excellent. They actually needed a minor operation while there and no waiting list. Were seen in two days. They noted that alcohol was very expensive but going out was very enjoyable so it balances out and depends on what you want. I would happily have higher taxes for excellent public services, expensive alcohol for low alcohol misuse, less difference between rich and poor and you know what the wealthy in Norway don’t appear to hide their money and flee to the Caymens. I wonder why.

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          2. In what way is it not, Niko?

            Denmark, Iceland, Greenland, Sweden, Finland and Faroes too. I’ve friends who live in some of these places. They seem to think it’s good. Not perfect… but what could be perfect for everyone?


      2. I look forward to an independent Scotland that rejects the current neoliberal economic dogma – for a start – and finds better ways of doing things, both in economics and otherwise. If I didn’t think we could do things better ourselves here in Scotland, I wouldn’t bother even imagining living in a country that is no longer subject to the appalling, criminal sh*ites who rule the roost right now from Westminster and cause us every kind of misery.

        After 300 years of Union, we get the current UK regime. If that’s the best the Union has to offer us, then hell mend it, and hell mend Them.

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        1. Yes. There is another way, Ed. It doesn’t have to be all about greed and the devil take the hindmost. It doesn’t have to be about some people earning £5 million a year and others getting by on £6,000. There are ways of evening it out.

          Other people can manage it. Why can’t we?


      3. It won’t be perfect Niko and we will make mistakes but they’ll be our mistakes. Difference being we won’t have a media telling us what a shit subsidy junkie wee country Scotland is. We’ll be able to elect folk who’ll at the very least be aware of the facts pertaining to our situation. This would of course be in complete contrast to the conduct of your glorious Londoncentric leader and his Scottish branch office manager lackey, none of whom can be bothered to do a bit of basic research before indulging in talking their complete shite. I’ll take back Scottish Water, cue imperious pompous arsehole voice. Ha! Ha! Ha!

        The vast majority of them don’t know about us or care, because they only bother when it’s in not so merry old England’s interests. Their complete lack of insight into the brexit border situation in Ireland is elegant proof of that. As if we needed any more.

        We in Scotland are being ruled by people not accountable to us. Wake up man.

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        1. I’ve got my fingers crossed for the border question resulting in some serious change on the Irish island. If NI stays in the Single Market and Customs Union, I’d be hoping that Scotland could make a case for that too.

          Let’s hope this is the beginning of the end of this unequal union.

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  3. There are serious signs that Trump really is losing it, I think. North Korea just launched an ICBM with the range to hit Washington – DC, not the state. The man is a clear and present danger to us all. His Cabinet should be invoking article 25 of the Constitution, in fact should have done so already. That’ s the one about the procedure to be followed whenf the President is unfit to discharge the duties of his office, for those who don’ t know already.

    I would be happier about that if the Vice-President wasn’t a barking right-wing fundamentalist Christian bigot, I would prefer to see Trump impeached, I had hoped to see him and his whole merry crew led away in chains, but – he must be removed from office now, if not sooner.

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  4. Since she apparently allows Trumpy to grope her, she might have thought that she was free from a Trump Tweet tirade.

    Then there’s the bit about Harry deciding to marry a divorced American biracial movie star. Surely under American matrimonial law he’ll be required to wed in Vegas and move to California.

    And then there’s Brexit!

    Can the empire withstand another blow?

    Check out the video titled: “Psychiatrist: Trump’s mental state an ‘enormous present danger'” on the following link:

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    1. When you put it like that…

      Yeah, things aren’t looking that good.

      To be fair, I think most heads of government, until very recently, probably thought they were free of a tweet storm from an American president. We probably never thought to see the president and another head of state calling each other “rocket man” and “fat”, either.

      I suppose I never thought to see the UK walk away from the biggest and richest trading block in the world.

      To be honest I’d never given much thought to Harry’s love life, except that he’ll get another title as will his wife and they will doubtless create new princes or princesses who will expect cost us money.

      Anyway, Mrs Maybot, you should have realised that snivelling up to someone as volatile as Trump would only do you good when he was in the right mood. More fool you! Why doesn’t that surprise me?

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    1. You’d be safe with me, Agatha! One of my American friends – a former colleague in English translation in New York – was telling me how she went on the massive women’s demonstration in Washington wearing her pink pussycat hat thing knitted by herself… she refuses to send photos, though, so we’ll all just have to imagine it. I thought the pink pussycat hats were a terrific idea. Unforgettable, really.

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  5. It seems that Britain First’s tweets were made up anyway and that makes Trump even sillier.

    But not as silly as a group that demands that everyone learn to speak English, and then holds up banners like this one.

    What a bunch of complete *******s

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  6. # Stop Press. Michael Flynn is about to plead guilty to lying to the FBI about his connection to the Russians. It is anticipated that because this is a single charge, it probably means that he is dealing with the FBI and will flip. In other words he knows something about where the Russia story goes. It is also on the cards that Flynn has recognised that his son is in legal jeopardy, having also dealt with the Russians during the Presidential campaign.

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  7. I read today that 29% of Scots are pleased that Prince Henry has got married to Maggie Sparkle. 1% aren’t pleased and 62% aren’t interested.

    I find those figures alarming. The fact that almost 1 Scot in 3 has any interest in reality stars like Hughie Hewitt and Margo Morgan makes me worry.

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