When Mr Corbyn came to Scotland to welcome yet another new incumbent to the leadership of the Scottish Branch of the British Labour Party, both of them talked, frankly, a load of guff about ‘a far away country full of people about whom they apparently knew nothing’ to paraphrase Mr Chamberlain.

The massive clanger, of course, was the demand from Mr Leonard that the Scottish government must take back Scottish Water into public ownership. To do that of course, the Scottish government would first have to sell it off to private enterprise, something that wasn’t done before.

A common theme from Labour is that the Scottish government has done nothing to alleviate the effects of austerity imposed on the poor (but not the rich), by the British Tories [a party of government (in the UK) and opposition (in Scotland) you’d have been excused for thinking that two supposedly left wingers would have been anxious to ridicule, particularly given that they ARE ridiculous].


I’ve always excused Corbyn’s ignorance of Scotland (he didn’t for example, know that there was such a thing as Scots Law), because he is a London MP who has always been just that: a back-bencher mainly concerned with his London constituents (and from what a hear, a damned good one too).

On the other hand, although Mr Leonard is an Englishman, he has been resident in Scotland for some time. He has been a member of the Scottish parliament for a couple of years now and he has just become the leader of  Labour’s Scottish branch. It would be reasonable to expect him to know something of what’s going on here.

Perhaps Mr Corbyn and Mr Leonard might like to take a look at what Scotland has done with its limited powers and compare them with what the Welsh LABOUR government has done with their, albeit more limited, powers.


And remember that the government here had to fight for the power to use money to help the poor. It didn’t just happen.

Justified opposition to government policy is essential, wherever it is from: Labour, Tory or Greens. Carping for the sake of carping is no substitute for it. Corbyn, at least, we know, is better than that. And the public deserves better than the current state of affairs.

Democratic governance works when a government is held to account by oppositions attempting to get the best for the country, rather than trying to score cheap political points, especially with incorrect information and lies.

I’m sure they don’t lie on purpose. They just seem not to know.


A course of instruction from someone who does know how things work in this country and is aware of what has been done with the powers we have and what will be done with the powers we are yet to get, might be a good idea, because, at the moment, it looks like the blind are leading the blind and it’s more than a little laughable.

The SNP can’t go on in power forever. No party ever does. But the chronic lack of talent, ability and know how in the current Labour Party leaves us with the horrifying prospect that, when that time comes, it may be the Tories that replace the SNP. A fate to be avoided at any cost.

Lest you should be in any doubt about that, I leave you with this:




  1. Don’t forget free Nationwide bus travel for the over 60’s and many other vulnerable people, including free travel for a companion where necessary. Should that be Regionwide?

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      1. In Scotland you can get a bus if you are disabled or over 60 anywhere in the country. In England it is regional. I don’t know about Wales or NI.

        Exception in Scotland. Edinburgh trams. Apparently you must be blind to get that for free.


  2. Corbyn and Leonard – the new English comedy duo to replace Morecambe and Wise, only the new pair are more laughable. I don’t excuse Corbyn’s ignorance of Scotland, by the way. If you’re going to bang on about being better together (not you – Corbyn), it behoves you to take the trouble to learn something about the other parts of the Glorious Union other than England. I think Corbyn is a narrow and shallow Londonista political placeman and probably has about as much sincerity as Judas did. I very much suspect his only interest in Scotland is that he might get into government if Scotland went back to voting Labour the way it used to. As for Leonard, he’s a cypher. Mind you, he’ll probably only be “leader” of the Scottish sub-branch temporarily. At the rate they change leaders, I’m surprised they bother with nominations and contests. You’d think they’d just bring on substitutes like in football.

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    1. You’re right, we shouldn’t be so quick to make excuses for Corbyn’s ignorance of Scotland. He has been an MP at Westminster for a very long time (since 1983). He must have been aware of the factors that brought down the Labour govt. in 1979 and the ongoing debate about devolution to date. He would have voted on Scottish acts of parliament to enact laws made at Westminster in Scotland – did he really never think about why that was?

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    2. Ha ha… Little and Large; Mike and Bernie Winters; Corbyn and Leonard.

      I suppose I should have said that I excusED Corbyn. As you say, if he aspires to leadership in the union he must know his Celtic politics.,. No matter how hard they try to wrap us all in their flag, we’re not going away.


  3. Leonard was not challenged by the BBC on the Water statement.
    The Tories already decide for Scotland but if the inability of many supposedly left leaning Scots to stay focused leads to the local office controlling it, it’s what would be deserved.
    The question the non Yes/SNP section of the left in Scotland never ask themselves is, what happens the next time the Tories get into No 10? Labour has shown it can’t protect England: Brexit and the sell off of essential state assets.
    I suspect in part it is because they have no answer.

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    1. I’m not sure the BBC knows much more than Leonard. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want to pee on his chips though, even if they did.

      He probably has relatives working there.


    1. OK, but I try to be as open as I can.

      And to be fair, I’m not sure which is worse, lying or being pig ignorant.

      ‘I want to run your country but I know absolutely sod all about it. Do you speak Norwegian here by the way?’, isn’t a good look either.

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  4. I see that Andrew Neil has been ‘rapped’ by the BBC for claiming Scottish children were illiterate. Which raises the question “Is this the way to hammer Brillo?”

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  5. First up happy St. Andrews day awbdy!

    Secondly there appears to be yet another *YAWN* SNP BAAAD mediafest going on today Tris. Stu has of course, as per usual, done his thing and ripped it apart.

    I’m just waiting for the saviour of Scotland, no not St. Andrew sadly, yon Richard Leonardo fella to come out with the news that he saved Scotland from more SNP pain by closing the South bound carrigeway of the Queensferry Crossing!

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    1. Same to you, your Ladyship.

      I saw that. Willie Rennie says the bridge is going to be two years late. How does he get to Fife, that one? Is he really something out of Harry Potter, as I always suspected… Floo Power?


  6. Tris
    The problem is that Leonard can promise stupid stuff like a wealth tax knowing that it will never get enacted but might tempt the more politically challenged like Cat Boyd to scream vote Labour Tory at the next election. Corbyn is just a waste of space no matter how much Owen Jones tries to big him up. Talk one thing and abstain on the other, just another closet Royalist playing the Tory game of pretending to be left wing. Both are a joke and shows how much our political talent has slipped.

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