1. No, we didn’t but unfortunately what we voted doesn’t matter a toss, because England and Wales voted to take us out.

      Lucky old us having the broad shoulders of the Uk to save us from milti-million Euro investment in culture.

      I mean, really, we wouldn’t want all that horrid foreign money pouring in here, would we?

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      1. It occurred to me, after I wrote that last comment, that the timing of the announcement by the EU coincides rather neatly with the deadline – ultimatum? – that the EU has given the Westminster regime to produce something that will meet the EU’s requirements on the Irish border question, the divorce bill and so on. If that’s true, we should see it as a sign that:

        (a) The EU now believes that there is most likely no chance of a U-turn on Brexit, so they are announcing their decision that Dundee, and the other UK cities, will not be eligible to be a City of Culture because we will not be eligible by the time that happens, and they held off saying so until now because they thought there was a chance that Brexit might not happen after all; and

        (b) They are trying to impress on those dunderheids that no, they cannot have their cake and eat it, they cannot expect to have all of the benefits and none of the responsibilities, and for God’s sake get real…

        I stuck my oar in on this subject in the National, and one thing I picked up was that in the penultimate paragraph, the journalist reported Fiona Hyslop, our Culture Secretary, as blaming the decision for all that time, money and effort going to waste in preparing the bid – I paraphrase – but what she actually blamed for it was the UK Government and its Brexit policy.

        The thing that is so exasperating is that it is a sign that even a journalist writing for a pro-independence newspaper has internalized – already! – the BritNat / Brexiteer narrative that those nasty Johnny Foreigners in the EU are out to “punish” the UK in some sense. Not true. We should not let our Unionist friends and acquaintances try to blame the EU for it either: if they voted No to independence and Leave in the EU referendum, they have absolutely no right whatsoever to complain about our losing our chance of being European City of Culture. None. Because it is their own d*amn stupid fault.

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        1. Yes, I see that.

          Clearly, if the UK government had gone for a soft Brexit and a future relationship along the lines of Iceland, then the UK cities would have been eligible.

          EU, EEA, EFTA or countries which have applications to join, are eligible.

          The deal simply is that they pour a lot of money into the city. Why would they do that to Dundee any more than they would to Minsk or Tbilisi or Tirana?


  1. I understand Dundee is a big YES City (and applaud them for that). Imagine the furore had this been about some of the towns within Mr Mundell’s or any one of our Tory masters constituencies.

    Taken me almost 60 years to realise that the Scots word ‘pish’ has nothing to do with urine. Will be using it more frequently, and educating others.

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    1. I think there were four towns in the UK. I’m not sure if any of them were Tory, or part Tory.

      But all I’m hearing from other parties’ people is that the EU is getting its own back on us.

      But as we have said the rules were written a long long time ago. You’ve to be a member of EU EEA or EFTA or aspiring member. We don;t qualify. Simple, but someone they aren’t understanding.

      Pish, as I understand it, can be an expressionless of annoyance or disrespect, as in “Jackie Baillie talks a lot of” or it can, in fact, refer to urine.




  2. Mmm! Using “Pish” in a sentence may need clarification.
    According to my Scots Dialect Dictionary the word Pish as a verb is “to make water” whilst as a noun “a jot”.
    I believe that Scots Pish is indeed to Jackie Bailie and the English translation is “to urinate”
    According to dictionary.com the English word Pish is “used as an expression of mild contempt”
    So I guess when using the word “pish” there is a need to describe it as either in the Scots or Pommie vernacular.

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    1. Hm. I had a look in the Scottish National Dictionary and discovered that it does not have the phrase “talk pish” in it, and I’m sure most of us are familiar with it: “Ye ay talk pish” means that you always talk rot (très pukka) nonsense (normal) shit[e] (vulg.). Havers!

      The relationship with urine is strained to breaking by that point; it’s a distant sort of metaphor. . . we don’t think of piss when we use it, really. Anyway, it it describes Jackie Baillie’s mouthings down to a T. Or a P.

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    2. I recall in S.2 English, reading “Under the Red Robe”, in which Cardinal Richelieu figured, and in a the course of one debate the Cardinal said “pish !” in response to some argument.

      Cue raised hand – “ Please Sir, what does ‘Pish’ mean .”

      “Just an exclamation boy” Funny little bumbling teacher.

      Five minutes later, raised hand.

      “Please Sir, can I leave the room for an exclamation .”

      Maybe not very funny to modern eyes, but in a rather uptight 1950’s senior secondary, raised the roof. Thought myself that the mastery of timing was what made it.

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      1. LOL. That’s rivalling Andimac!!

        Actually, that was probably a pretty brave thing to do. Humour like that isn’t (and certainly wasn’t) always appreciated from small boys!!


  3. I used to like the guy, but after he did that rant against the woman who was worried about men being given free access to women-only spaces simply by saying “I identify as a woman”, I’ve felt betrayed. He belittled her and sneered at her and talked over her concerns. Hello, feet of clay.

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    1. I don’t know that particular rant. I just see some of his stuff on Twitter from time to time, and I’ve been impressed by what I’ve seen so far. I’d probably feel the same if I’d heard that one. Interviewers should never belittle real concerns or ordinary people… whether they are ill founded or not. Of course, in the real people category I do not include politicians. They are selling a party view, which if it is ridiculous, should be sneered at.

      The trouble is that people disappoint us sometimes. By the same token I’ve sometimes cheered people I have no time for, like the time Andrew Neil took Margaret Curran apart

      Someone once said that you should never meet your idols (not that I’m suggesting that any of these politicians are our idols).

      But, people you admire are so often a disappointment in some way when you get to know a bit more about them.


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