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Andrew Neil picks a fight with Jonathan Portes.
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Yep… THAT Jonathan Portes!
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Andrew Neil tells someone they really don’t know anything about German politics. The problem is that his victim looks like he’s a Brit, but in fact, he lives in Germany, speaks German and is a delegate to a German party conference, so, presumably, he knows a thing or two about German politics. Unlike, it would seem Brillo.
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Andrew Neil somewhat impertinently tells someone when their poll (which shows that 58% of Germans want Dr Merkel to stay on as Chancellor) was taken. Because he knows this sort of stuff, right? No. Wrong.  At least he doesn’t know it quite as well as the person who ran the poll, maybe?



  1. Neil saw the date at the top given as “Nov 17” and thought that meant 17th November in the US style. It actually meant November 2017. The actual date of the poll was 20th November I believe, which was after the talks broke up.

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    1. Bless him…

      I mean I know we all get things wrong sometimes (heaven knows, I do), but when you are high profile (which I’m not) it’s probably best to check stuff out before you make disparaging remarks about it… or at least try to be a little less rude in your delivery.

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      1. He (Neil) comes across as an extremely unpleasant person / personality. I can’t imagine he talks to people that way in real life – he’d get his lights punched out on a regular basis if he did. But then quite a lot of your actual Überyoons are really toxic, obnoxious [insert genital organ of choice HERE]s.

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        1. To be fair, social media has had the effect of making people incredibly rude to their interlocutors.

          Down the pub most would never say the things that they can get away with on Twitter…

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  2. Andrew has been paid
    enough English Gold not
    to give a toss what others
    Think of him.

    Lucky fellow a true yoon
    Role model in the Trumpian
    Mold .

    Embarrassment is only
    For the little (snp)


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  3. Why would anyone be interested in what this raddled old fart has to say? I know I shouldn’t be but, old as I am, I still find it incredible that superannuated, tendentious, slobbering old has-beens like Neil are still viewed as relevant commentators on life and politics today. jimnarlene’s description of him as “a boorish arse” is, I feel, far too generous and flattering. Maggots perform a far more useful – and salubrious – function than Neil.

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    1. The BBC seems to hold on to their older men (whilst ridding themselves of their older women). That odd.

      Dimbleby and his brother, Humphries, Nauchtie, …


  4. Threw him out of the parental home many moons ago along with three other young uber-Thatcherite HoorayJockBritHamish cretins (one of whom went on to be a Scottish Secretary of State under the Milk Snatcher; another a neo-Con columnist at Der Telegraf, I think; the other, I lost track of, but a rotund little oaf in the Billy MacBunter mould).

    Reason? Their vile behaviour.

    Irony? My parents were gracious, auld style Scots Tories extending a welcome to one and all, regardless.

    This team, with the Brillopad as the braying lead-off centre, were very lucky to be allowed to depart quietly into the night albeit still honking like distillery geese as they had utterly appalled everyone from communist to nationalist and aye others across the spectrum of colour, creed, social class, and political affiliation because of their behaviour: They behaved like out and out arrogant fascisti with only the paramilitary kit missing.

    Nothing seems to have essentially changed with him, and I think it really is time for him and his type, petit bourgeois parasitic trash, to be consigned to the dustbin of history along with their beloved Union.

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  5. Tris

    Andrew Neil was passed his sell by date a long time ago, as was Dimbleby. They are dinosaurs now in the political sphere and base all of their opinion on a politics long gone. Neither are relevant anymore and failed to keep up with the debate and have blurred their own opinions with the facts. Personally QT would be better hosted by someone like Lesley Riddoch, and Portillo would do a better job hosting This Week, even though his political conversions to a semblance of common sense occurred after he left politics, sadly true for too many of them. Neil though just keeps digging a big hole, but saying that yoon through and through so the BBC will keep him until he drops.


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    1. Unfortunately Bruce these British Establishment placemen such as Neil are still relevant, because, as you say the B.B.C will keep them broadcasting their untruths till they drop.
      It has the same effect as banner headlines in the M.S.M. Once the fake news is out there it’s very difficult to refute the allegations, for the simple reason that the same people who have perpetrated the lie have no interest in publicising the truth, firstly, because it would mean they would have to admit making a mistake, and secondly, it would make them appear stupid for failing to check their facts.
      So the brainwashing will continue unabated, and just wait until Nicola announces the date of Indyref2. The propaganda unleashed will be like nothing we have seen before, so we had better be prepared.

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      1. True that.

        I have a friend who doggedly reads the Daily Mail every day and whose only other source of news is the BBC.

        Despite being intelligent she actually believes the rubbish they churn out. Maybe bit by bit, very slowly we are educating her in the narrowness of her knowledge base.


    2. I can’t help feeling that these dinosaurs have some hold over the BBC.

      They have to let them have plum jobs till they drop dead.

      It may be that they know things, going back a long way, that the BBC would prefer we never found out.

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  6. What a sad reflection on the state of the media in the UK that individuals such as Mr Neil are given a prominent platform (at licence payer’s expense in his case). Katie Hopkins is another offensive individual that is courted by the “mainstream”.

    This is one of the main reasons I want independence. I don’t want to live in a country that sneers at everyone else.

    Good journalism should open the world to us and let us get some knowledge and experience of places we will never visit. It should also challenge our own perceptions and make us question entrenched viewpoints. All we get is lazy crap instead.

    Alex Salmond is one exception to this, no wonder they’re raging.

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    1. Bang on there, Lanark.

      I feel sorry for Hopkins. Either she is sub human, or in order to make money, she pretends to be.

      Acting can be a fine profession. You can play a role that you detest every night and survive. But imagine pretending to be the kind of “person” Hopkins is, day in and day out…

      I note that she and Her Grace, the Noble Baroness of Mayfair are friends.

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  7. As earlier commenters have noted, the young Andrew Neil and his vile mates were a bunch of arrogant proto fascists well known at Glasgow Uni and elsewhere as a bunch of arrogant tossers who regularly behaved very badly and were not above being threatening and nasty.

    Neil in particular considered himself god’s gift to women, whether they liked it or not.
    He continues to be a despicable individual with an Ogilvy the size of a planet, and will not brook contradiction, even when the evidence is clear and factual and the person contradicting is obviously well qualified to do so.

    The whole media bubble seems deeply discomfited by alternative voices at present. Witness the extraordinary tone and aggression adopted by the usually urbane Jon Snow when interviewing Alex Salmond on C4 news. That surprised me more than anything Brillomgets up to. We know he’s lost the plot.

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    1. Interesting EN. I knew nothing of his days at uni or his background. I was just amused by the fact that within a very short period he got so much so wrong…

      And yes. I am a bit fan of Jon Snow. I’d never have expected him to go easy on Alex Salmond. Why would he, but his interview seemed particularly hostile.


      1. During his time at GU he was Chairman of the Federation of Conservative Students, a national body so right wing it was dissolved by Norman Tebbitt when he was party chairman…. Neutral Brillo is not. He’s always been a dangerous neo fascist, just managed to disguise it better for a while.

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  8. In all the ‘outrage’ surrounding Salmond’s one hour programme it is conveniently forgotten that the daily newspaper with the fourth highest circulation in the UK is owned by a Russian businessman and former (?) KGB agent and that it’s editor is a former (?) UK Tory and Cabinet Minister. I imagine that the main-stream media will be checking every single word spoken on Salmond’s programme in an attempt to find the slightest excuse to justify their faux outrage.

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    1. Aye, that’s a really good point, John.

      There are all in such a state about Alex’s tenuous links with a Russian broadcaster, they aren’t looking closer to home.

      I’m pretty certain that, having made all this noise about Salmond being a tool of Putin, they will search and analyse every word… and of course they will come up with nothing.

      They are so short sighted.


  9. WOW!

    Mr. I know everything there is need to know and you can’t tell me anything cause you are wrong and I am right is proven to be …erm … WRONG … AGAIN! 😂

    Last week his This Week programme had him denegrading Ashfin Rattansi, R.T. and Alex Salmond. Aparently they are all Russian agents, well in Neil’s wee skewereed world they are. I only watched it to see what he and his “guests” would be saying about theAlex Salmone Show and to be fair I was not disappointed in my expectations. This was the first time that I have watched what passes a TV politics programme for well over a year and I am happy to admit I’m glad to say that it will probably be over a year before I consider dipping my pinky toe into the water to watch his shite again!

    That said Ashfin stood his ground and fought Neil’s sordid LIES with fire and brimstone. (no NOT the missle although that might not have been a bad idea come to think about it) The two laughing donkey’s laughed at wee Neily’s jokes at the start but even they realised pretty damned quickly that Neil was getting a damned good kicking from Ashfin and stopped being bully boy Neil’s back up.

    I think I have found a great alternative to the Andrew “I’m the greratest cause I know everything there is to know and am therefore never wrong” Neil show …the Alex Salmond Show. I have now watched the first two episodes now and they have bothbeen far superior to the shite produced by BBC. His interview with Carlos Pudgemont last week and Jackie Stewart this week were brilliant in my view.

    So in the end we have wee Neily boy spouting his shite for two weeks now and getting shot down in flames both times. I wonder … will he be trying to go for a hat trick of being shot down in flames by this time next week? 🤔

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  10. Fascinating insights hereabouts. Perhaps some of this should be more widely disseminated? The National perhaps?

    I always thought that he talked down to his, putative audience, with his remarks about his audience cosying up to a bottle of ‘Blue Nun’. It is as if we were all idiots, and half pissed. Seemed to me that that was the audience he wanted, but never actually got.

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    1. Ha ha… Blue Nun?

      Actually, I think that somewhere in Munguin’s cave there is a bottle of Blue Nun gathering dust.

      Maybe we should break it out and watch some Neil!!


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