So, Joanna Cherry QC (that QC bit’s important because, as an advocate, she kinda knows stuff about law), tweets that a new none-too-bright Tory MP, Kirstene Hair, has made a fool of herself by criticising the SNP government for failing in an area that is reserved to Westminster. (Incidentally, it’s not the first time that this has happened.)
The makes it’s final descent into total farce as the indecisive makes a speech during criticising Scot govt for failures which as reserved matters are the responsibility of her Tory mates in UK Govt.
Then the terminally dim Secretary of State/teaboy, Fluffy Muddle, jumps on the bandwagon and supports the aforementioned woolly-headed Tory MP.
He’s getting as bad as Trumpy, but someone needs to teach him how to do caps. SAD!
Next, our own dear “Arbroath” points out to him that he’s havering through a hole in his bucket.
So, for the benefit of Mr Muddle, BROADBAND is part of the telecommunications brief. It is reserved. If the Scottish government had been responsible then something would already have been done.
Interestingly, farther down the twitter discussion are some interesting comments, including one which pointed out that a group of his own constituents had contacted him as their MP on the subject. He achieved nothing and didn’t bother turning up to a meeting to which they had invited him to discuss this issue…vital in a rural area.

Oh dear. David wasn’t interested enough to try to do something even in his own constituency…never mind throughout Scotland.

Well devolve it then & let us get on with it. Or do your day job and sort it out, along with the rest of the stuff you’ve reserved to Westminster.

A perfectly sensible alternative…

davey daveydavey!!! it’s reserved. are you a total liar?

Probably the answer to that is… yes.

Anyway, there are hundreds of tweets to our mentally challenged SoS pointing out that he is wrong.

I don’t really expect much from the dimwit that is the Angus MP, Hair (wasn’t she the one who was so confused by the EU question that she didn’t bother to vote in the referendum?), but Muddle has been either Secretary of State or Minister of State for over 7 years.

a david mundell.PNG.gallery

You might have thought that by now he would have had some handle on what the Scotland Office does, besides organising the tea and biscuits for cabinet meetings.

58 thoughts on “DUH!”

  1. I’d be surprised if anyone (with any intelligence) is surprised. She didn’t vote in the Brexit referendum because she said it was too difficult to decide, both sides had very strong arguments! Good luck to the people of Angus with Ms Hair representing them. Never mind, though, everything will go really well for the farming folks in Angus when we’re out of that nasty E.U. and the Tories more than match all the dosh the farmers have been getting from it for decades. He! He! I can see a few fairmers fa’in’ intae the slurry pit, like, ance the cauld blast o’ reality bites their erses. Talin’ o’ erses, could we no mak a new addition tae the Scots lexicon? mundell (n) – an erse, a fluffy erse (see – shite, talkin’ )

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    1. Andimac, the doctor Johnson of Scotland!!!

      I look forward to the reaction of the farmers when they discover just how they have been stuffed.

      I think the Tories put up a pile of also rans for various elections, not expecting any of them to be elected.

      Now that they are, they are a bunch of embarrassments. If it’s not ignorance, it’s bigotry and racism… or worse still perversions.

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    2. My great-uncle Dave from Montrose once remarked to my grandfather, after a particularly resonant fart at the end of a game of golf at Carnoustie that had been much enlivened by Dave’s ongoing signs and symptoms of extreme flatulence, “Ach Goad, ma erse hisna been richt shut syne mornin”. So Dave made sense using at least one orifice, which is not something Fluffy can claim, whichever end is up.

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  2. I divide Unionist politicians (and most of their followers) into two broad categories , those who don’t know the difference between a reserved power and a pound of mince and those who pretend not to.

    Btw, after Ruth’s politician of the year award, could we not have another for the political dummy of the year ? Luke Graham made the early running but Hair is coming up fast on the outside…..

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      1. Yes, I saw that one. Obviously They are spinning the VAT scandal as more SNPBAAAD propaganda. It’s the classic “what about you” evasion / distraction / deflection, I think: the SNP were accused of ‘obstinacy’, though about or over what is never stated. No doubt the Honorary Colonel and her dirty dozen MPs have finally twigged that the VAT rip-off thing was actually adding grist to our mill and not Theirs, and finally got the message through to Them down at Westminster.

        It’s really quite disgusting: making a big hoo-hah and demanding brownie points for doing what they should have done years before; simultaneously using it as a stick to beat the SNP Government with, with no logical or reasonable justification whatsoever; and as a distraction from the fact that they have defrauded Scotland out of £140 million that we’ll never see back.

        No shame, no scruples, no respect for persons or principles.

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        1. No respect for decency.

          The message it sends out, though of course this is not how it will be interpreted by the press is… If you vote for the Tories, we will listen to them in Westminster. If you vote otherwise, we will ignore everything they say, regardless of how right or wrong it may be.

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        1. Enough of these hair-raising puns! I’ll baldly state they’re like all blog comments – hair today, gone tomorrow. I’ll cut this short now – I’m too dis-tressed to go on.

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          1. I’m not going to try to cap that – I know when I’m beat! The victory is yours, andimac, and a voucher for a complimentary cup of coffee if you should ever find yourself within striking distance of Schloß Freeman.

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            1. Ed, should I ever be in the gracious purlieus of Schloß Freeman, I shall make myself known to one of your retainers and humbly request that I be conducted to your August Excellence’s presence to avail myself of said voucher so nobly bestowed on your unworthy servant. I remain, Sir, etc., etc.

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              1. Oh my! Thanks for the laugh, andimac! “Aged retainer”, eh? Well, that gives me another hat to wear, I suppose, in addition to my “barista extraordinaire” one, complete with chocolate drizzler. You don’t want to see my “maiden in distress” one, though: it’s not at all convincing, and rather gross, frankly, particularly the wig.

                Veuillez agréer, Monsieur, cette expression de mes sentiments les plus ineffables,


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  3. We should never forget that although the (real or apparent) confusion over what is devolved and what is not is very clear to us – um – razor-sharp observers of the political scene / policy wonks / sad and grumpy old gits with nothing better to do with their lives, Joe and Joan McPublic in the demographic that does not routinely apply a healthy degree of scepticism toward politicians and the meeja hear only the SNPBAAAAAD message, because for them, if you try to fill in the details, it’s like hitting their mental off switch. And that’s fine, though I could wish that the education system did more to equip people to deal with the sea of lies, propaganda and bilge that we are obliged to metaphorically swim in.

    In other words, They need have no shame about using such childish, easily detected lies, and will not stop doing it, because a large chunk of their core voters won’t think to question it, and more will simply not care. SNPBAAAD. Easy to remember. That is all ye know, and all ye need to know…

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    1. And of course, teh BBC, Daily Mail, Daily Diana, Star and Sun and of course the ever faithful Telegraph, will always print what they say.

      I dare say that the Hootsman and the Herald will do the same.

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      1. And the Courier, and the Press & Journal, and… and… and…, and of course, FeeB Scotland. Back into your shortbread tin, you disgusting wee hairy-legged separatist Jocks! Chop chop!

        Sorry, I feel an attack of the scunners coming on.

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    2. Yep, the Press let us down so badly on this reporting of facts and pushing politicians for full and informative answers. As Wings (and others) tweeted, they just need to ask the Chancellor ‘What argument from the Tories convinced you to remove the VAT that wasn’t previously put to you by the SNP?’

      When the journalists squeal about falling circulations, fake news and press regulation, trying to tell us that they are ‘the Fourth Estate’ and an important pillar of democracy, we should just laugh in their faces. Hell mend them.

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      1. They – politicians, the Establishment, the Usual Suspects – currently feel no need to explain themselves or answer questions. They act as if they are not, or are no longer, answerable to their constituents, to the public, for what they do. The corollary of that refusal to be held responsible or liable for anything they do is the culture of impunity we see in the Westminster regime today. This is always a risk with fptp electoral systems: it generates “safe seats” in which the voters would elect a donkey if it had the right colour of rosette. Come to think of it, donkeys might be superior to some of the asses we have in there now.

        It’s been some years now since ministers stopped resigning after scandals or worse-than-usual screw-ups in and by their departments. That was the moment, during the Thatcher years, when Westminster as an institution lost its honour and its sense of decency, and with them a huge chunk of its credibility.

        Right now, we are seeing Westminster and the Westminster regime decline into the kind of incompetent, scandal-ridden, outrageous kleptocracy that is more reminiscent of a third-world country. We are so ill-governed that the UK is no longer the fifth-largest economy in the world, but the sixth, I read today. Could the UK be the first developed country to undevelop itself? Either way, it’s not an experiment that we Scots have any interest in being part of.

        We can thank our lucky stars that in Scotland we have a fully functioning, democratically elected and properly representative parliament. Not that there isn’t room for improvement, of course. Still, any decision taken by Holyrood is pretty much certain to be more representative of the will of the Scottish people than anything Westminster, with its inbuilt majority of MPs from parties we did not vote for, can cook up on its own – even before we take into account the automatic, knee-jerk rejection of anything proposed by our SNP MPs that was its institutional response to the election of our contingent of 56 in 2015.

        A Parliament that deliberately ignores everything and anything said or suggested by democratically elected representatives cannot call itself a democratic institution. The exception to that is when the representatives and the proposals being ignored are themselves anti-democratic. However, the Tories stood that particular principle on its head when they climbed into bed with the DUP.

        Sorry, people. I should restrict myself to no more than one rant a day. Possibly less.

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        1. NO, no. Your rants are quite splendid, and always so eloquently couched. Feel free.

          Britain isn’t a democracy. We’ve said that many times,. We know it plays at democracy, but the country becomes less democratic as time goes on with every passing moment, particularly since Brexit gave them so much extra (and controversial) work.

          When is the public going to tire of this?


  4. Only this morning a relative posed this question. “Why do we let Westminster continue to rob us of our wealth” This was in response to an article she had read about the number of license applications, 96 I believe, to further explore Scottish waters for oil.
    Well, we had the opportunity to end this, and other areas of theft in 2014, and of course didn’t take it, so it will continue unabated as long as we allow it to happen.
    It was R.B.C Graham who stated a long while ago, “It won’t be the English who will deny us our independence, it will be the Scots”.
    The story about Hair and Mundell is merely a microcosm of a strain of Scots who would rather have Scotland, and its people, completely subservient to Westminster, no matter that that will harm the very persons whose interests they are supposed to be looking after.
    Of course the pair of them are despicable, but then they belong to a political party who are quite deliberately depriving the most vulnerable in our society of the basic tools of life, so a little matter of fibre broadband isn’t going to trouble them in the slightest. It’s just another lie given the greatest exposure by a compliant M.S.M.
    While we on this side of the argument are well aware of most of the facts, the big question is, come Indyref2, can we convince the previous No’s, and undecided, that the only way forward for our country is independence. We will see shortly I hope.

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    1. I find it almost impossible to believe that after what happened in the aftermath of 2014 we are still prepared to tolerate this treatment.

      I begin to despair of Scots. The only people in the world who don’t want to be in charge of their own destiny.

      I’m trying to work out whether we are like a teenager who is frightened about leaving home and going off to university, responsible for the first time for looking after themselves, or a henpecked husband/wife who’d like to get rid of the Mrs/Mr, but seriously wonders how he/she would cope with the food and the bills and the kids and changing a lightbulb…

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      1. No, Tris, I think we’re (they’re) more like the half-starved mutt that gets a regular kick in the ribs from its unfeeling, uncaring, brutish owner to teach it who’s “master”. The whipped cur keeps going back hoping next time it’ll be petted, just to get booted again. That’s your Union-Scot. Time they learned to bite.

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    2. Not content with robbing Scotland of Billions in Oil And Gas Taxation over the last 40 odd years we tend to forget The Licensing Procedures.

      Is there any way we can establish just how much the bastards have raked in over the years from Oil and Gas Field Licensing?

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      1. There probably is a way, although god knows how.

        I know that Norway ended up making a fortune from oil companies, and oil companies ended up making a fortune from the UK.

        Imagine a resource like that for 40+ years and nothing to show for it…


  5. WOW!

    *rubs eyes and re-reads article*


    Mentioned in despatches. 😎


    Heads to darken room for wee lie down, the honour of receiving this honour isgetting too much for me. 😂

    Well that’s enough about me but regarding her hairship herself I saw a tweet yesterday that suggested a photograph she had posted showing her with a few of our “finest” (cops to you and me) where she claimed to be out in her constituency with them was actually a photo of cops from ANOTHER constituency. Jesus H. whatshisname she doesnae even ken what constituency she “represents.” Please note Tris I use the word represents in the loosest of loosest possible terms here.😉

    One fuerther we bit of news for anyone not already aware … I saw something last night that made me do a wee bit of pondering. Allegedly Colonel Fu Manchu Rape Clause POTTY Ruth Davidson-Gadaftie is now writing a column for the Hootsmon. No SERIOUSLY she is … apparently. I wonder how long that will last. Let’s face after oor Eck gets his feet under the chairmsan’s desk interesting times lie ahead for the Hootsmon no doubt to be re-named shortly after oor Eck’s arival as the Scotsman. 😂

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    1. Munguin has you as chosen one, Arbroath. There’s nothing you can do about it. Some seek greatness; some have it thrust upon them.

      I’m convinced that the likes of the Hair woman didn’t expect to win. Definitely when they put themselves up. They were also rans. And then the Tories made a comeback … or rather the Ruth Davidson Party did. And suddenly total dim wits are in parliament… Still, I suppose they must feel at home there.

      I saw Ruth was taking a column in the Hootsperson. I was wondering iof she might, at some stage, find time to do her day job… what with teh army to run and the band of dribbling idiots to keep in check, lest they should say something homophobic, racist, sectarian, etc.

      I suppose it’s too much to ask that she join Kez in the jungle?

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  6. when considering Joanna Cherry base comments against
    the Glamorous Kirstene Hair one must weigh up if the Ugly
    one is more worth listening to than the good looking one.

    In which case Joanna is defo on to a loser..
    The truth is only skin deep as they say.

    I must confess tris to having become obsessed
    with the lovely Lucy Worsley the fact is
    I would betray Scotland in a millisecond to
    curry favour with Lucy.
    Just one word from her lispy upper class
    English lips and I would do it……

    Its Unionist thing not proud of it but
    what can you expect from a traitorous
    boot licking yoon .

    I wouldn’t trust me one bit

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    1. Hmmmm.

      I don’t trust you a bit, anyway.

      Why on earth are you watching garbage like that ? She reminds me of that awful woman who used to be on telly gibbering on about wines.

      Still, to each his own, Niko, pet.



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