Richard Leonard For Scottish Labour Leader Campaign

Munguin would like to point out that he doesn’t give a twopenny damn what football team Richard Leonard supports.

Admittedly, if Leonard were Scottish First Minister it might be rather embarrassing for him to attend an international and support the away side, but, let’s be honest, he’s pretty unlikely to ever be in that situation…and he can cross that bridge when (or rather if) he comes to it.


None of us at Munguin Towers can understand why Kezia Dugdale decided to join the   H-list celebrities in the jungle. It seems a really weird thing to do, and she’s likely to make a fool of herself..but it’s a matter for her and the Labour Party to sort out (and they seem to have agreed to do what London said, which was ‘no suspension’).

She’s a list MSP so other people can cover her duties, and as long as she isn’t being paid, I really don’t care, although I’m intrigued to know what would happen to the average public employee who just took time off to play. I imagine that she won’t stand again for parliament or at least she will not be selected for the list. I don’t know what future she has planned for herself, but whatever it is, I hope it will make her happier than she has been as a politician.


a animals1

At present under EU law, animals are considered to be sentient beings. It is acknowledged that they can feel pain, experience fear, discomfort…and joy.

During the transfer of EU law into the various legal systems in the UK countries, all being overseen by the “capable” hands of Westminster, the clause recognising this fact seems to have been left out.

It appears that there will be no obligation in our new Britain, once we have taken back control, to treat animals as sentient beings. Of course, many people will, but it may not be illegal NOT to.

a animals

I’ve signed this petition to try to get the government to reconsider, but they have little in the way of feelings for other humans, so I’m not holding out much hope. It’s a pity Scotland couldn’t make its own laws on these matters.


a lion

Robert Mugabe has resigned, at long last. Let’s hope his successor is less inclined to let people shoot all the Zimbabwean wildlife while there still is some!


a a PoppyScotland3423423

Bruce Crawford criticised the tweet. He tweeted back: “This being done for political purposes is beneath you, John – only hope a staffer posted this.”

Lamont later deleted the offending tweet and said that he acknowledged that PoppyScotland was not a political organisation. However, it is interesting that Poppy Scotland’s Chief Exec, who also absolutely denies that he is political, is also a Director of Scotland in Union.

Odd that!

a lady haig3423423

Late to the party, Aberdeen South MP, Ross Thomson, posted “UK government will be supporting the Lady Haig Poppy Factory with £2.5m which not only makes poppies but provides employment to our veterans. A clear example of Scottish Conservative MPs delivering for Scotland at the heart of government.. and showing how positive and constructive engagement with the UK government gets better results than nationalist grievance.”


30 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. Leonard is a nonentity at the head of a party sinking into obscurity, and can safely be ignored for all practical purposes.

    As for animals having feelings, this is an excuse to lower the standards required when dealing with animals (animal husbandry, transport, and, let’s face it, slaughter). Note how many Tories are landowners/farmers – this will help cut their costs. Once they’ve got away with this, they can do the same for human rights….

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    1. Quick contrast and compare with the fight against unionjackery on Scottish food products – as has been pointed out elsewhere, the Scottish brand / saltire on the packaging of whatever is a guarantee that what is inside will be GM-free, and currently our animal welfare standards are higher than in the rUK (I read that, I’m assuming it’s true but stand ready to be contradicted by anyone with better information). Another thing we don’t do here is fracking, and our environmental record is good. In other words, the Scottish brand is high value.

      Apparently quite a lot of No-voting farmers agree with this position, so it’s not just we vile cybernats who dislike seeing the fleg on, oh, raspberries from Angus.

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      1. Hopefully they will get the message when their sales go down.

        I have a feeling that the saltire has always been associated with quality. Maybe the jack was once upon a time . Not so much now.

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  2. I’ve asked this question before with no definite answer. Are the Tories dropping this because too many of them have been guilty of torturing small animals as practice for the ‘real’ thing, and they hate being accused of inflicting pain…

    I don’t expect an answer really. 😀

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    1. Well, I guess we don’t know the answer to that, because they keep it so quiet, but what we do know is that it will save costs in farming if they no log are obliged by law to keep animals in decent conditions.

      And it will mean that fox hunting and hare coursing and other barbaric sports that the upper classes like… will be back on the agenda.

      I hope we retain some sort of control over these things in Scotland, although I’m pretty sure that most of our powers will be bargained away in trade deals with the USA.

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      1. Perhaps it’s as simple as regulations that were adopted by EU are being dropped, one by one. This is just the start.
        The thought of being unable to get away from these psychopaths is horrendous.

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        1. I think that that is what it is, but there is also no doubt that to get trade agreements with the USA we will have to conform to their standards, not them to ours.

          And generally speaking that will mean a lowering.

          We were warned that that was what Moggie and Foxy wanted early on.

          Yes it is horrendous.

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    2. Do they do that before or after they feel the touch of their dominatrices’ lash upon their quivering flesh, I wonder? I don’t expect I’ll get an answer to that either. It just strikes me that the nasty little boys who pull the wings off flies and then graduate to setting cats alight are the ones who turn into your psychopathic killers…

      I’m reminded also of those pictures I assume most people saw, on facebook and elsewhere, of the fragrant Trump boys standing proudly somewhere in East or southern Africa with the animals they had killed and mutilated, holding up the bits they would have liked to take home to the US as trophies if it had been legal to do so. In totally unconnected news, I see that their ever-loving papa is aiming to have that particular bit of legislation repealed.

      Now just imagine if their victims had been human, and in particular women… with the killing, mutilation and trophy-taking you’d say they were psychopathic, serial killers, wouldn’t you? And with both of them at it together…

      Of course, those private schools in England are notorious for producing emotional cripples with unpleasant attitudes. Not all their products are that, of course – there are honourable exceptions. I wonder what those Trump boys’ educations were like… probably the same kind of thing, mixing only with other vastly overprivileged rich kids with overblown senses of entitlement in an acutely artificial environment with very little contact with the reality the rest of us experience. Small wonder that there’s such a lot they don’t understand, really.

      Of course, the only reason I wrote all that was because I don’t get a chance to pluralize the word “dominatrix” very often.

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      1. LOL No. You won’t get an answer from me on that one. Mainly because I’ve never been a witness to any of their …erm …entertainment. Thanks goodness.

        I’ve always thought that boarding schools are bad for kids.

        They need parents. Of course, they need decent parents, which is not quite the same thing. Indeed some of them may be better off if not safer in boarding schools so maybe I’m talking rubbish! (Again? asks Munguin)

        Isolation from ordinary people is bad for them. They should learn how people without vast fortunes live.

        The idea of superiority that is inbred into them at home and in these schools is also unhealthy.

        That said there are plenty of nutters in the Tory party that never went to a posh school!

        The Trump lads… well, they were probably better off if they went to school. Imagine being round Trump on a regular basis? Would you turn orange?

        Every time I see one of these nauseating pictures of some rich dick holding up the head of a dead animal, I really do desperately wish that its mate was just about to pounce on them and eat them.

        No matter who is it: that repugnant dentist from Texas, the revolting Trump offspring, or the bloody English royals.

        Please please let it happen sometime. Soon.

        PS talking about Trump, I hear that he’s just backed the Arizona judge standing for the Senate … but with a dubious character reference form ex 14 year olds.

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        1. If it’s Roy Moore, he’s Alabama – Trump didn’t exactly give him a ringing endorsement, what he said was “We don’t want a liberal person in there.” Otherwise he’s kept his gob shut for once, refusing to answer questions at all – apparently on the advice of the ever-fragrant Steve Bannon, who is about as obnoxious a fascist and white supremacist as you will find.

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          1. Ah yes, Ed, sorry, Alabama… as someone put it, the South’s South! Maybe not a ringing endorsement, but certainly he was saying don’t vote for the other one…

            This is good (as usual with Seth)


  3. tris

    Ref – our /my glorious Labour leader
    They said Trump would never become
    President of the USA …lol

    As for animals not having emotions
    Well they should meet Taz take him
    for a walk and he is the happiest
    Dog around ,,

    Wave a union Flag near him see him
    Growl and bark (but not bite) with
    Anti Union fervour .

    That’s emotional to me anyways

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    1. Well, there you are.

      I think, Niko, that we might take Taz along to meet Theresa.

      I suspect that he might give her a lesson in how much things can hurt, while he waves a Saltire in her face.

      Thank goodness for Taz, I say.

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  4. Wot I don’t get if Singapore is so bloody
    Wonderful why don’t the brexiteers
    Sod of and live there .

    Deregulate yeah wot kind of wonderland
    Is that gonna be make uk austerity look
    Like a bed of roses.

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  5. Let’s release some hungry lions at the next Tory conference! Saw a disgusting photo on face-book of a revolting bastard posing beside a giraffe which he’d just shot and although I don’t believe in violence I would gladly have made an exception in his case.

    I think Fifi is sticking up two fingers to those who plotted against her. I seem to remember Niko being a Fifi-fan. Going back it’s hard to believe that Petula is the same age as Niko!

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    1. I’m all for that!!

      Cruelty to animals and children are the two things which could make me violent, and like you, I don’t believe in violence.

      It seems a lifetime ago that we debated on Fifi’s blog and on the Hootsperson, and now she’s a celebrity… who would have thought it at the time?

      Yes, I think the air in the Swiss and French Alps must be better for the skin than that diesel polluted stuff they have in Edinburgh.

      Anyway, how are you buddy? My mum was asking for you. Are you still on your wee island? How are you keeping?


      1. Hi Tris, yes I’m fine – not going to let this thing beat me. House sales are very slow up here but we’ve identified a house in Stornoway to be near the boss’s work. Regards to your Mum – as she is my only fan I might even start blogging nonsense again!

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        1. I’m truly glad to hear that John.

          I’m glad too for you that you are staying in the islands. I get the feeling that’s where you are at home… and belong.

          One day Munguin will undoubtedly visit you.

          I wish you would blog again. … and I’ll pass your best on to mum. I rather think that Niko is a fan too!

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    1. Downtown Stornoway. How about you and me, Munguin and Taz go visit him?

      I see pop videos have improved a bit in the last 50 years… and where did she get that hair!

      Actually, I don’t really like that song, even though I’ve sung a bit of it with her on a couple of occasions. I prefer it in French or German.


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