1. It seems to be. However you look at it and over a wide range of topics, they seem to be afraid to tackle the Tories. Possibly because the English culture secretary holds the purse strings.


    1. Of course, Gerry, all the credit goes to the writers, producers and performer.

      I came across it last night and thought that it was worth as much publicity as it can get.


  1. That was a great piece of journalism and research. I never watch Reporting Scotland, but last night I saw the start of it. There was a prominent item on Mark MacDonald of the SNP who resigned last week. There was nothing about Alex Rowley of Labour who resigned after MacDonald.

    It’s not only the Conservatives that are protected and shielded by BBC.


  2. Great piece of video, clear and well researched.must be passed around to all.
    Note that the runner up to the scots politician of the year, none other than 2 faces rennie, wonderful that Alison Thewliss got the westminster award for her work on the Rape clause, and Ruthie for her oposition to the Rape clause.
    More faces than the town hall clock.

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  3. Tris

    I just got my TV tax bill through the door. Makes me sick, £38 a quarter for that propaganda, if I could get away with it I would get rid of that shit in a minute. Just the state Pravda who have a hard neck to accuse RT, the only difference being the Russian Government are honest enough to just fund their station, we get forced through a tax to fund that shit from the BBC at the risk of going to jail, who are the communists here.


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  4. Just saw Theresa May, without minders, being interviewed on RT, must have escaped from the care home. Subject was Brexit meetings. There will be no coverage of her being a traitor then. laugh, but we’ve moved on from the LIST, the 40 tory MPs with entries.

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