Well, everyone!

And when I say well, I don’t mean that things are going well. I just mean W-e-l-l…

You see, we have in the UK:

the slowest wage growth since Napoleonic Wars;

the worst productivity for 2 centuries;

a national debt which has doubled in 7 yrs;

the highest inflation rate for 5 years;

the lowest ever UK credit rating;

the highest ever trade gap;

a budget deficit still £50 billion, despite 7 years of austerity;

debt standing at £1,940,773,400,000 and climbing at £5,170 per second, so heaven knows what it will be when you read this.

Additionally, hospitals, GPs, schools, roads, transport, council services are all chronically underfunded and collapsing under the strain of cuts and of trained and qualified people leaving the sinking ship. And of course, to save money, the government is going ahead with the disastrous, underfunded, badly set up and even worse managed Universal Credit, which sees people wait for months for their benefits, a part of a benefits system to which may be attributed the deaths of thousands of people.



As if that were not enough, the UK is dealing with the most difficult and complex issues it has faced, at least since world war two.


Austerity for toffs.


And in charge (and I say that with my tongue firmly in my cheek), while all this goes on, we have a bunch of squabbling, badly behaved, incompetent pests, who find it hard to keep their trousers on, and dependent for their majority on a party made up of people who really believe that the world started 6,000 years ago and that the Giant’s Causeway was created late on THAT Saturday night, after which God rested!

So all in all, not too well, rather than well, I’d say… but what do I know?


I’m just gonna sing a wee song with my musical director here.

love Munguin


Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - October 26, 2017

Those of you who have followed Munguin’s New Republic, and his old one too, for a long time, will know that I’m a ridiculously big fan of Petula Clark, who, over the years I’ve been to see in hundreds of places and on a few occasions got to sing with. Today (Nov 15) is Petula’s birthday. Not that I suppose she’d thank me for mentioning it, but it’s her 85th birthday.

She is celebrating it in the way she does best. She has kicked off a concert tour of the USA with a new English language album “Living for Today”, so she’ll be singing, which is what she likes to do better than anything else.

She’s just spent the summer in Québec making an album of French Canadian songs with young upcoming Québecois writers and producers. When she finishes the USA tour she will be touring Canada with her new French album. By the time all this is over she’ll be pretty nearly 86 years old.

petula album

She has now been in show business for 77 years.

You may or may not like her music, but what you can’t ever knock is her boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Bon Anniversaire, ma chère Pétula.


  1. Ah, Tris, don’t mock – I have it on good authority that the Giant’s Causeway was indeed created late on THAT Saturday night. One of the guys who was a gaffer with Wimpey told me he was on that job. It was just after finishing it they got the chance to build the New Jerusalem but he said he couldn’t get a squad to go on the lump for that because the money wasn’t there.

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  2. The whole Brexit thing has never made sense to me and like many people on this site I’ve had my suspicions regarding the motives of those and such. There’s just too many parts of the puzzle that are missing. There’s no discernible logic with the reasons presented for this lack of cohesion coming across as glib and simplistic.

    This is fertile ground for conspiracy theories because it breeds distrust in the politicians involved. Add to this that those in charge are, as alluded to earlier, the most talentless bunch of tub thumpers in living memory then we should all sensibly fear the outcomes of their incompetence.

    Here’s a link that was posted in the comments on Wee Ginger Dug a few days ago that gave me food for thought. Apologies if it’s old news but I felt it worthy of more circulation.

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    1. Thanks.

      Did you see Ken Clarke’s speech?

      I think he hit the nail on the head. He accepts absolutely that people voted to leave (he’s English), but as for the rest… no one voted for that. Even the people who were campaigning for leave didn’t think for a minute that they would win. So they made all sorts of outrageous promises.

      David Cameron, so certain that he would win refused to allow any work to be carried out on the consequences of leave. It is incredible to me that he thought that a referendum would put the EU question which had been ripping the Tories apart for years, to bed.

      So now we are left with two Tory parties and, erm… the DUP running the country, at each others’ throats about everything.

      I see that the Daily Telegraphs front page has brought about death threats to the Tory politicians who featured as traitors.

      Enemies of the people, eh?

      And to think that once upon a time the Telegraph was a newspaper.

      I’m off to read your link, thanks.

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      1. It’s a good song…

        I’m always amazed at the number of people who can sing that song, even though they weren’t even born when it was released. In Edinburgh and Aberdeen, I sang Downtown with her. Quite exciting!

        But there is so much more to Pet than Downtown. She’s moved with the times and remained contemporary, and most of all, excited about doing new things.


        1. I suppose keeping the enthusiasm and being able to change your style to continue being relevant is the biggest challenge of all for any artist. David Bowie being an obvious example although the pronunciation of his name seemed to annoyingly change with each incarnation.

          A quick google search of Downtown showed its been covered by about 60 singers including Frank Sinatra and Dolly Parton. A classic by any definition.


          1. Yeh Niko, can’t wait for some exciting Bond villainspeak post from you later. I’m sure it’ll be incredibly interesting.

            O wad some power the giftie gie us etc..

            Hope your white Persian cat has yer cheenies as a scratching post.

            O I’ve just noticed there’s one there already. Now for a good read

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  3. How can things NOT be going well Tris?

    I mean Scotland is a FREE and INDEPENDENT country after all!

    Didn’t you get the memo?

    Just in case your memo hasn’t arrived yet here is confirmation from none other than our (FORMER) Prime Minister herself.

    As for the next seat for Colonel Fu Manchu Rape Clause Ruth Davidson-Gadaftie JG I have it on good authority that she is eyeballing up the uber-safe Tory seat of one Nicholas Soames.

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    1. I heard that Ruthie was INCANDESCENT when she read that. Of course the Maybot hadn’t actually written it with her own fair hands. It was someone in her office. I suspect that that person is now hiding under his/her desk.

      Old Soames is looking a little long in the tooth. I suspect he’d love her to have his seat.

      Frankly I’m all for it.

      I wonder who they’d put in as branch manager… Murdo?


    2. I looked up Soames on wiki – thank God I did that before my breakfast!

      I think he’s high enough up to retire rather than being heart attacked.

      Look into his eyes – the very definition of soulless.

      The lust for power (which she will soon find is illusory) must be overpowering to want to enter the abyss with these creatures.

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      1. Churchill’s grandson or something… and a close friend of Prince Charles, whom he calls “sir”. Ye gads!

        I just wonder who the hell will take over. Jackson’s Car Lot?


  4. Unfortunately the mad dog brexiteeers are winning the votes day by day . Thanks to some Labourites such Frank
    Field his favourite saying now is “on British time “ what the f@@k is that not Scottish ,Cymru or Irish .

    Just reveals his racist bent and he says we can reform welfare
    Like they have been doing like forever and people just get worse off.-

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    1. Frank Field is a Tory. After that performance the other day I know there were many who wished he’d just cross the floor.

      We should be VERY worried about these loonies and what they are going to do to us.

      Advances have been made in Scotland, let’s be fair, under both Labour/Liberal and SNP governments.

      Many things will be overturned by Brexit, because the UK will have to offer Americans a trade deal that will cover the entire UK.

      Terry Entoure has a good article at his place (sidebar).


    1. Yes. Well, like you she lives in Switzerland (and France, USA and England, but mainly Geneva and Megeve), so I guess she has an interest in staying in the EU. She’s certainly been involved in tv shows promoting the EU.

      The energy is frightening. Her schedule makes me tired looking at it. She absolutely thrives on it.


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