For all the corruption, there are good people in our politics

I just had a laugh at someone on Twitter:

I find it irritating that we are supposed to make the case for Scottish Independence to No voters yet they don’t bother their arse trying to make a case for the union to us. I mean look at the state of the UK, it an absolute f*****g cringeworthy embarrassment.

And he’s right.


At the so-called top, we have mega rich members of the royal family with their money (personal money that we grant them through the Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall, in addition to their state grants and private incomes) tied up in offshore trusts and dodgy companies that scone the poor.


We have ministers at all levels that can’t keep their trousers around their waists or their hands out of other people’s undergarments.

We have some ministers that brag about hard work that they have done, only to admit when told by parliament to produce it for scrutiny, that, in fact, either through laziness or incompetence, they didn’t bother doing it at all.


We have a minister that breaks every rule in the book and risks security in order to try to do an illegal, dodgy, so-called “humanitarian” deal with a foreign army not known for its humanitarian actions, and who then lies about it, and a Foreign Secretary who makes such a mess of his job that a British citizen held in an Iranian has her sentence doubled because of his stupidity… and still the fool fails to apologise.


And we have a prime minister who watches it all happen and does almost nothing except getting her statue in the waxworks! Maybe Madame Tussauds should have the real one and Downing Street get the dummy?

If this is strong and stable; if this is broad shoulders; if this is pooling and sharing, then frankly, no thanks. We’d have been a lot better off independent.

But we should remember that not all of our politicians are greedy self-serving, incompetent morons.

Famously English Labour MP, Dave Nellist, gave away half his salary. Scottish Socialist took only the average wage when they were in parliament. And SNP and some Scottish Labour MPs either refused to take the massive pay rise they were given a few years ago or arranged for the amount of the rise to be given to local charities.

Alex Salmond, criticised by some for his Fringe show which he took on the road, donated the profits from it to charity. Nicola takes only her 2008 salary, donating the rest the money to the Scottish government.

Of that, at least, we can be proud.

41 thoughts on “For all the corruption, there are good people in our politics”

    1. Amazing coincidence that we were talking about him only the other day.

      Well, I guess she had to go. So Boris, Damien, Maybot… There’s a fair few in the wings.

      Patel got her resignation in before May could sack her. So May doesn’t look any stronger.

      She was just upstaged by a truly incompetent idiot of a minister who either didn’t know about the UN resolution on the Golan Heights or chose to ignore it.

      Irritating though that it will have cost over £5000 to send her to Nairobi and back in one day. Our money.


  1. So Priti Patel has resigned. In my book that’s just not good enough. I’d like to know who she had meetings with, what they were about and just how much tax payers money she agreed to pay over, to whom and why. Serious consideration should be given as to whether or not this is a criminal/police matter .

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    1. I suspect that May is hoping that this is the last we’ll hear of it.

      But you are right. This was a serious breach. She spoke, apparently on behalf of the UK government, and was willing to break UN sanctions. Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights is illegal. Now nothing like that ever bothers Israel, but for Britain to be seen to condone it is horrific.

      And as we said before. Where was the security?

      Now all sorts of stories are spreading, including that the Embassy did know and that May, for some unfathomable reason is the one who is lying.

      The thing about them is… you just don’t have a clue because they are a such inveterate liars.

      Munguin is a celebrity. Get us out of here…


    1. okay that was adorable – I do love a baby elephant. How tiny they are, how big they will become!

      Such intelligent animals, I think we should ask them to run Westminster. They’d do a better job of it and are famously empathetic so the have nots wouldn’t be hounded any more. Plus though the babies are a bit wobbly the adults are very strong and stable.

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    1. Nor would it have attempted to ‘trunk’ate the argument by claiming they didn’t exist.

      Sorry about that but Conan beat me to it with the forgetting cliche.

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  2. That’s an amazing picture of the Queen. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen her lose her dignity in public and appear to be cackling like a commoner.

    As for dealing with politicians, the enduring principle is Illegitimi non carborundum……..which may be cliche.

    BTW…..My keyboard doesn’t have the little thingy for the “e” in “cliche,” whatever it’s called. We don’t fool with the little thingies that go above and around letters. America is a land relatively free of such subtlety and nuance and we’re go****n proud of it. Letters have to stand on their own in America! 😉

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    1. It was the first time she had ever laughed, Danny!

      I’m all for the Latin phrase.

      Acute accent (not a cute accent) Or accent aigu in French.

      I see from google that “to type the letter e with the acute accent, as you would need in the Spanish name José or the French-derived adjective “passé,” for example, hold down the Alt key and type 0233 on the numerical page. To type the grave accent over the e in “fin de siècle,” type Alt + 0232.”

      I’m not sure if that works. It doesn’t here.

      I use control/alt/e to get ” é”, which is handly as I type a bit in French. But it’s the only one I have a shortcut for.

      Ed has plenty.

      For other accents, I have to type the word into Google Translate and it does it for me. Creme comes out crème; garcon comes out garçon!

      I can see why you wouldn’t want accents on your words. I mean, having a president like Donny takes up so much time and effort that you probably haven’t got the energy to put lines above and below your letter (or like some people do, THROUGH the letters) … Weird! Foreign y’know. Can’t be helped!


      1. Thanks for the info Tris. Some languages certainly do make a fetish of the diacritical marks. Like there’s no way on earth that one could simply figure out pronunciation and meaning from context. As if the French couldn’t possibly know how to pronounce “garçon” without the little thingy under the C to tell them (EVERY TIME) that it’s pronounced S instead of K.

        I’ve never had much luck on my computer, operating system, and software using the suggested keystrokes to bring them up. It actually would be nice to have the acute accent when typing “cliche.” Without the mark, it really does look like “clitchy.” But as you suggest, in Donny’s America such refinement is probably a lost cause. 😉

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      1. Yeah, but it was an American who laboured on (or labored on) about an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini, so maybe we can’t take them too seriously…


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