What do we pay David Davis?

Seriously, my granny’s cat could do a better job and for half the money.


David Davis on June 17.



David Davis on November 7.

Aye…well… Whatever we pay him it’s WAY too much.



30 thoughts on “WHAT?”

      1. I should probably have called him a pathetic, yet dangerous Little Englander with racist tendencies and a mind to look after an ‘us’ he completely ignores should read, a ‘mongrel us’.

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  1. If this was a remake of the Wooden Horse
    With David Davis the ranking officer.
    The escape hatch would come up in the
    Camp commandants bedroom after completing
    a massive circle all round the POW camp.

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    1. Can’t the Scottish government undertake an assessment of its own with special regard to Scotland? Just wondering why that hasn’t happened, especially now that we know the UK hasn’t done such a study.

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      1. Yes, I agree that the Scottish government should now do one. As you say, we have been told that David Davis was getting on with his day job and so a Scottish assessment would have been duplicating the work.

        Now it appears he’s done sod all, we should do one ourselves.


      2. Terry – it’s a good point. On balance though, I would suspect an SNP assessment would somehow be rubbished by the MSM and WM if the results are what we expect. A UK govt assessment with the same results would leave WM with no place to hide.

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        1. True, but on the other hand, Brian, it would probably be more accurate than anything Davis would come up with, and we could start planning (within the areas which we control).


    2. Aye, that’s one word for it…

      But then so is Patel getting away with meeting 12 officials on her holidays, proposing the British taxpayer gives money to the Israeli Army and then lying about it when questioned… and keeping her job and trotting off to Africa on a jolly while the flack is going down.

      Then there’s Johnson with his bumbling, costing a woman 5 years in jail because he can’t be bothered to read his briefings.

      Not to mention all the people who get pissed and have their hands in other people’s underwear.

      So the fact that this muppet hasn’t done his job despite telling us he had isn’t really that surprising.

      I’m trying hard to think of something that would surprise me.


      1. I’d like to find out that Liam Fox has devoted the last 16 months to honing his fire juggling skills and plans to launch himself into the entertainment world with the stage name “Firefox”. I wouldn’t even be surprised at that, to be honest.

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        1. I wonder if he’d be any good at juggling. Maybe Fire Fox could mean he was blasted out of a canon bound for… oh I dunno… Neptune, maybe?

          On the basis that he was a disastrous Defence Secretary and he’s a disastrous Trade Secretary, I fear he would turn out to be a poor juggler and require Mr Werrity to catch his…. No, this is a family blog. I shall leave it there.


      2. I wonder if Priti Patel was encouraged to visit the Israeli Defence Forces after seeing a video of Clown-in-Chief Tank Top Davidson doing another photo shoot? “If it works for Tank Top, if might work for me.”

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        1. Well, whatever, it doesn’t seem to have been successful. She arrived in Africa and was told immediately to get back on the plane as Maybot wants to ask her about the lies Patel told her yesterday.

          I wonder who the new international development person will be…


      1. That’s probably where they got it from. Davis looks like he watches the very earliest Startreck shows.

        He reminds me a bit of the horrifically bad actor that played James T Kirk.


  2. Priti Patel Boris Johnson Damian Green Michael falllon
    Mark garnier Stephen Crabb Daniel Kawczynski,
    Dan Poulter and Stephen Crabb

    The Tory list of shame grows ever longer
    Every single day

    As was once said the Stench of death
    Hangs around this Goverment

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    1. You keep thinking that it can’t go on… and then it does.

      There was an interesting piece on a Twitter thread from an ex-employee of the FCO.

      He pointed out why ministers should never meet up with foreign dignitaries without FCO backup. Quite apart from not being properly briefed and having expert advice on hand, did she know whether or not the places she met them had been swept for listening devices?

      She could have given away information useful to a foreign nation. Minister (of all parties, including the SNP), are amateurs. The experts are the civil servants. In this case, people who have been in Foreign Affairs and Foreign Aid all their working lives. Ms Patel has been involved since she was put there by Maybot a few months ago. Munguin’s pencil case has as much knowledge as she does.

      The guy from the FCO said that if it were a member of staff they would have been immediately sacked.

      Ms Patel seems to be above all that.


  3. Can I gently suggest that what we are seeing right now is a new world order?

    I used to think, not that long ago, that it was completely unacceptable that the UK Cabinet was exclusively made up of millionaires. But these folk are small scale on a global platform.

    We are into the era of billionaires, individuals with extreme wealth, who recognise no jurisdiction, who are rarely given more than a slap on the wrist for betraying their nation-state. They appear to live well and truly above the abilities of countries to control them.

    And, if that were not enough, they have managed to use their power to control elections, certainly in Russia and China, and potentially in the USA. The current revelations on very rich Americans and very rich Russians suggest an over-arching, non UN, model for a global future.

    Anyway, as such, they become legitimised. They win, through their money or their power.

    It seems to me that this is not a happy situation for the rest of us.

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    1. Maybe that’s one of the reasons that little countries should not try to compete with them. If we got on with ensuring that people had homes, power, food, transport, work and a health service and education service, instead of competing in the “most important people” contest, we might do better.


  4. I’d quite like to think that trispw. I appear to be alone in thinking that this is an existential threat to the status quo. Small countries will be eaten up by the new order as a snack. Fighting back now might be a good idea. And I include everyone that reads or writes here in that. You are all beautiful people, but what you thought was a political landscape, seems to me to be sold down the river.

    Talk me down.

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