So, who knows whether Liz knew about the fact that she was putting her money into offshore accounts; who knows if she knew that money was tied up in Bright Homes, the rip-off company for the very poor?

If she didn’t know (and it is said that she takes a great deal of interest in these matters so she probably did), then she should have. Certainly, the banks of advisors that we pay for should have told her and explained to her the risks she was taking.

Don’t you think that it is time for a look at how we finance this bunch of scroungers?



Other news we saw concerning our lards and messers is that another Tory Whip, Chris Pincher, has reported himself to the police and to the party’s sleaze squad for being what his accuser described as a pound-shop Harvey Weinstein.



The knives are out for Andrea Leadsom who dobbed in SIR Fall-on (yer sword) for being a dirty wee sod. And I have to admit it does seem a particularly sneaky thing to do at this time when she has sat on the whole thing for 6 years or so.  Still, when it comes to the Tories, you’d have to go a fair way before you find one that wasn’t sneaky and self-serving, and kicking a man when he’s down is pretty much expected.




Talking of which, when the hell is Colonel Davidson, self-appointed Augean Stables Clearer in Chief, going to do something about the tweeting habits of Murdo Fraser. Having some time ago shown his football preference (and that of his queen) was Rangers and very definitely NOT Celtic (Remember the Queen’s Eleven), he has shown his preference over many a tweet. Nothing wrong with having a favourite team of course, but his burning hatred for Celtic seems to know no bounds.

Yesterday at the match at McDiarmid Park there was a minute’s silence for war dead. Murdo tweeted that fans had not respected the silence (or so he heard on the “wireless”), although fans from both sides said that it was absolutely respected. It seems that he was just trying to cause trouble. Isn’t there enough trouble at the moment, Murdo?




And poor old Gordon Brown. He’s got a new book out and has been emoting all over the place about a wide range of issues. The latest ’emote’ has been his anguish over the Iraq War. (The other day it was how much he felt that the banks should have been made to pay for what they did in the lead up to 2008, when, if you’ll remember, he was the Chancellor and then the Prime Minister…so not entirely without power!). Anyway, the old duffer is now anguished about the Iraq war, which well he may be, given the consequences of that enormous folly. And, of course, he’s still banging on about his agreement with Blair, which Blair, ever the gentleman, broke.

I expect they have told him that he will sell more books if he gets a bit teary-eyed about stuff. So that’s fine.



And it’s not all just happening at Pestminster. Mark McDonald, an education minister in Holyrood, has demitted office because of “inappropriate” behaviour. He says he might have been too “humorous or friendly”. I’m inclined to think that no one would be required to stand down from a job for being humorous or friendly. Make what you will of it.



Oh and lastly, that great friend that Mrs May invited to make a state visit, almost before the he had finished making his inauguration speech, has set his cap at bagging the privatisation of the Saudi Oil Company for New York, when the Brits hoped that it would go to London. The man who was going to be the UK’s greatest Brexit friend has (not unreasonably) gone for the massive prize of handling the Saudi deal knowing how much May wanted it.

If that’s her closest friend, what are her enemies going to do to her… Oh I forgot, they are a bunch of perverts, weirdos and cheats called the Tory Party and they are busily making her premiership the biggest nightmare since the one on Elm Street.


  1. Nightmare on Elm Street… oh, but if only we weren’t stuck in Elm Street right along with those (swiftly applies mental sanitizer wipe) beastly cads. And cadettes. And honorary colonels.

    There is a distinct feeling of Götterdämerung about the May regime, don’t you think? In other words, there are hints that the whole interminably annoying bit of farcically unfunny theatre may at last be coming to a close… I do wonder if, in some way, their support for Rajoy and his Franquista fascists may have shocked enough sense into enough people to bring about a tipping point leading to the regime’s downfall. And all in the run-up to Remembrance Sunday.

    In other news, my young Moroccan pal – the impudent young whippersnapper – has succeeded in getting a Schengen visa, and for reasons best known to himself, has hotfooted it by ferry and bus to Barcelona, where he is now. I disclaim all knowledge and responsibility, naturally, though I may have muttered the words “Rajoy” and “Franco” and “bloody fascist regime” inaudibly in his direction, which could not possibly have had anything to do with it. Oh all right then, so I told him to go where history is being made. So sue me.

    He reports that there are Catalan flags everywhere, man! I have asked him to pass on my best wishes and so on from Scotland to any likely Catalan independentistas, so with any luck he will do just that, and with any further luck they will take him under their wing and make sure he has a wonderful time.

    I went to Barcelona myself many, many years ago now, so I could be there for the first democratic elections after the death of Franco. I cannot be there myself now, but at least I have managed to inveigle a friend into going there in my place.

    I await further reports. He is smart enough to stay out of trouble. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

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    1. Ah, well pass on our best wishes to the people of Barcelona too, Ed, and tell him Munguin is with him in spirit.

      There’s an end of days feel about the British government now. I fear that it is only the fact that really no one else wants the job at the moment that keeps the Maybot in number 10.

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    1. I don’t.

      I have read that the dear Colonel Fu Manchu Rape Clause Ruth Davidson-Gadaftie was darn surf recently. In fact she was right at the bottom of darn surf in the good old Tory county of Sussex. Reports from her little soiree into Sussex suggest that she was eying up Sussex as a future Westminster constituency on her road to becoming future P.M. a post by the way she only recently is quoted as saying she has no interest in holding! 😂

      As far as I’m concerned even good old sussex aint far enough away from Scotland for my liking, couldn’t she have gone to somewhere like Gibraltar say. I hear they are all big supporters of Feartie so would undoubtedly take wee Roothie in to their arms … no questions asked!

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      1. I don’t supposes they have any use for a Tory in Japan? That’s ever farther away.

        I’ll even chip in for her air fare.

        Would be fun to have the second-hand car salesman for Tory leader.

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  2. tris

    All this sleeze going around and I ain’t had a whiff
    of it makes me feel right excluded I’m up for any amount
    Of sleeze me .
    Bet Conan is up to his neck in it lucky old scroat

    Apropo Texas shooting and President Orange head
    He is spot on about it being a mental health issue the
    good ole USA can’t see shooting to death innocent people
    Including children is wrong and needs to be stopped ,

    Now that is a real messed mental health issue just
    The other day in the good ole USA a 3 year old child
    Shot 2 other children

    Only in America

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    1. Bloody hell, Niko.

      It [passes all understanding that someone could be stupid enough to run a daycare centre in a house… in a room…where there were loaded weapons. Even the orange faced moron wouldn’t be THAT stupid.

      I’d point out to the aforesaid moronic president that having a high level of mental health issues in your country isn’t much to brag about.

      And having a high level of mental health issues together with the fact that it seems even three year olds can get their hands on loaded guns, is even less to be proud of.

      If only that bloke in the church in Texas had had brown skin it would have been so much easier. He would have been a terrorist, plain and simple.

      Now, as for the sleaze, you’ve come to the wrong place for advice on how to get your hands on it. Munguin is, as you know, as pure as the driven snow.

      But there seems to be any amount of it, of all sorts, in Pestminster. And they tell me you can get a reasonably priced bus ticket there and back.

      You could be Munguin’s man on the spot. Just avoid Andrea Leadsom though. As SIR Fall-On found to his cost.


    2. In the comments:

      11/4/2017 3:46 AM GMT

      If only the other toddlers had been armed this wouldn’t have happened.”

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  3. Tris

    This farce has to end, we are being taken for one huge ride by these people. Parliament is pretty much full of the thickest bunch of non entities than I can ever remember. We are told that we want the brightest and best in parliament, I don’t, I want an honest cross section of society from dinner ladies, lollypop men, to lawyers and doctors and soldiers. What we have are a bunch of thick, ignorant and entitled party hacks who probably couldn’t get it up anyway. On top of that we have the rich and the super rich happy to live off the back of the poor, esp the Windsor’s who have bled us dry long enough. My contempt for that family knows no bounds, they really are a waste of space. William Windsor lecturing the world on over population while his wife takes a break from doing nothing due to being pregnant is not even a joke, what he really meant was poor people having too many kids who are then a drain on the system and taking money they think is theirs to hide away in the Cayman Islands. You wonder what people in other countries think of us when they read these things, they must think we are all cowards and idiots to put up with this shit. I despise this country I really do.


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    1. You’re right, Bruce. I’m afraid this farce continues with apparently another sickeningly sycophantic programme about Harry and what’s-her-name on TV tonight.

      Glad I won’t be watching. Glad I don’t pay the bbc tax.

      God help us all when Liz eventually kicks the bucket; the torrent of sycophantic guff from the British nationalist media will be truly disgusting.

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      1. Dan

        I rarely watch anything on the EBC now because it is so shit and anti Scottish as far as I’m concerned. The Windsor’s are bleeding poor people, disgusting family. They know what they are doing and expect us all to think they are doing is a favour.

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      2. It’s a joke, isn’t it?

        The people who suffered because of the crash [which happened because of greedy bankers, useless bank management and loony government (and opposition… you never heard the Tories complaining that the lax regulations were going to cause a crash)] were the ordinary working people in the UK. Nurses, firemen, policemen, ambulance drivers, factory workers, shop workers, even bank workers, the sick, the unemployed and the old, etc etc…

        The ones who didn’t suffer were MPs, Lords, royals, bankers, directors, stars.

        And they appear to have their money salted away to avoid paying into the UK, so that there is no money left for the chancellor to spend.

        And the simpering apologists fro the Windsors come up with this kind of headline.

        No, she wasn’t dragged into it, you morons. She and her staff, paid for by us, oversaw a fund which has invested in overseas trusts and in companies that fleece the poor.

        And, as you say, Bruce, that empty-headed moron prince has the damned cheek to say there are too many people, whilst his pampered wife takes yet more time out of the job we pay her to do to increase the size of the population with another child that will spend its life sponging from the taxpayer.

        Time they were gone.

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        ““This is the BBC from London,” which, intentionally or not, will summon a spirit of national emergency.””

        Indeed, Charlie will want his Buggins turn. Yet to become King of Scots he has to sit on the Stone of Scone whilst some pious gibberish is spouted. Perhaps we can stop this national emergency happening by becoming a republic as soon as possible?

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        1. What a load of nauseating crap they talk:

          “The bond between sovereign and subjects is a strange and mostly unknowable thing. A nation’s life becomes a person’s, and then the string must break.”

          There is no bond here. How could there be?

          She’s a privileged old woman who has led a charmed life where she has wanted for nothing, (except maybe the freedom that most of us have to do what we can afford to do, however little that is).

          I’m not heartless, but she is an old woman that I’ve never met, and if I did meet her I doubt I’d like her. Every day across Scotland, across Europe and across the world hundreds old old women (and men) die.

          I really can’t get bent out of shape about that. So why would I get bent out of shape about her death?

          Unlike the 5 year old that was shot by vengeful nut job arsehole in Texas. A five year old girl.

          And unlike Gordon Aikman a kind and good man of 31 who died in Edinburgh 10 months ago of Motor Neuron Disease, having fought it bravely and raised half a million pounds for research into it, while he slowly got weaker and weaker. At 31.

          Yep, I weep for them.

          There will be no royal mourning at MR, so when it happens please don’t expect it.

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          1. I remember posting “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” when She Who Shall Not Be Named died.

            I can’t summon up the same visceral hate about Liz, she didn’t ask to be Queen after all; she thought her Nazi Uncle was going to be king until his fall from grace (King to a Duke – Britain to the Bahamas – how he must have gnashed his teeth, especially when his mate Adolf couldn’t manage to put him back on his wee gilded chair).

            Instead it’s a kind of nostalgia from when I was young.
            The Queen was there for me as a kind of background noise, an image of her white gloved hand revolving in front of a diamond tiara, all behind the bulletproof glass of her limousine; her face on the beer vouchers I spent in pursuit of happiness, her “Vice” in the Christmas message which we all heard on TV until one of us could muster the energy to switch channel.
            Fucking Corgis.
            A headscarf like my mum wore. They would have been the same age.
            The Spitting Image Queen Mum – how latex and talent could make aristocracy human.

            Yet I despise all she sits on her throne for, and the lickspittle Tory establishment that fights to keep her there, the hagiographic BBC and all the rest of them, the Express, the Mail, the Orange Order and it’s Blueshirts.

            I may not see a Scots Republic in my lifetime, but I surely hope my grandbairns do.

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            1. A good summary there, Conan.

              There’s little to dislike her for, unlike Thatcher, but for the likes of me there is nothing much to like.

              And heaven knows she’s had a long life.

              I think though that as she becomes older and more infirm… and thus unable to carry out the jobs that her position requires, she should do the decent thing that other European royalty from Spain to Belgium, Netherlands to the Vatican City do, and retire.

              Mind you Charlie is too weird to be king and William is too lazy.

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  4. I find it just maddening. A hundred years from now, maybe some ancient old guy a bit like me will be asked on PostApocalypse Now TV: “But what were people talking about in those days before the Orange Barsteward aimed a nuke at Little Rocket Man but got it wrong as usual and hit Paisley instead of Pyongyang?”, and the old guy a bit like me will reply: “Mostly they were talking about the new Royal Baby, and Kim Kardashian’s bum”.

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    1. Yes! He’s saying exactly the sort of things all my English friends say. I think we here in Scotland sometimes forget, or don’t realize in the first place, just how bad they have it down there, without a well-intentioned Government to try to blunt the sharpest edges of the Westminster régime’s slash-and-burn policies. “Disaster capitalism” – to rework the old saying, disaster capitalism is the ill wind that blows some people a great deal of good.

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      1. Aye true. I wonder when people will see how they have been persuaded that it was the poor and the foreigners and the sick and the EU that got them into this mess, and not the rich and seriously incompetent.

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  5. Quick update on the 58 impact assessments. Davis now saying they don’t exist, even though he earlier said he had definitely read them, that Theresa May definitely hadn’t read them, and it wasn’t in the public interest to publish them. Apparently, it is merely data spread across multiple documents developed at different times. He’s being forced to publish them tomorrow. My thoughts are with the junior staff members forced to stay up late with no supper.

    In any normal week Priti Patel (conducting foreign policy independent of government policy) and Boris Johnson (messed up work of Foreign Office in dealing with a UK national imprisoned in Iran) and David Davis would have to resign. Labour are nowhere to be seen. This is almost too painful to watch.

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    1. At any other time I’d probably say that you’d been hitting the sherry…

      …but this isn’t any other time.

      Yep, it’s like the teacher has gone out for 5 minutes and the 2nd grade has been left to its own devices.

      I remember hearing that Muddle had said that they couldn’t publish the Scottish one because it would cause trouble; then saying that it didn’t exist.

      Given that the order to publish was issued by the Speaker, I wonder if they will get away with it.

      In the great pecking order that is the basis of the UK’s class system by which they all live, the Speaker of the UK parliament is the most important, and most senior “Commoner” in the land.

      He outranks Cabinet Ministers and the Prime Minister. When he says to publish something, you publish it. Sans questions!

      Of course, if it hadn’t occurred to you to do the impact assessments (maybe because you are terminally thick or something) and then when you are asked you swear blind that you HAVE done them but can’t let anyone see them… It’s a bit like “the dog ate my homework, sir”.

      I suppose you can’t expect her to sack any more of her government, after all, they are falling like ninepins, what with they being a bit handsy in the taxi, or feeling the need to change into bathrobes when entertaining gentleman callers… well, she’ll be down to giving cabinet jobs to the tea wifey soon…

      Oh wait, then what would Fluffy do?

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    2. Thank you, Terry – I hadn’t noticed Priti Patel (an obnoxious character if ever there was one) conducting foreign policy, though of course we know BoJo of old. Tris, about entertaining gentlemen callers in a bathrobe… I seem to have missed that one – please tell us all the sordid details!

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        1. Best part of the story is the line, “I made my apologies and left promptly.” The journalist must have been reading Private Eye and Viz.

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      1. Quote from the story in the Mail:

        He is paid £93,000 a year and his official title is Comptroller of the Royal Household, a 600-year-old ceremonial role which involves carrying a white staff of office on state occasions.

        What a load of dross. £93 grand for carrying a staff on state occasions. You couldn’t make it up.

        Munguin reckons he would do that for £85,000.


  6. In secondary school we had a Maths teacher we just ignored. We weren’t badly behaved or rude, but just tended not to bother with her. What with the behaviour of Boris Johnstone, Liam Fox, Priti Patel, David Davis and Andrea Leadsome, it seems that Theresa May runs her government in the same way as Miss Hay taught Maths. Maybe that’s where May got her winning style.

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