It seems that this time, even his young minder friend couldn’t get him out of the mess.

With a reputation for getting seriously drunk and making an ass of himself, he probably wasn’t the best candidate for defence secretary. Of course, it’s not like he had access to the firing codes for nukes or anything (an arguably even more incompetent man had them), but it was a responsible job.

OK, I apologise in advance. I just couldn’t resist it.

He certainly made some embarrassing statements in his time. He seemed to have a talent for getting it wrong. And tact wasn’t one of his qualities when he’d had a few.

And he had a talent for making statements which showed how completely out of touch he was with any kind of reality.

So after Maybot’s spokesman was unwilling to express the prime minister’s confidence in him, despite him having owned up to touching up Mrs Hartley Brewer, he appears to have “fallon” on his sword and limped off into the sunset to spend more time with his wine cellar, in the hopes that no one will now bother finding out what else he was up to.


Resigning seems to be one of the main duties of a defence secretary… eh Liam?


To happier things…

Munguin’s Republic Halloween staff party took place today:


A good time, it is said, was had by all. (Tris was in the kitchen!) Suffice to say that Munguin will have a sore head tomorrow!


53 thoughts on “FALLON FROM GRACE, AS IT WERE”

  1. Minguin not the only one with a sore head in the morn methinks.. Rumours of a story with Rory the Tory, trying to print one clean for Damien Green.. Government Fallon to bits-could a no confidence vote come soon? 5th Nov would be apt.. Kaboom!

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    1. Oh what a shame that would be, just as Tess has got her feet under the table…

      I’ve always said that they should be very grateful for Trump. If it weren’t for him, the whole world would be choking itself laugh in the Brits.


  2. When May (Strong and Stable) Copyright 2016 did not leap to express confidence, he probably said “Oh bitch! Get typing soon to be ex-assistant.”

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    1. PS That is the scariest pumpkin I’ve ever seen TOO lifelike.
      What’s wrong wi’ tumshies? You’re all wooshies, ye carve yer turnip an’ it goes fine wi’ yer haggis, twa jobs at once, mind you it no all soft and gooie like they American things.

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      1. Well, that’s all very well for you to say, but I have blisters on my hands from caring two pumpkins. I have no earthly idea how you would do a neep.

        Munguin says you can come and do it for him next year and he’ll give me the afternoon off. 🙂 🙂

        The pumpkin and cream soup was VERY good though.

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    2. Yes, I guess that was it.

      I suspect that the Hartley Brewer story was but one of many that was heading for the headlines. You don’t resign over something that happened 15 years ago with a willing participant.

      The thing that worried me was that he said, things that were acceptable 15 years ago aren’t now. I don;t know what he did with Hartley Brewer, of course, but touching people in an intimate way was surely
      never acceptable, was it?


  3. What’s with this concept, ” the Armed Forces, which I have the honour to represent” ? Does Mundell know that? Since when does the minister represent anything beyond the Cabinet and themselves? The guy is trying to elicit sympathy on the back of the military. Fanny.

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    1. Rather sickening.

      He’s getting sympathy too at least from some. All he did was touch Mrs Hartly Brewer’s knee (he was probably buttering her up because he thought with a name like that she’d have access to plenty booze).

      Aye right.

      The answer to the question “does Mundell know?”, followed by anything, is invariably: “Nope… not a clue.”


    1. Yep, we are all rolling about thinking… he resigned becasue he let the armed forces down? Whit?

      He resigned because it came out and he resigned because there’s a pile more of it to come out.

      There are, however, it it fair to say, people in other parties who may well have done the same thing!


  4. As a former WWII American general and the former governor of California said,”I’ll be back”,or words to that effect.
    He will no doubt out Fox his critics.

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  5. Skeletons are rattling aplenty in the cupboards of Westmonster I’ll wager.

    Maybe they should add keeping trousers buttoned to the welcome advice given to new MPs. You know, along with how to maximise expenses and where’s the best place to get pished before debates.

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    1. Nah, they will never do that.

      They need them to be naughty so that they can write it in their little black books and extract promises of loyalty from them for evermore.

      It’s all very well have carrots like knighthoods and lordhoods and companions of honour… but you have to have sticks too for the stubborn ones.

      One of the things that we should worry about is how many people have got away with terrible crimes because the whips felt it advantageous to have stuff on them. And here I’m not talking about getting drunk and touching Hartly Brewer’s nether regions. A bit like the churches which turned a blind eye to dirty priests.

      Ever wondered why else are these people called whips? I mean to they really whip people? If so, from what we now know of Westminster, do they don black fishnet stockings and high heel boots to do it and then charge it all to expenses?


  6. All this is just the tip of an enormous iceberg. I remember party conferences which were, if you’ll pardon the expression, a hot-bed of men and women, fuelled by drink, on the sexual prowl. Secretaries/PAs/Researchers with any political ambitions were particular vulnerable to unwelcome advances from ‘powerful’ politicians with party influence.

    You may recall in the past me mentioning a then ‘Government Minister’ sexually harassing a young female stewardess on a London/Glasgow over-night sleeper whilst other MPs turned a blind eye. I remember at the time thinking what it must be like for the hundreds of staff working for this obnoxious creep in view of his behaviour to a complete stranger in public. Just as significant is that he is now a ‘noble lord’….

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    1. It must be truly horrific to have some filthy old bastard slobbering over you and know that if you complain your career is finished.

      I do recall that, and I can imagine that, if said nobleman can stay awake for any length of time these days, he’s still probably pawing at everything that passes him under 50.


  7. I wonder if Mrs Ruth Harrison is sorry to see Michael Fallon getting the boot. I don’t know anything about his replacement, Gavin Williamson, except that he has very impressive teeth.

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    1. Well, teeth are very useful things if you are defence secretary. You can pull pins out of grenades with them.

      So he won’t be as complete a disaster as Fall-On.

      I wonder if he believes that we shouldn’t speak ill of the savage royal family of Saudi lest it should damage the sales of weapons for murdering Yemeni children?


        1. Oh well… in that case, he’s not much use at all.

          I hope that his character is as clean as his teeth are. Otherwise …

          Had Damien Green gone yet?


  8. Why is there such a furore of what’s is
    A very easy behaviour to control
    (For normal people )
    Don’t touch other people in any way
    Especially females.

    I mean how often do you pass through
    Crowds of people without ever touching
    Them .
    This touchy feels nonsense is just a Saville/
    Weinstein justification for abuse.

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    1. Perfectly reasonable point, Niko. It’s just that some people seem to be incapable of doing that. They aren’t all Tories. They aren’t even all politicians, and to be fair, they aren’t all men.


  9. Now here is a real scandal

    Esther McVey appointed deputy chief whip

    And Esther McVey, the former work and pensions minister, has been made deputy chief whip, Number 10 has announced. McVey lost her seat in 2015 but was re-elected in June.

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  10. Love this tweet

    Lewis Goodall
    Text from senior Tory MP about Gavin Williamson: “He’s out of the shitstorm. Knifed Fallon and pinched his job. It’s way above his ability.”

    November 2, 2017


    1. Laura Kuenssberg tweeted that he more of less forced her to give him the job.

      I read he’s very ambitious and has his eye on Downing Street.

      No one seems to think he’s any good.


        1. Canan… I’d only touch with rubber gloves on!

          How about this little video I came across.

          It seems that regardless of what Tory MPs had been up to, the whips could sort it in return for undying loyalty.

          And that seems to ahve included the most debased sexual practices.


            1. “If we could get a chap out of trouble, he would do what we ask for ever more”.

              This is how we were ruled…

              This is how we were ruled!


  11. I see poor Rory Stewart gets a mention on the spreadsheet of fun, because he allegedly “asked female researcher to do odd things”. I wonder if those “odd things” included organising the laying on of hands at Hadrian’s Wall and dumping some stones in a Gretna car park.

    I enjoyed seeing Liam Fox’s misdemeanour expressed so vividly – “Adam Werrity”.

    Surprised to see Michael Fabricant meeting a female on Celebrity First Dates.

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    1. There’s certainly some interesting stuff on there. I suspect that some of them are hoping it will just go away.

      That’ll be the ones that don’t know about social media, I suspect.

      I’d rather not thing about Rory the Tory and “odd things”… although the two go so very obviously together.

      As for Adam… Aye, well, that news… eh?

      I always think of any sighting of Michael Fabricant as a bit of a shock, rather than a surprise.


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