Understandable that a government minister would want to keep stuff quiet to spare his blushes, given that he was so confident that Brexit was going to be the best thing ever. However…

…Not Mr Davis, you’d have thought. Wooops.



7 thoughts on “A BIT CONFLICTED HERE”

  1. Think I’ll just leave this here. It is one of those report thingys that at the end, Annexe A, has a list of 58 sectors that have reports apparently written about them and the affect Brexit will have upon them. In fact only today the National is reporting that Scruffy Fluffy and his underlings played a part in the creation of these reports.


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    1. That’s heavy reading, your ladyship.

      But already I’ve had a good few laughs at all the bespoke stuff they need set up so that they can have all the good things in Europe without being in Europe.

      Really, talk about being up your own backside?


  2. The newest tendency in Westminster is to assume, for no good reason, that democracy is especially enabled by plebiscites. Or, in our case, if we had one, founding documents, like the US Constitution. Changing opinions amongst us plebs is unacceptable, for we were asked once and thus our opinion is sacrosanct and not allowed to change.

    If, because it is law, it is immutable, then whatever the first law was would become written in stone. Societal evolution (phew!) would be impossible.

    I quite like a universal franchise, I quite like our anti-slavery legislation, or our gender neutrality. Even that we do not allow some people – judges – to execute other people. I quite admire the fact that most folk see our place in the Universe more as a Star Trekkie sort of thing than the flat Earthism – it is apparently debatable whether ‘Earthism’ is a real word or not – of the Inquisition.

    None of these possibilities are allowable in a static society.

    The law was writ, and the law was good.


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