Apparently Mrs May is set to tell the Commons that, following her speech in Florence (where she told the Europeans that we had never liked them anyway, and always felt awkward in the same room as them…wasn’t she supposedly a remainer?), it was now up to them to come forward with a solution.

It seems to be “job done” as far as she is concerned.

This, from the text of her speech to Europe:

On the other hand, it seems that Philip Hammond says this:

And here’s wee Foxy.

And that appears to be true at VERY considerable costs. From the Telegraph:

Theresa May has decided to commit billions of pounds on preparing Britain to leave the European Union without a deal in a bid to save her premiership.

The spending, which will be “unlocked” in the new year if no progress is made with Brussels, is intended to send a signal to pro-Brexit MPs that she is serious about regaining the upper hand in the negotiations.

Dominic Raab tells the BBC that planning to leave with no deal is underway. The cost of this will be billions.

(So she’s prepared to spend billions on saving her premiership, according to a hardline Tory paper.  That magic money tree is beginning to look as if it is her personal property, to be used only in the event of some event threatening to derail her.)

It’s all very well throwing the ball to Europe and telling them it’s in their court but they seem to be throwing several different types of ball. Mr Barnier doesn’t know whether he needs a tennis racquet, a baseball bat, a golf club or a pair of football boots.


But we can’t help thinking that “the ball’s on the slates”, rather than on anyone else’s court.

Wouldn’t be nice if Britain had a realistic coherent policy on Brexit?

  • With thanks to Ian Dunt for the quotes from May, Hammond’s ally and Fox.
  • Theresa May will say in the Commons today that after her Florence speech, “the ball is in [the EU’s] court”.


n 9

Morning. You catch me at breakfast… and I forgot my napkin!

n 1200px-St.-Eustache
St Eustache, Paris.
n baby
Who’s un ugly chick? Not I. Must be him next to me…
N baby-orangutan-1
It’s all work and no play at Munguin Towers. Even for little ones like me.
n badger
I can’t imagine why the English government is hell-bent on killing them.
n glenfinnan
n cheetah3
Who are you calling a cheater? Oh, Cheetah… sorry.
n donk
Nice field, Eeyore
n blue
Bluebell wood. So beautiful.
n Loch Achtriochtan, Glencoe.
n ouch
n ulla
Catalan joins Gaelic and English as the official language at Ullapool.
n deer
Oh, deer!
n greenland 3
Holiday cottage in Greenland.
This week it’s Inverness. Not too many clues to the date except for the car, I guess.
n pennsyvania
n mount kirkjufell
Mount Kirkdufell and the northern lights.
n venive
One of my favourite towns. Venice.
n ullapool
Ullapool really going for it now…
n or7
We’re in the funny face competition but my mate isn’t really trying!


Dear 8U5 and Felipe


Conan put a link to this very touching article on the last post. He commented that it deserved a wide exposure and I’m happy to play my little part in that.

There is much discussion, here, at Terry Entoure, at Craig Murray, and I am sure, on many other blogs, about the EU’s role in what is happening in Catalunya. This has nothing to do with these interesting and informative discussions. This is about how a Catalan parent saw what happened to him, his wife and his daughter.

This article is a letter from him to an unnamed but identified by number Spanish GS, and to the Spanish king, Felipe VI.

As Conan says, it deserves wide exposure. Please tweet the original article on if you can, or put it on Facebook, or whatever social media you use.

(Incidentally, the illustration on Munguin’s Republic is entirely separate from the article.)


Tony Blair

It seems that Tony Blair has put himself forward as a peace negotiator between Spain and Catalonia.  Apparently the Devil is too busy.


Oh noooooo… it seems to have happened


… there has been a schism in the UKIP. Anne Marie Waters is having a party!


All the talk this morning seems to be about Mrs May. The pound has fallen again, even against the Euro (which is damaged by the situation in Catalonia).



Grant Shapps appears to be the driving force in the “plot” to remove her, which must be a comfort to her, as, to date, he’s been spectacularly unspectacular in most of what he’s ever done. Govey is fighting her corner, reminding anyone bored enough to listen that 14 million people (slight exaggeration) voted for her in the General Election. I’m not sure that Govey fighting your corner is much of an asset, but then who have to remember how close Govey is to Mr Murdoch! And Mr Murdoch fighting your corner is an altogether different kettle of fish.








bre3 irlanbd












Facts so far

50 dead, over 356 wounded

– Deadliest mass shooting in US history

– Gunman is 64-year-old Stephen Paddock

– Was shooting from 32nd floor of hotel during concert

!las Vegas

– Gunman was shot dead

– Motive unknown

– Police found gunman’s female companion, Marilou Danley


That’s it so far. (Thanks to The Spectator Index for the figures).



a tory 2
This is all so confusing: “Centre”? “Social Justice”? Even “for” is a bit dubious in this context, unless followed by “oneself”
a tory snip
Apparently, the massive cost of policing this bunch of third-rate, z list reprobates is to be shouldered by the taxpayer (broad shoulders, you’ll remember). It’s only in Scotland that the UK government won’t pick up the tab for these jamborees.
a tory1
a tory3
Just Tories at play. 
a tory
Drawing big crowds.
In case you ever forget what kind of people they are…
ator mund
Fluffy got a record-breaking crowd. And little wonder. Can you imagine how riveting it must be to sit through a Muddle speech?
Preparation is everything. Mind you don’t cut your thumb, Govey. 
Just in case that didn’t go in the first time. These are the people that shed a crocodile tear for the residents of Grenfel Tower.
Fortunately, the ex-Labour MP Bomber Harris has returned to the Press (having found that his safe seat wasn’t, after all, safe) to keep a critical eye on, and a sharp tongue for, the Tories. “We Socialists…” How we laughed!”
Ah yes, what kind, indeed? A Tory leadership hopeful. Where there is money to be made, the conscience and religious sensibilities of the Rees-Moggs of this world go flying out the window.