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From the Sunday Times


So we have known for years that Westminster is crawling with people who would cheat on their expenses at the drop of the proverbial top hat, be they Honourable or Right Honourable, or even Noble.

We also know for a fact that the place is full of egotistical guys (and a few women) who think they are god’s gift, even if most people wouldn’t look twice at them.

It seems that Stephen Crabb is, for all his deep Christain beliefs, a bit of a sex pest. He was involved with one of his female staff when he was Welsh Secretary, then he sent sexual messages to a young woman during the EU referendum campaign which led to his resignation from the government last year. Despite having a wife and family he sent flirtatious messages to a teen and met with her at the Tory conference in Manchester this  year

a mark_in_tsc

And now we know that Mark Garnier, some sort of junior Brexit minister reporting to Mr Fox, calls his assistant “sugar tits” and sends her (on a salary that we pay) to buy sex toys from a Soho store, while he stands outside. Is this, I ask Mrs May, a good use of ministerial time and our money (particularly given the god awful mess that his department appears to be in)?

(Incidentally, his assistant [a Ms Edmonson], said the minister told her one of the sex toys was for his wife while the other was purchased for a female assistant in his Wyre Forest constituency office. Another of his employees paid from the public purse.) 

I’m pretty sure his wife will be thrilled that we are all party to her little secret not to mention his office staff!

Of course what MPs of either sex do with consenting adults of either sex is a matter for them, the aforementioned consenting adults and their respective partners. It is not our business. Mr Crabb’s marital arrangements are nothing to do with us and nor are those of the Garniers.

But sexually harassing employees is not like having an affair. It IS our business. And using the position of power that we allow them to have to send staff, on our payroll, to buy sex toys (or any other personal items) IS our business.

Regardless of party, it needs rooting out.

I rather suspect that, just as when the Times and the Telegraph got their teeth into the thieving that was going on in Westminster a few years ago, now that the press has smelled a rat they won’t be happy till they have maximised sales by finding out as much as they possibly can.

Mrs May, if she knows about these cases (and there are more) MUST, no matter how weak she is, deal with it.

Just when you thought Britain couldn’t sink any lower in the esteem of the world…


    1. Obviously they don’t Niko, as you know.

      Read the line “Regardless of Party, it needs rooting out”.

      Well, we will be watching events in Catalunya as a matter of course.


  1. Sorry to hijack this so early Tris, but pictures of flags of St George mixed in with those of Swastika tattooed Franco supporters in Barcelona? Surely even those thick cockwombles should realise that Union flags would match the ethos of the march better?

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    1. LOL Conan.

      It seems that as well as being the patron saint of England, old George is also the patron saint of Barcelona.

      But I agree, it would seem sensible to have a union flag supporting a union flag.


      1. I knew it was the flag of the Georgia (clue in the name) and Genoa, but didn’t know about Barcelona. Conclusion jumping there.

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  2. Tris

    Well at least the snp never have any sex scandals


    It’s never to early for your usual add hominem
    attacks on people you never met and don’t understand.

    wave a flag associated with England Conan foams at
    The mouth even gets outta bed to wing of a comment
    An everyday for Conan

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    1. I’ve not socially met anyone with a swastika tattoo, but I’m guessing I wouldn’t like them very much.

      Oh, and I’m up at six every day doing my physiotherapy, not “jumping” out of bed to make a comment.

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      1. conan

        wos that for start mine next week for my now not trapped ulnar
        nerve er no its for me dead likkle finger and palm of hand…..
        me spassy now considering entering paralympics spot
        of powerlifting mayhap .

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        1. Broke my shoulder in two places around May (The month, not the PM).

          Still have problems with the rotator cuff muscles being stiff. Hospital November.

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    2. Niko: The SNP have had scandals, which I seem to recall I wrote about, and condemned.

      But, even the newspapers which splashed SNP sexual “misconduct” over their front page for days and days after the news broke, never suggested that it was sexual harassment at work.

      People’s sex life is their business. If it is all consensual, I don;t give a flying one what folk are doing.

      What I’m trying to say is that it isn’t acceptable to be pressured at work into sexually compromising situations becasue of your boss’s overweening sense of his (or indeed her) own virility.

      If it’s never happened to you, it probably seems like a bit of a laugh.

      If it does happen it is scary.

      Employees shouldn’t have to put up with it, no matter what party; no matter which jobs; no matter where.

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  3. I take Nikostratos point.
    All of a sudden the country is full of sex pests. It’s shocking, everything else that is going on is relegated to the back pages and please don’t read it. Let’s just concentrate on the salacious gossip and these sex pests who have, overnight, crawled out of the woodwork.
    In reality, it’s nothing but distraction. If we’re all emoting about sex pests, then we’re not concentrating on the real problems like Brexit et al.

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    1. CapnAndy,

      Most of us are able to concentrate on more than one thing at once. It seems to me that Brexit would empower the HoC to a greater extent than it already is. It would make MP’s or governments next to invincible. I am not at all happy with that outcome, given the sleazeballs that appear to occupy both the Lords and the Commons.

      The red circled part of trispw post says, in essence:

      “Downing Street is concerned that if either man is forced to resign it will destabilise the government”

      So, you can get away with anything if your resignation would destabilise the government? And from an outsiders point of view, in what way would that be a bad thing?

      News cycles come, news cycles go, but have we ever had Boris deny the pig story?

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  4. I will be interested to see how this all pans out. It strikes me that many politicians see themselves as above the law, and maybe they think they are. Which is perhaps just the UK following the USA, as usual.

    I hope and trust that the women who have come out to be heard are given proper consideration, in other words that they do not become the victims of their own story. Which is usually how those in high office suppress this sort of thing. Losing even a relatively low paid job, and probably being blacklisted is some price to pay….

    To be clear, I admire their bravery. And standing up to power, without fear, is admirable.

    I was quite taken by the argument that Jimmy Savile was so clearly odd that no-one felt they had the ability to challenge him. Now we have alleged Christians doing exactly the opposite, hiding in the seams of their alleged belief system as an excuse for wrong-doing.

    This is a crazy, mixed up world.

    Last days of Rome?

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    1. Well, people at the top always manage to get away with stuff. Of course, like in the MPs’ expenses scandal, and the Lords’ expenses scandal, they will throw a few idiots to the lions (the ones no one likes).

      But most of them will get away with it.

      The dossier that was leaked to Guido shows that there is a very considerable amount of drunkenness involved.

      Maybe it’s time to limit their access to cheap subsidised booze during their working hours.

      Again, whether people drink themselves into sclerosis of the liver is no concern of mine, but I sort of object to the fact that while they are barely sentient, they are making decisions that affect me.

      I remember Savile. As an entertainer I found him unentertaining with his ridiculous clothes, hairstyle and the stupid noises he made. But I heard about the good work he did for charity and despite thinking that I’d cross a continent to avoid him, I admired him.

      Weird comes with showbiz. I accept that. But the people around him knew what he was up to… and yet they gave him a show that involved kids.

      Now what does that say about the BBC?

      The last days of Rome… maybe.

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  5. “Again, whether people drink themselves into sclerosis of the liver is no concern of mine, but I sort of object to the fact that while they are barely sentient, they are making decisions that affect me.”

    Couldn’t agree more. It is verging, no, it it is ridiculous,that MP’s are obviously drunk, given the braying ways that they conduct themselves in the Chamber. There is no requirement to be pissed in order to vote to cut off your nose to spite your face, which is what a ‘no deal’ Brexit will mean.

    It is a disgrace to democracy. If you vote for this whilst drunk, or even sober, you have betrayed your responsibilities as an MP.

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  6. Tris

    It doesn’t matter which party an MP is in, or their gender, if they are found to be guilty of sexual harassment then they should be forced to resign. These days have to be gone, I know we have locker room talk and all that shit but that needs to end too. If these had been racist comments then there would be no question of what should happen and there shouldn’t in this case. The issue however is going to be the fact that May is very weak and I suspect will do a re-shuffle rather than any sackings. If you are happy to do a deal with the DUP then some older MP texting he wants to shag a legal age teenager won’t bother her too much but these days have to be gone. I heard someone say today that its always happened and always will, it will if we do nothing and there is no place for it. Men will look, and even think about stuff, but to text and harass is something altogether more disgusting.


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    1. Everyone looks (women too), but as you say, most men don;t take it any further than that.

      The fact that these people seem to think they are elevated above the rest of us may have something to do with it, and the fact that they have cheap booze available to them all day may contribute.

      Employees (male or female) should never feel obliged to submit in any way to the advances of their bosses.

      We can all make guesses about the identity of the cabinet ministers yet to be named. But you are right. May can’t afford to be falling out with “factions” of the party. It’s yet another problem to beset her. What to do with the drunken old touchers.


  7. That sex toy story is astonishing. Does anyone here have a job where they could send out a member of staff to buy a sex toy for another member of staff? And on company time? Maybe he was investigating the post-Brexit regulation of sex toys.

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    1. Ah, that’s it.

      Or maybe he was writing a book about how easy it is for young women to buy sex toys.

      I wonder, after Brexit, if anyone will be able to afford such luxuries.


  8. I thought Steven Crabb (Grabb?) was one of the god brigade. I didn’t realise the godders spent their time sexting teenage girls, but then I haven’t been following the god squad’s sex scandals over the last couple of decades.

    I say a picture of Crabb with Tank Top Davidson and what I want to know is was he sexting her too.

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  9. MPs, Ministers etc.. are often involved in things that aren’t very nice. They’re mostly motivated by power and we all know the old saying about what that does to people. Many of them live in a bubble and I find it completely unsurprising that people who can be voting to air strike civilians in the morning, vote to cut the vulnerables benefits in the afternoon and have dodgy dealings with corporations in the evening think it’s hunky dory to fiddle with their staff during breaks.

    Yes I’m exaggerating, they never have days as busy as that but I hope you get my drift. Oh and yes there are a few committed altruistic types with the good of their constituents and country at heart. I just can’t think of any Torys that fit that description. Unless you include self interest as an attribute that is.

    I would like to stress that I don’t think sexual harassment is acceptable in any way shape or form and it must be firmly dealt with. It’s just not exactly a stunning revelation that it’s happening in Westmonster.

    There needs to be a culture change in the places that haven’t caught up, especially those mired in right and privilege, you know, the ones we pay for.

    I hope it does destabilise our strong and stable government. It’s not likely, but hope springs etc……

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    1. Absolutely.

      It happens everywhere. It is never acceptable.

      Where people have a sense of superiority or privilege it seems reasonable to assume that they will use it to get what they want… in any area of life.

      You only have to consider what some colonial governors did in Africa/Asia.

      If they can’t control it, though, in the 21st century, we need to control it for them.

      I listeend to the news on the World Service last night. Very oddly, although Kevin Spacey’s sexploits were covered in reasonable detail, including new allegations … not a word about MPs.

      Odd that.


  10. Normally I’d agree that affairs and personal sexual predilections are none of our business. However, these are Tories. They are normally very keen on passing intrusive surveillance and anti-privacy laws so they can see what the rest of us get up to outside of working hours. Can’t have much sympathy with them now that their own privacy has been invaded, after all if they didn’t have anything to hide they wouldn’t have anything to worry about, would they?

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    1. Well, Sandy, you have a point there.

      Certainly I’m losing no sleep over their discomfiture. But I notice how little the newspapers are covering this.

      John Humphries (having joined in Gove’s little joke on Saturday) called it a witch hunt!

      Anne Robinson suggested that women (and I suppose she meant men too) should just slap the person who was interfering with them. That turned out to be a mistake as women who had done that came forward to say that, having done it they got the crap kicked out of them.

      We trivialise this at our peril.

      At the same time, I beg people, male or female, don’t try to make capital out of it. Don’t lie. Don’t exaggerate. These are serious accusations.


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