n 1or

With our cousin, who’s come for a visit.

n adeli
Let’s try again with the Adélie Penguins.
N balquhidder
n blaze
n blue wax bill
Blue Wax Bill
n Borneo-Orang-Utan-Baby-1-copy
Wanna give me a hand up?
N caithness
Northern lights in Caithness.
n chicago
Chicago through the clouds.
n costa rica
Costa Rico.
n cow
n dove and chick
When I grow up will I be as handsome as you?
a adelie
Another attempt at Adélie Penguins.
n ehthiopian lion
Ethiopian Lion.
n Edinburgh_Castle_from_Grass_Market
Edinburgh before even Niko’s time.
n greenland
Colourful Greenlandic village.
n hedge
Hedgehog lunchtime.
n strokker
Strokkur, Iceland.
n solandra maxima
Solandra Maxima.
n wol
I’ve got my eye on you!
n resized-little-one
That’s it then. Another Sunday done and dusted.




48 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

    1. I’d have thought that they could see that. By their law they can deny Catalonia independence, but they won;t heal the wounds that way.

      Already there are civil servants who say they will not follow orders from Spain. Firefighters are behind the Presidency.

      You can negotiate or you can fight… and when you fight you lose, even if you think you win.

      It seems to me that they have taken lessons in competence from the British government.

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  1. Excellent photo of the Grassmarket Tris. The Black Bull is still there, one of my (many) watering holes as a student.

    Incidentally, the building on the far right of the picture is now the Beehive Inn, where Charlie jugears took his minesweeper crew for a farewell drink after commanding them for a glorious ten months. The legend is the first round was 31 pints of Drybrough’s heavy and a pink gin.

    There’s always one smartarse…


      1. It used to be one of my occasional tipples.
        If I was “designated driver”, I stuck to tonic & angostura.
        Then again…I used to add angostura when I cooked mince!

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          1. One million marched for independence a month ago; three hundred thousand, some of them from outside Catalonia, for the status quo today. People are voting with their feet Niko.

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              1. Of course, if the Spanish Unionists were in the majority, Niko, then all they needed to do was go out and vote No, wasn’t it? As it was, the voting went 9:1 for independence. The fact that the voting was declared ‘illegal’ and the Spanish State took steps to prevent it that included using the (armed) Guardia Civil to intimidate and beat up unarmed, peaceful Spanish citizens shows anyone with any sense that the Rajoy regime knew full well that the vote was going to be Yes to independence.

                Otherwise there would have been no call for such extreme measures.

                I note that Rajoy has talked about taking over the Catalan media so that – I paraphrase – they would stop putting out “fake news”, in other words, telling the truth rather than pretending that the reality is as Rajoy and his Franquistas would like it to be.

                Of course, in Scotland, the May regime doesn’t need to bother doing that, as the Scottish (and ‘British’) meeja are all BritNat meeja, with only two – one and a half – honourable exceptions.

                By the way, I have discovered that the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, in the person of Prof. Alfred de Zayas, has decided that my interpretation (oooh, get him!) of the right to national self-determination in the context of international human rights law is correct, not least that the right to national self-determination trumps territorial integrity. Prof. de Zayas is an independent expert, but the report is on the OHCHR official website, which rather shows that they agree with him, I think. Shortened URL, in full

                My expertise in this area is nothing like the good professor’s, of course; the nearest I got to it was doing the records of various meetings of the various human rights bodies in the UN system. The thing is, if you’re going to write a decent record of a meeting, for the benefit of future historians or whatever, you do have to understand what they’re talking about.

                You know what I’d like to see? Prof. de Zayas take on our very own Union-fleg-besuited arch-Yoon, Prof. Adam Tomkins. The words ‘floor’ and ‘wipe’ come to mind…

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                1. Nice one Ed. Munguin is proud to have such an illustrious readership.

                  As you say, Franco must have known that the referendum was going to go against him, given the huge measures he took to precent a full vote.

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          1. OK, Niko.

            I believe that if Catalonia wants to be independent, then it should be. A constitution that denies the people their freedom needs to be changed.

            You know; the will of the people in a fair and free referendum, sort of thing. Free without having jackboots and storm troopers interfering, closing polling stations, bludgeoning people who are trying to vote, (even as they are having heart attacks in one case). Fair is in putting all the details before the people so that they can make an informed decision. (Not for example, being allowed to tell lies like Farage did with the money in the UK referendum.)

            Now that hasn’t happened and I deplore it.

            No one seems to know who should intervene. Many people have said the EU, but as Terry Entoure has shown by painful and detailed research, it is absolutely nothing to do with the EU. Technically a referendum on something that is illegal, is, in itself, illegal. That is Spanish law and outwith the remit of the EU. Policing is another thing that is outwith the purview of the EU. It is not for Brussels to tell Madrid how to regulate their police.

            Individual countries need to step up. The Scottish government has issued a statement, as has the British government.

            If Spain were an Arab country that didn’t have a royal head of state I’m sure that the USA would probably have intervened in the interests of human rights and bombed the shit out of them. But it’s not, and it has a king (although he’s a chip of the old Farnco block if you ask me), and they aren’t Arabs, so the USA is less keen on war besides which it’s poodle might be less enthusiastic about this war than it has been in the past. (Maybe mad old duffer Michael Howard
            will send a nuclear submarine!)

            Those of us who care can make sure we do our bit, by ensuring, for example, that we do not support anything Spanish. No holidays in Spain, no Spanish produce.

            We can write to MPs asking for action, but the British government isn’t about to upset Spain. They don’t want to make Gibraltar any more complex than it already is, and Spain has a veto on any Brexit deal.

            So May is creeping around Madrid, as she is with 26 other capitals, trying her best (her best!!!!!LOL LOL LOL) not to rock any boats and putting a muzzel on Boris.

            We can write to the Council of Europe and the United Nations, not that it will do any good.

            Apart from that we must simply wish the Catalans the best.

            Any other ideas would be welcomed.

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    1. I was trying to figure out which one was The Beehive. I go every year now on the first weekend of the Fringe to see Raymond Mearns. He’s always good value. ( And no, not because its a bucket show, cos we give generously ).

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  2. The building between the Grassmarket and the Castle was army married quarters. We stayed there for awhile after the war while my Father was still in Germany. He was QSM in the Argylls, I would be about 6 or 7, just a bairn.


  3. RE: Chicago though the clouds: NOW we’re talkin’bout something!

    Much better than the last picture of my fair city that you posted… ;>)

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  4. At the risk of going all “Sixth Sense” on you, I see penguins. Actually a lot of birds this week – the owl was majestic. That Iceland picture is a painting not a photo right? Anyway I wish I could get a chance to visit the cousins. I’ll bring bananas for the babies!

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        1. Ah, no that’s a photograph. It’s Illulissat (previously Jacobshavn) and it’s amazingly brightly coloured.

          They have a fantastic hotel there. Right on the front. Igloos made of steel!


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