!!!Have a look at the school video. “At Michaela children can be children. Their childhood is protected…” but if you are going through a bad patch, reduced hours, lack of work, or been put onto universal credit before they have sorted out the abominable mess that it’s in, and you can’t afford the school dinners, your child will be horribly humiliated until you pay up... it might have continued, if this letter is anything to go by.

The next time the Tories criticise the Scottish education system, just think Michaela.


  1. The image isn’t showing in the blog itself, but it came up in the e-mail I got to tell me about it.

    That is just sick. I cannot imagine treating any child that way. How do people like that get to run a school for children? The are supposed to be in loco effing parentis, and if you are acting in the capacity of a child’s parent you MAY NOT starve or humiliate them, or punish them for things that are not their fault! Would they do that to their own children, I wonder? Or let anyone else? If so, they’re not just crap parents, they’re crap people. End of.

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    1. Sorry about the pics. I really don’t know what WordPress is at.

      We may have to give up on them.

      I have reloaded the picture. Can you see it now?


      1. Yes, Tris, I can see the image now. My first comment eventually reappeared, but not until after I put in the second one… I have been attempting to write my own WordPress blog today, as I had to give up trying to put in one of my excessively long rants as a comment on someone else’s because it all disappeared, not once but several times… – I mean my rant on the other blog. Probably just as well, but still.

        I spent several hours to day working on it (I used a word processing programme so I wouldn’t keep losing my work) and – guess what – after putting it into WordPress it was gone. Several times. Disappeared. Vanished. Dead, and never called me mother. I gave up trying, as everything seemed to just vanish down the plugole. “Publishing…” it would say, and then – nothing.

        What are the alternatives to WordPress? I am especially not in the mood for constant petty irritations right now, and I see that it’s not just me that’s hacked off with it. The technology is supposed to HELP us publish, not prevent us!


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        1. Oh how I hate that.

          I don;t know. I’ll have to look into what can be done.

          But this is far from satisfactory.

          They can say, well, you don’t pay anything for it… and I suppose they have a point. But I make them advertising revenue. I should be getting something in return.

          It makes me look idiotic if I put up picture posts and the damned picture isn’t there. Particularly in this case where you have to be able to read the picture to get the sense of the post.

          Well, I’ll look around. See what else there is for free.


  2. Huh. I am having a case of the disappearing comments… yoo-hoo … is there anybody there ….

    I was just saying that anyone would would do that to their own children, or let anyone else treat the little darlings that way, is not only a crap parent but a crap person.

    Then I thought – hey, this is Back to Victorian Values, this is déjà vu all over again … back to the days of Thatcher, Milk Snatcher …

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    1. WordPress is obviously unhappy with Munguin.

      Yes. It’s horrific. Stop using children for your greed. Speak directly to the parents. See what can be done. Things are going to get worse before they get better. We really can’t be letting kids go hungry.

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  3. When we were young and
    In free school meals.
    They used to make us line
    Up and wait till the paying
    Had gone in and then we were
    Allowed to enter dinner hall.

    Another school we had to sit
    At separate tables from those
    Paying .

    Truth is I was Fu@@@@@

    I’d like to of thought it was
    All over with now ,
    But the Tory’s and likeminded
    People are doing their best to
    Bring it all back Brexit style.

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    1. It’s unbelievable that they could do that to people. Kids have enough to put up without being humiliated by thoughtless teachers.

      I think, at least in Scotland, kids get a swipe card. Kids who get free meals have the card topped up by the local authority.

      The cards are identical. No one needs to know the lunch is free.

      It makes my flesh crawl to think of humiliating kids this way.

      I know it’s nothing to do with Scotland but I was so angry when I saw it I thought I had to put it up.

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      1. I agree with you, Juteman. Niko wants to stay with the bastards who are doing this. False empathy indeed. Niko chooses Tory rule, and always will over independence for Scotland. Go on, Niko, tell me different. You are are are a slave of the UK state.

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  4. The Dinner Ladies (and they were ladies) were like aunties to us at my primary school and I remember thefood being delicious. Really.
    High school came as a shock; I usually bought a hot pie (with broon sauce of course) from the bakers or a chippie(ditto).

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    1. Aye secondary school is a real wake up to the realities of life, Conan.

      Well this one is.

      I’m not sure what a Free School is, but there’s no such thing as a free lunch at it.

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  5. Just thought I’d add, that I’m a bit worried that a deputy head seems so incapable of writing a decent letter.

    It’s very badly spaced.

    Why is he writing “Dear Families” when surely each letter goes out individually? “Dear Mr and Mrs Smith” would have been more appropriate.

    Why does “Families” have a cap F?

    He uses the expression “overdue” twice in the first two paragraphs. Lack of vocabulary? But, once as one word and once as two words. Why?

    Why does “Sandwich” have a capital S, but “piece of fruit” is all lower case?

    I rather think that he should either have said “60-minute period” (it’s usually figures over nine) or “60 minutes’ period”.

    There is no call for a capital F at “yours faithfully” and if he’d used the proper style of “Dear Mr/Mrs” it would have been “Yours sincerely”

    I do hope this bloke is the woodwork teacher.

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    1. Tris, I too spotted the many errors in the letter but the pic disappeared before I could comment – well, that’s my excuse anyway. However, I’m sure that the Head Teacher at Michaela would of told you that there is nothing what was wrong with the deputYs’ letter cos he is dead good at letters-writing cos obviously be in a dEputy Head he went to Grammar School, dident he? And we will thrash any children what’s parents complain about the School.

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        1. I seriously do not believe that just happened. I clicked on the picture, copied the image and put it on my post.

          WordPress is the absolute pits.


  6. It reminds me of primary school in the north-east in the 1960s where children getting free meals or children of agricultural labourers were given tickets of a different colour and had them handed out separately in front of the rest of the class.

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    1. One or two good things in the descriptions of the schools ethos, but I’m wondering about their definition of “kindness” if they are prepared to put children into isolation for lunch.


    2. “Focus on personal responsibility” Bullshit. The child isn’t responsible for it’s parents unwillingness or inability to pay.

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  7. Sorry peeps, that letter just doesn’t ring true to me. As said previously the poor structure and dear families instead of the parents name casts doubt on its authenticity. It reminds me of the scam letters I sometimes receive in the post.

    It may be genuine I don’t know, but it could just as easily be some puerile joke or an attempt to discredit the school by persons unknown.

    Just saying.

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    1. The link takes you to a story in the guardian, which then links to a story in the Mail. Sop it seems to have been authenticated. I’m pretty sure that there would have been an almighty fuss if these papers had covered it and it was a spoof.


    1. Oh yeah… and in the Telegraph too. Not that I’m suggesting that any of them can be counted on for the truth. I just reckon if they all covered the story and it was rubbish then the school would have taken action.


    1. Sometimes there is certainty though… Like if you haven’t paid his/her lunches, your kid goes hungry and is humiliated.

      Of course, maybe it’s an adventure to get a sandwich and a piece of fruit and get locked away from your mates. 🙂


  8. Tris, I hate her politics and I hate the idea of segregation of any sort and god knows there was plenty of it in the abysmal education I had the privilege of getting done to me.

    Sometimes though, we get caught up in a single issue that doesn’t necessarily reflect the whole.

    I mean why would the equal opps Daily Mail or other MSM want to rubbish a school for children where a high proportion speak English as a second language? In Brexit Britain too. It beats me

    Click to access Michaela-Community-School-OFSTED-report-final.pdf

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    1. Yep. I noticed that excellent report. And there are principles in their prospectus I like. There are good things about the school.

      But whatever, humiliating a child for their parents’ poverty is utterly unacceptable.

      In my opinion.


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